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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: The Compositions of Paddy O'Brien 1922-1991 by Eileen O'Brien

Basic album data
Artist NameEileen O'Brien
Album TitleThe Compositions of Paddy O'Brien 1922-1991
MusiciansEileen O'Brien (fiddle)
Source and
other information
[Self-published], 2017. 3-disc CD set accompanying the book POB. The book cover includes the label "New Edition," distinguishing it from previous publications under similar titles. Each tune is played only once through at a slow tempo for teaching purposes.

What Does this Page Tell You?

Each Irish tune on this album was identified after a careful, expert comparison of this recorded performance against all other tunes in the Irish Traditional Music Tune Index. The blue column shows just the most established tune title. Follow the links for complete tune info.
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Titles as listed on this album
1.11 JigD Brook Lodge
Brook Lodge
1.21 JigD Black Lough
The Black Lough
1.31 JigD Foggy Morning
The Foggy Morning
1.41 JigD Fogarty's Fancy
Fogarty's Fancy
1.51 JigD Grouse on the Hill
The Grouse on the Hill
1.61 JigD Fogarty's Kate
Fogarty's Kate
1.71 JigD Gavin's Piano
Gavin's Piano
1.81 JigD Gerry Sullivan's Fancy
Gerry Sullivan's Fancy
1.91 JigD Larkin's 25th
Larkin's 25th
1.101 JigD Mick Cooney's Fancy
Mick Cooney's Fancy
1.111 JigD Second Victory
Second Victory
1.121 JigD Newtown Bridge
Newtown Bridge
1.131 JigD Caddy's Fancy
The Caddy's Fancy
1.141 JigD Out in the Cold
Out in the Cold
1.151 JigD Boys of Lough Gowna
The Boys of Lough Gowna
1.161 JigD Reading the Will
Reading the Will
1.171 JigD Stormy Night
The Stormy Night
1.181 JigD August Bank Holiday
The August Bank Holiday
1.191 JigD Trip to Bantry
The Trip to Bantry
1.201 JigD Curraghbawn House
Curraghbawn House
1.211 JigD One that Was Lost
The One That Was Lost
1.221 JigD Young Dan's
Young Dan's
1.231 JigD Callows
The Callows
1.241 JigD Coming of Spring
The Coming of Spring
1.251 JigD Centenary Jig
The Centenary Jig
1.261 JigD Matchmaker
The Matchmaker
1.271 JigD Fox in the Meadow
The Fox in the Meadow
1.281 JigD First Year in Sligo
The First Year in Sligo
1.291 JigD Cherry Blossom
The Cherry Blossom
1.301 JigD Corner Stone
The Corner Stone
1.311 JigD Duck in the Stubbles
The Duck in the Stubbles
1.321 JigD Fly in the Porter
The Fly in the Porter
1.331 JigD Fisherman's Net
The Fisherman's Net
1.341 JigD New House
The New House
1.351 JigD New Pony
The New Pony
1.361 JigD Come to Dinner
The Wednesday Visit
1.371 JigD Burning Brakes
The Burning Brakes
1.381 SgJig Dandy Bash
Dandy Bash
1.391 SgJig Curragh
The Curragh
2.11 JigSl Arra Mountains
The Arra Mountains
2.21 JigSl Father Burke's
Fr. Burke's
2.31 JigSl Mrs. O'Brien
Mrs. O'Brien
2.41 JigSl Donnchadh's Delight
Donnchadh's Delight
2.51 JigSl Red Haired Girl
The Red Haired Girl
2.61 JigSl Liam O'Connor's Fancy
Liam O'Connor's Fancy
2.71 JigSl Seamus Connolly's Favourite
Seamus Connolly's Favourite
2.81 JigSl Steve Quinn's Fancy
Steve Quinn's Fancy
2.91 JigSl Eileen's Request
Eileen's Request
2.101 JigSl Hills of Duharra
The Hills of Duharra
2.111 JigSl Mike Harty's Choice
Mike Harty's Choice
2.121 JigSl Grey Box
The Grey Box
2.131 JigSl Kerryman's Fancy
The Kerryman's Fancy
2.141 JigSl Longford Woman
The Longford Woman
2.151 Hpipe Dan's Request
Dan's Request
2.161 Hpipe High Road
The High Road
2.171 Hpipe A Fool's Advice
A Fool's Advice
2.181 Hpipe Cooley's Hornpipe
Cooley's Hornpipe
2.191 Hpipe Dan's Trip to London
Dan's Trip to London
2.201 Hpipe First Attempt
First Attempt
2.211 Hpipe Pub in the Square
The Pub In The Square
2.221 Hpipe Garrykennedy Castle
Garrykennedy Castle
2.231 Hpipe Shrove Tuesday
Shrove Tuesday
2.241 Hpipe Hallowe'en Nut
The Hallowe'en Nut
2.251 Hpipe St. Stephen's Day
St. Stephen's Day
2.261 Hpipe Empty Bar
The Empty Bar
2.271 Hpipe Banks of the Shannon
The Banks Of The Shannon
2.281 Hpipe Idle Journey
The Idle Journey
2.291 Hpipe Ploughman
The Ploughman
2.301 Hpipe Dapper's Delight
The Dapper's Delight
2.311 Hpipe Gerry a'Tricks
Gerry A'Tricks, The
2.321 Hpipe Hangover
The Hangover
2.331 Hpipe Man in the Tower
The Man in the Tower
2.341 Hpipe Surprise Hornpipe
The Surprise Hornpipe
2.351 Hpipe First of May
The First of May
2.361 Hpipe Swan on the Lake
The Swan On The Lake
2.371 Hpipe Maid of the Mist
The Maid Of The Mist
2.381 Hpipe Boys of Youghalarra
The Boys of Youghalarra
2.391 March March of 1981
The March of 1981
2.401 March First Year in Buncrana
The First Year in Buncrana
2.411 March Larkin's Advance
Larkin's Advance
2.421 March Richard Deasy March
The Richard Deasy March
2.431 Polka Emir's Delight
The Amir's Delight [sic]
2.441 Polka Humours of Bahrain
The Humours of Bahrain
3.11 Reel Penny Candle
The Penny Candle
3.21 Reel Bubbling Wine
Bubbling Wine
3.31 Reel First Year in Buncrana
The First Year in Buncrana
3.41 Reel Swallow's Nest
The Swallow's Nest
3.51 Reel Smiling Lady
The Smiling Lady
3.61 Reel Brendan McCann's Visit
Brendan McCann's Visit
3.71 Reel Nervous Man
The Nervous Man
3.81 Reel Mary Casey's Reel
Mary Casey's Reel
3.91 Reel Good Friday
Good Friday
3.101 Reel Hills of Tipperary
The Hills of Tipperary
3.111 Reel Larry's Favourite
Larry's Favourite
3.121 Reel Patrick's Night
Patrick's Night
3.131 Reel Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday
3.141 Reel Paddy's Favourite
Paddy's Favourite
3.151 Reel Four-Leafed Shamrock
The Four Leafed Shamrock
3.161 Reel Conlan's Well
Conlan's Well
3.171 Reel Barge Inn
The Barge Inn
3.181 Reel Road to Youghal
The Road to Youghal
3.191 Reel New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve
3.201 Reel Dinny O'Brien's
Dinny O'Brien's
3.211 Reel Larkin's Beehives
Larkin's Beehives
3.221 Reel Hanly's Tweed
Hanly's Tweed
3.231 Reel Old Road to Garry
The Old Road to Garry
3.241 Reel Iniscealtra
3.251 Reel Tonn Teine
Tonn Teine
3.261 Reel Ormond Sound
Ormond Sound
3.271 Reel Charlie's Hill
Charlie's Hill
3.281 Reel Picking the Spuds
Picking the Spuds
3.291 Reel Fiddler's Choice
The Fiddler's Choice
3.301 Reel Cutting the Hay
Cutting the Hay
3.311 Reel Christmas Tree
The Christmas Tree
3.321 Reel Donnellan's Delight
Donnellan's Delight
3.331 Reel Into the Woods
Into the Woods
3.341 Reel Over the Hill
Over the Hill
3.351 Reel Humours of Moanfin
The Humours of Moanfin
3.361 Reel Duharra Reel
The Duharra Reel
3.371 Reel Holly Bush
The Holly Bush
3.381 Reel Harvest Moon
The Harvest Moon
3.391 Reel Awakening
The Awakening
3.401 Reel Premier Reel
The Premier Reel
3.411 Reel Crow's Nest
The Crow's Nest
3.421 Reel Rambling Sailor
The Rambling Sailor
3.431 Reel Good Harvest
The Good Harvest
3.441 Reel Winemaker
The Winemaker
3.451 Reel Happy Man
The Happy Man
3.461 Reel Man from Newtown
The Man From Newtown
3.471 Reel Jostler
The Jostler
3.481 Reel Postman
The Postman
3.491 Reel Start of Winter
The Start Of Winter
3.501 Reel Pigeon in the Cabbage
The Pigeon In The Cabbage
3.511 Reel Road to Thurles
The Road To Thurles
3.521 Reel First Year in Buncrana
Donnchadh's Favourite
3.531 Reel Mayfly
The Mayfly
3.541 Reel White Horses
The White Horses
3.551 Reel Youghal Quay
Youghal Quay
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