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Cló Iar-Chonnachta
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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Consider the Source by Brian Conway

Basic album data
Artist NameBrian Conway
Album TitleConsider the Source
MusiciansBrian Conway (fiddle), with Brendan Dolan (piano, keyboards), Eamon O'Leary (guitar), Joanie Madden (flute), Billy McComiskey (accordion), Felix Dolan (piano), Dan Milner (vocals), Heather Martin Bixler (fiddle, piano), Gabe Donohue (guitar), Brad Alberta (double bass), John Nolan (accordion), Niamh Parsons (vocals)
Source and
other information
Cló Iar-Chonnachta CICD 173, 2008. Recorded in Warren, New Jersey; New York, New York; and Brooklyn, New York. Launched 6 July 2008. Released 4 Aug. 2008. Notes by Myron Bretholz and Earle Hitchner.

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Trim the Velvet
Trim the Velvet / Maisigh an Veilbhit
2 Reel Lord Gordon's
Lord Gordon's / An Tiarna Gordon
21 JigD King of the Pipes
Keys to the Convent / Eochracha an Chlochair / King of the Pipers / Knights of Saint Patrick
2 JigD Humours of Knockawinna
The Knocknawhinna / Port Chnoc Mhuine / The Siamsa Jig / The Galway Jig
3 JigD Teviot Bridge
Teviot Bridge / Droichead Teviot
31 Hpipe Tailor's Twist
Tailor's Twist / Casadh an Táilliúra
Performer: with Joanie Madden (flute), Billy McComiskey (accordion)
2 Hpipe Galway Bay
Galway Bay / Cuan na Gaillimhe / The Democratic Hornpipe
Performer: with Joanie Madden (flute), Billy McComiskey (accordion)
3 Hpipe O'Kelly's Fancy
O'Kelly's Fancy / Rogha Uí Cheallaigh
Performer: with Joanie Madden (flute), Billy McComiskey (accordion)
41 Song Matt Hyland
Matt Hyland
Performer: Dan Milner (vocals)
51 Reel John McGrath's
John McGrath's / Ríl Sheáin Mhic Craith
2 Reel Dave Collins'
Dave Collins' / Ríl Dháithí Uí Choileáin
3 Reel Clogger's Quilt
Larry Redican's / Ríl Larry Redican / Kathleen's Fiddle / The Clogger's Quilt
61 Waltz Veleta Waltz
Veleta Waltz / Válsa Veleta
Performer: with John Nolan (accordion)
2 Waltz Oslo Waltz
Oslo Waltz / Válsa Oslo
71 Reel Jackson's Reel
Jackson's No. 1 / Ríl Mhic Sheáin Uimh. 1
2 Reel Jackson's
Jackson's No. 2 / Ríl Mhic Sheáin Uimh. 2 / The Dublin Reel
3 Reel White Leaf
The White Leaf / An Duilleog Bhán
81 Song Wounded Hussar
The Wounded Hussar / An Husár Leonta / Captain O'Kane
91 Reel Peeler's Jacket
The Peeler's Jacket / Seaicéad an Phílir
2 Reel Lucy Campbell
Lucy Campbell / Luighseach Chaimbéal
3 Reel Humours of Westport
The Humours of Westport / Pléaraca Chathair na Mart / The Milestone in the Garden
101 JigD Killimor Jig
Killimor / Cill Íomair
2 JigD Pat McKenna's
Pat McKenna's / Port Phait Mhic Cionnaith
3 JigD Rambler
Father Hanley's / Port an Athar Ó hÁinle / The Rambler /
111 Piece Planxty Madam Maxwell
Madam Maxwell / Bean Uasal Uí Mheiscill
121 JigD Cat in the Corner
O'Mahony's Frolics / Súgradh Uí Mhathúna / The Cat in the Corner
2 JigD Condon's Frolics
Condon's Frolics / Súgradh Chondúin / Castletown Connors / The Thatcher / Walsh's
3 JigD Swans among the Rushes
Swans Among the Rushes / Na hEalaí I measc na nGiolcach
131 Song Highland Mary
Highland Mary (song) / Katherine Ogie (melody) / Young Catherine (melody)
Performer: Niamh Parsons (vocals)
141 Hpipe Eclipse
The Eclipse / An tÉiclips / The Novelty
2 Hpipe Sunshine Hornpipe
The Sunshine / Solas na Gréine
151 Reel Bonnie Kate
Bonnie Kate / Cáit Bhóidheach
2 Reel Jenny's Chickens
Jenny's Chickens / Sicíní Shinéad
3 Reel Mason's Apron
The Mason's Apron / Naprún an tSaoir
4 Reel Peter Street
Peter Street
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