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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Midwinter Live by Boys of the Lough

Basic album data
Artist NameBoys of the Lough
Album TitleMidwinter Live
MusiciansCathal McConnell (flute, whistle, vocals), Dave Richardson (concertina, mandolin, cittern), Brendan Begley (accordion, melodeon, vocals), Malcolm Stitt (guitar), Kevin Henderson (fiddle)
Source and
other information
Lough Records 010CD, 2007. Recorded 12 December 2006 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Not indexed here: track 1 (Da Cold Nights o' Winter / Da Blue Yow / Da Spirit o' Whisky), track 2 (The Christ Child's Lullaby), 2nd tune on track 4 (Proudlock's Hornpipe), all but the 1st tune on track 6 (Da Nippin Ground / Square Da Mizzen / Wha'll Dance wi Wattie?), all but the 3rd tune of track 7 (The Greenland Man's Tune / Da Forfit o' Da Ship / The Merrie Boys of Greenland), all but the last tune of track 12 (Michael's Mazurka / Stout's Trip to Skea / Batchelder's Reel), 1st tune on track 13 (Midwinter Waltz), track 14 (Silent Night).

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Titles as listed on this album
31 Hpipe Her Lovely Hair Was Flowing Down Her Back
Her Long Brown Hair Flowed Down Her Back
Performer: Brendan (D melodeon)
2 Reel Hunter's Purse
The Hunter's Purse
Performer: Brendan (D melodeon)
3 Reel Green Mountain
The Green Mountain
Performer: Brendan (D melodeon)
4 Reel Man of the House
The Man of the House
Performer: Brendan (D melodeon)
5 Reel Matt Peoples
Matt Peoples' Reel
Performer: Brendan (D melodeon)
41 Other Christmas Day in the Morn'
Christmas Day in the Morning
3 Reel Miss Thompson's Favourite
Miss Thompson's Favourite
4 Hpipe Albert House
Albert House
61 Reel Big John's Reel
Big John's Reel
73 Schot Green Grow the Rushes O
Green Grow Da Rushes
Performer: 1st time Brendan (melodeon)
81 Song Wexford Carol
The Wexford Carol
91 JigD Muiris Ó Scanláin
The Wren's March / Port an Dreoilín
Performer: 1st time Brendan (accordion)
2 JigD Sean Coughlan's #2
Sean Coughlin's No 1
3 JigD Sean Coughlan's
Sean Coughlin's No 2
101 JigD Blarney Pilgrim
The Blarney Pilgrim
Performer: Cathal (whistle)
2 Reel Pinch of Snuff
The Pinch of Snuff
Performer: Cathal (whistles)
3 Reel Foxhunter's Reel
The Foxhunter's Reel
Performer: Cathal (whistles)
111 Song Coinnle An Linbh Íosa
Coinnle An Linbh Íosa (The Candles of the Boy Jesus)
Performer: Brendan (vocals)
124 Reel Millbrae
Performer: Kevin (fiddle)
132 Polka Bridgie Con Matt's
Bridgie Con Mat's
Performer: 1st time Brendan (accordion)
3 Polka Lakes of Sligo
The Lakes of Sligo
4 Polka Thadelo's
Thadelo's Polka
151 JigD Woodcock
How are you Kitty
2 JigD Pretty Brown-Haired Girl
Martin's One-Horned Cow / Óró bog liom é
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