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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Pluckin' Mad by Angelina Carberry

Basic album data
Artist NameAngelina Carberry
Album TitlePluckin' Mad
MusiciansAngelina Carberry (banjo, tenor guitar), with Brian McGrath (banjo, piano), Dan Brouder (accordion, melodeon), Peter Carberry (banjo), Shaunagh Carberry (fiddle), Roisin Carberry (accordion), Seamus O'Donnell (saxophone), Paul Meehan (guitar), Johnny McDonagh (bodhrán), Brian Mooney (bouzouki), Paul Gurney (piano)
Source and
other information
[Self-published] AC001, n.d. The accompanying text by John Carty is dated 2014. Released 5 December 2014 according to http://banjolina.com/newalbum.html accessed 17 August 2015. Not indexed here: 2nd tune on track 6 (Camp Chase), 2nd tune on track 13 (Bonnie Prince Charlie).

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Edwardsville Reel
Noel Strange's / Spy Wednesday
2 Reel Golden Keyboard
Kevin Carberry's
3 Reel Geoghegan's Fancy
Peter Carberry's
21 Hpipe Father Dollard's Hornpipe
Paddy Cronin's
2 Hpipe Boys of Ballycastle
The Boys of Ballycastle
3 BDnce Step It Out Joe
Step it out Joe
31 Reel Aodhán Moynihan's
Aodhán Moynihan's
Performer: with Peter Carberry (banjo)
2 Reel Dún sain Aichir
Dún sain Aichir
41 JigD Limerick Tinker
The Limerick Tinker
Performer: (tenor guitar)
2 JigD Garryowen
3 JigD Maiden that Jigs It in Style
The Maiden that Jigged it in Style
Performer: (tenor guitar)
51 Reel Boys of the Lough
[1st tune in a set titled:] Pluckin Mad / [title given for this particular tune:] Boys of the Lough
2 Reel Blind Fiddlers
[2nd tune in a set titled:] Pluckin Mad / [from a set titled] Blind Fiddlers
Performer: with Dan Brouder (melodeon)
61 Air Cath Chéim an Fhia
Cath Cheim an Fhia
Performer: (tenor guitar)
3 JigD Wearied Lad
The Wearied Lad
Performer: (tenor guitar)
71 BDnce By Heck
By Heck
Performer: with Dan Brouder (melodeon), Seamus O'Donnell (saxophone)
81 Hpipe Caisleán an Óir
Caisleán an Oir
2 Hpipe Arthur's Hornpipe
Arthur's Hornpipe
3 Reel Liam Donnelly's
Martin Mulivhill's Reel
91 JigD Dark Corners
Dark Corners
2 JigD Gaffney's Favourite Son
Gaffney's Favourite Son
3 JigD Paddy in London
Paddy in London
101 Reel Finbarr Dwyer's
Finbarr Dwyer's
2 Reel High Hill
The High Hill
3 Reel Dan Cronin's
Dan Cronin's
111 JigD Jackson's Rum Punch
Jackson's Rum Punch
Performer: with Shaunagh Carberry (fiddle), Roisin Carberry (accordion)
2 JigD Coming of Spring
The Coming of Spring
Performer: with Shaunagh Carberry (fiddle), Roisin Carberry (accordion)
121 Reel Miss McDonald
Miss MacDonald's
2 Reel Lord Gordon's
Lord Gordon's
131 SetD Down the Hill
Down the Hill
Performer: (tenor guitar)
3 Reel Paddy Ryan's Dream
Paddy Ryan's Dream / Mooney's Favourite
Performer: (tenor guitar)
141 Hpipe Coalyard
The Coalyard
Performer: with Dan Brouder (accordion)
2 Hpipe Post Office
The Post Office
Performer: with Dan Brouder (accordion)
3 Hpipe Pope's Visit
The Pope's Visit
Performer: with Dan Brouder (accordion)
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