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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Ar Aon Bhuille. Matching Beats by Antóin MacGabhann

Basic album data
Artist NameAntóin MacGabhann
Album TitleAr Aon Bhuille. Matching Beats
MusiciansAntóin MacGabhann (fiddle), with Hilda Chiasson (piano)
Source and
other information
Cló Iar-Chonnachta CICD 105, 1994. Recorded in Glace Bay, Cape Breton, Canada and Slane, Co Meath in 1991 and later.

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Each Irish tune on this album was identified after a careful, expert comparison of this recorded performance against all other tunes in the Irish Traditional Music Tune Index. The blue column shows just the most established tune title. Follow the links for complete tune info.
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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Hand Me Down the Tackle
Dom Anuas an Tácla / Hand me Down the Tackle
2 Reel Devils of Dublin
Diabhail Bhaile Átha Cliath / The Devils of Dublin
3 Reel Sally Gardens
Na Gairdíní Saileog / The Sally Gardens
21 JigD Andy McGann's
Port Andy McGann / Andy McGann's
2 JigD Happy to Meet and Sorry to Part
Is Sultmhar an Casadh, Is Uaigneach an Scaradh / Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part
3 JigD Kinnegad Slashers
Buailteoirí Chionn Átha Gad / The Kinnegad Slashers
31 Reel Skylark
An Fhuiseog / The Skylark
2 Reel George White's Favourite
Rogha George White / George White's Favourite
3 Reel Travers' Reel
41 BDnce Around the Fairy Fort
Thart Timpeall Lios na Síthe / Around the Fairy Fort
2 BDnce New Broom
An Scuab Nua / The New Broom
51 Reel Miss McGuiness
Iníon Mhig Aonasa / Miss McGuiness
2 Reel Sweeney's Dream
Brionglóid Mhic Shuibhne / Sweeney's Dream
3 Reel Fox on the Prowl
An Sionnach ar a Sheilg / The Fox on the Prowl
61 JigD Gold Ring
An Fáinne Óir / The Gold Ring
71 Slide Merrily Kiss the Quaker
Póg Bean an Chaecair go Meidhreach / Merrily Kiss the Quaker's Wife
81 March Eagle's Whistle
Mórmháirseáil Uí Dhonnchú / O'Donoghue's Grand March
2 Reel Lord McDonald's
Ríl an Tiarna Mhic Dhónaill / Lord McDonald's Reel
3 Reel Rookery
An Fháir / The Rookery
91 Reel Master McDermott's
An Máistir Mac Diarmada / Master McDermott's
2 Reel Dairy Maid
An Cailín Déirí / The Dairymaid
3 Reel Boys on the Hilltop
An Buachaill ar Bharr an Chnoic / The Boy on the Hilltop
101 JigD Luachrachán's Jig
Port an Lucharacháin
2 JigD Dave Collins'
Dave Collins'
3 JigD William Thompson's
William Thompson's
111 Hpipe Stack of Oats
Cruach an Choirce / The Stack of Oats
2 Hpipe Alexander's
Cornphíopa Lady Alexander / Lady Alexander's
121 Reel Fisherman's Island
Oileán an Iascaire / The Fisherman's Island
2 Reel Tommy Coen's
Teach an Choirnéil / The Corner House
3 Reel Maid behind the Bar
An Ógbhean ar Chúl an Bheáir / The Maid Behind the Bar
131 JigD An Buachaillín Bán
An Buachaillín Fionn / The White-haired Boy
2 JigD Scatter the Mud
Scaip an Múnlach / Scatter the Mud
3 JigD Rambler
Fánaí Uí Mhuireasáin / Morrison's Rambler
141 Slide Weavers
Sleamhnán Dhonncha Uí Mhurchú / Denis Murphy's
2 Slide Denis Murphy's
Sleamhnán Phádraig Uí Chuív / Pádraig O'Keefe's
151 Reel Kitty Gone a Milking
Cití ar shiúl ag Bleán na mBó / Kitty Gone-a-Milking
2 Reel Lucky in Love
Ádhúil i gCúrsaí Grá / Lucky in Love
3 Reel Flogging Reel
An Lascadh / The Flogging
161 JigD Jackson's Bottle of Brandy
Íoc an Reicneáil / Pay the Reckoning
2 JigD Lark on the Strand
An Fhuiseog ar an Trá / The Lark on the Strand
3 JigD Maid in the Meadow
An Mhaigdean sa Mhóinéar / The Maid in the Meadow
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