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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Long Expectant Comes at Last by Cathal McConnell

Basic album data
Artist NameCathal McConnell
Album TitleLong Expectant Comes at Last
MusiciansCathal McConnell (flute, whistle, vocals), with Winifred Horan (fiddle), Joe McKenna (pipes), Joanie Madden (flute), Patrick Ourceau (fiddle), Big John McManus (fiddle, vocals), Valeria McManus (vocals), John Doyle (guitar, vocals), Linda Thompson (vocals), Pat Kilbride (cittern, vocals), Bill Peek (piano), Jim Whitney (double bass), Richard Thompson (lap steel guitar, vocals, guitar), Andy Statman (mandolin, clarinet), Jeff Berman (percussion), Kenny Kosek (fiddle), Michelle Kinney (cello), Susan McKeown (vocals), Lindsey Horner (double bass, woodwinds), Trevor Hutchison (electric upright bass), Colm Murphy (bodhrán), Dave Mattacks (drums), Lenny Pickett (clarinet, bass clarinet), Geoff Muldaur (woodwinds), Charlie Lennon (piano), Len Graham (vocals), Dave Garland (vocals), Don Meade (vocals), Tim Hill (vocals), Heather Wood (vocals), Andy Nagy (vocals), Oscar Brand (vocals)
Source and
other information
Compass Records 7 4287 2, 2000. Recorded in New York, except Len Graham, Richard Thompson, and Dave Mattacks contributions. Not indexed here: track 1 (The Banks of Strathdon), track 13 (Leaving Kintail).

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Titles as listed on this album
21 Reel Crowley's No. 1
Performer: (Eb whistle)
2 Reel O'Rourke's
Performer: (Eb whistle)
31 JigD Scotland-Ireland
Performer: (flute)
2 JigD Hangover
The Hangover
3 JigD Fermanagh Curves
The Fermanagh Curves
Performer: (flute)
41 Song Bloomin' Bright Star of Bellisle
The Bloomin' Bright Star of Bellisle
51 Hpipe Derry Hornpipe
The Derry Hornpipe
Performer: (F whistle)
61 Song Gypsies
The Gypsies
71 Air Flower of Finae
The Flower of Finae
Performer: (flute)
2 Reel Farewell to Waverly Park
Farewell to Waverly Park
Performer: (flute)
81 Song Hurricane of Reels
The Hurricane of Reels
91 Reel Con McGinley's
Johnny Loughran's
Performer: (flute)
2 Reel Kathleen Marie
Kathleen Marie
Performer: (flute)
101 Song Edward Boyle
Edward Boyle
111 Song Bonnie Wee Lass o' the Glen
The Bonnie Wee Lass o' the Glen
121 JigD Big John's Hard Jig
Big John's Hard Jig
Performer: (Eb flute)
2 JigD Mama's Pet
Mama's Pet
Performer: (Eb flute)
141 Song Long Expectant Comes at Last
Long Expectant Comes at Last
151 Reel Humours of Scarriff
The Humours of Scarriff
Performer: (flute), with Patrick Ourceau (fiddle)
2 Reel Drunken Tinker
The Yellow Tinker
Performer: (flute), with Patrick Ourceau (fiddle)
161 Song Lough Erne
Lough Erne
171 Reel Yorkshire Lasses
The Yorkshire Lasses
Performer: (flute), with Big John McManus (fiddle)
181 Song There's the Day
There's the Day
191 Reel Cocktail
The Cocktail
Performer: (flute)
2 Reel Johnny Wilmot's
Johnny Wilmot's
Performer: (flute)
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