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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Maestro by Bobby Casey

Basic album data
Artist NameBobby Casey
Album TitleMaestro
MusiciansBobby Casey (fiddle)
Source and
other information
Cois na hAbhna Archive CNH 010 CD, 2015. A compilation of recordings made "over a period of 25 years from the mid-fifties to the mid-seventies." The album does not identify the recording date of each track. However, correspondence from producer Frank Whelan on 30 January 2023 provided: "that tracks 8 and 12 were from a recording at Boland's house in Dublin in July 1975. I do recall Séamus telling me a number of years ago that Seán Reid's tape was from the late 1950s to early 1960s, that would be tracks 14 & 15." Launched 24 May 2015 according to http://www.coisnahabhna.ie/shop/product/cd/140/ and http://fleadhnua.com/index.php/programme both accessed 15 September 2015.

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Tuttle's Reel
Tuttles [sic]
2 Reel Porthole of the Kelp
The Porthole of the Kelp
21 Reel Toss the Feathers
Toss the Feathers
2 Reel College Groves
The College Groves
31 SetD Drunken Gauger
The Drunken Gauger
41 Reel Reel of Mullinavat
The Reel of Mullinavat
2 Reel Tie the Ribbons
Tie the Ribbons
51 JigD Scully Casey's
[1st tune in a set titled:] Scully's Single Jigs / [titles given for this particular tune:] The Mouse in the Cupboard / Scully Casey's
2 Slide Scully Casey's
[2nd tune in a set titled:] Scully's Single Jigs
61 Reel Colonel Fraser
Colonel Fraser
71 SetD Garden of Daisies
The Garden of Daisies
81 Reel Miss McDonald
Miss McDonald
Performer: with John Kelly Sr. (fiddle), Joe Ryan (fiddle)
2 Reel Up to Your Knees in Sand
Up to Your Knees in Sand
Performer: with John Kelly Sr. (fiddle), Joe Ryan (fiddle)
91 Hpipe Hawk's Hornpipe
Poll Ha'penny / The Hawk's Hornpipe
2 Hpipe Murphy's
Murphy's / Murphy's Hornpipe
101 Reel Bank of Ireland
The Bank of Ireland
2 Reel Woman of the House
The Woman of the House
3 Reel Morning Dew
The Morning Dew
111 JigD Tenpenny Bit
The Tenpenny Bit
121 Reel Tempest
The Tempest
Performer: with Joe Ryan (fiddle)
2 Reel Mother's Delight
Mother's Delight
Performer: with Joe Ryan (fiddle)
131 SetD Hurry the Jug
Hurry the Jug
141 Reel Doctor Gilbert
Dr. Gilbert
2 Reel Queen of May
Queen of the May
151 Reel Miss Monaghan
Miss Monaghan
2 Reel Roscommon Reel
The Roscommon Reel
161 Reel Cill Beathach
Delia Crowley's (The Kilbaha)
2 Reel Ragged Hank of Yarn
The Ragged Hank of Yarn
171 JigD Gallowglass
The Gallowglass
2 JigD Jimmy Ward's
Jimmy Ward's / An Chéad Phunann
181 Reel My Love Is in America
My Love is in America [sic]
2 Reel Paddy Ryan's Dream
Paddy Ryan's Dream
3 Reel Toss the Feathers
Toss the Feathers
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