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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Woman of the House by Cherish the Ladies

Basic album data
Artist NameCherish the Ladies
Album TitleWoman of the House
MusiciansJoanie Madden (flute, whistle, harmony vocals), Mary Coogan (guitar, mandolin, banjo, banjitar, octave mandolin), Heidi Talbot (vocals), Roisin Dillon (fiddle), Mirella Murray (accordion), with Sharon Shannon (accordion), Liz Kane (fiddle), Kate Rusby (vocals), Eddi Reader (vocals), Karen Matheson (vocals), Donna Long (piano, harmony vocals), Phil Cunningham (piano, keyboards), Laoise Kelly (harp), Trioná Ni Dhomhnáill (piano), John Joe Kelly (bodhrán), Phil Bowler (upright bass, bowed bass), James MacIntosh (drums, percussion), Ewan Vernal (bass), Donald Shaw (Wurlitzer)
Source and
other information
Rounder 11661-7063-2, 2005. Recorded in Glasgow, Scotland; Stamford, Connecticut; Yonkers, New York; and South Yorkshire, England. Printed lyrics included for all songs. Not indexed here: track 7 (Betsy Belle and Mary Gray).

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Jolly Seven
The Jolly Seven
Performer: 1st time Joanie Madden (flute)
2 Reel Tom Moyland's Frolic
The Rascal on the Haystack
3 Reel Bonkers in Yonkers
Bonkers in Yonkers
21 Song Sweet Thames Flow Softly
Sweet Thames Flow Softly
31 Piece Planxty Mary O'Neill
Carolan's Favorite Jig / Planxty Mary O'Neill
Performer: 1st time Laoise Kelly (harp)
2 JigD George Brabazon
The Rakes of Cashel
3 March Leslie's March
Highland March in Oscar & Malvina
41 Song Bogie's Bonnie Belle
Bogie's Bonnie Belle
51 Hpipe Fairy Queen
The Fairy Queen
Performer: with Sharon Shannon (accordion)
2 Reel Gooseberry Bush
The Gooseberry Bush
Performer: with Liz Kane (fiddle)
3 Reel Aggie Whyte's
Paddy Kelly's
4 Reel Woman of the House
Woman of the House
61 Piece Hills of New Zealand
The Hills of New Zealand
Performer: 1st time Joanie Madden (whistle)
81 Song Fair and Tender Ladies
Fair and Tender Ladies
91 JigSl Paddy O'Snap
Paddy O'Snap
2 JigSl Robin Kelleher
Robin Kellegher
Performer: 1st time Mirella Murray (accordion)
3 JigSl Cove of Cork
The Cove of Cork
101 Song Green Fields of Canada
The Green Fields of Canada / Green Field's [sic] of America
111 Reel Old Maids of Galway
The Old Maids of Galway
2 Reel Flooded Road to Glenties
[title as printed:] The Sunny Banks / [intended title was mistakenly transposed with preceding tune:] The Flooded Road To Glenties
Performer: Roisin Dillon (fiddle)
3 Reel Sunny Banks
[title as printed:] The Flooded Road To Glenties / [intended title was mistakenly transposed with preceding tune:] The Sunny Banks
4 Reel Free and Easy
Free & Easy
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