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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: A Clare Session with Willy Clancy and Friends by Willy Clancy and various

Basic album data
Artist NameWilly Clancy and various
Album TitleA Clare Session with Willy Clancy and Friends
MusiciansWilly Clancy (pipes), presumably with Peadar O'Loughlin (flute), Jimmy Ward (banjo), Martin Talty, and others
Source and
other information
Skylark Produtions SK 1003, 1985. Audiocassette. From the liner notes: "This recording is [. . .] a record of a 'Session' of Willy's friends. [. . .] from field recordings." Original recording dates are not provided, but clearly they predate Willy Clancy's death on 24 January 1973. Since Patrick Sky is credited with making the recordings, they also cannot predate the 1960s or so, given that Sky was born in 1943. Paddy O'Brien is implicitly credited (as "Tuneologist") for providing tune titles.

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Titles as listed on this album
A.11 Reel Jenny Picking Cockles
Jenny Picking Cockles
A.21 Reel Jenny's Wedding
Jenny's Wedding
A.31 Reel Crooked Road to Dublin
The Crooked Road to Dublin
A.41 Reel Bunch of Green Rushes
The Bunch of Green Rushes
A.51 Reel Steampacket
The Steam Packet
2 Reel Rakish Paddy
Rakish Paddy
A.61 Reel Skylark
The Skylark
2 Reel Roaring Mary
Roaring Mary
A.71 Reel Morning Dew
The Morning Dew
2 Reel Cooley's
Fiddler Leahy's or Cooley's
3 Reel Ships Are Sailing
The Ships Are Sailing
A.81 JigD Queen of the Fair
The Queen of the Fair
A.91 JigD Paddy Fahey's Jig No. 1
Paddy Fahey's
A.101 Reel Reel of Mullinavat
The Reel of Mullinavat
2 Reel Tie the Ribbons
Tomeen O'Dea's Reel
B.11 JigD Frieze Breeches
The Friar's Britches
B.21 JigD Pipe on the Hob
The Pipe on the Hob
B.31 Reel High Reel
The High Reel (old name)
B.41 Reel Boy in the Gap
The Boy in the Gap
B.51 Reel Paddy Taylor's
Paddy Taylor's Reel
B.61 Reel Green Groves of Erin
The Green Groves of Erin
B.71 Reel Broomstick
Miss Galvin's Reel [but spoken title in recording is "Broomstick"]
B.81 Reel Flowing Bowl
The Wild Irishman (Clare verfsion) [sic]
B.91 Reel Toss the Feathers
Toss the Feathers (another setting)
B.101 JigD Kitty's Rambles
Kitty's Rambles
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