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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Around the World for Sport by The Doon Céilí Band

Basic album data
Artist NameThe Doon Céilí Band
Album TitleAround the World for Sport
MusiciansPaddy O'Brien (accordion), Kate Dowling (flute), Laura MacKenzie (flute), Brian Miller (flute), Jode Dowling (fiddle), Django Amerson (fiddle), Sean Egan (piano)
Source and
other information
Shanachie 23001, 2006. Recorded in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Launched 14 May 2006 according to <http://doonceili.com/pdf/Doon_news_rel_04-14-06.pdf> (link viewed 21 Sept. 2009). Notes by Paddy O'Brien. Not indexed here: track 17 (The Portuguese Waltz).

What Does this Page Tell You?

Each Irish tune on this album was identified after a careful, expert comparison of this recorded performance against all other tunes in the Irish Traditional Music Tune Index. The blue column shows just the most established tune title. Follow the links for complete tune info.
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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel John Brennan's
John Brennan's
2 Reel Ballymahon Reel
The Ballymahon / Mrs. Crehan's Reel
3 Reel Mrs. Crotty's Christening
Mrs. Crotty's / The Christening
21 SgJig What Ails You?
What Ails You?
2 Slide Get Up Old Woman and Shake Yourself
Get Up Old Woman and Shake Yourself
3 SgJig Come in from the Rain
Come in from the Rain
31 Reel John Kelly's Concertina Reel
The Capelhouse Reel
2 Reel Bridie's Joy
Julia Clifford's
3 Reel Mary O'Neill's Fancy
Mary O'Neill's Fancy
41 Piece Moran's Return
To Daunton Me / Moran's Return
2 Hpipe Hawk's Hornpipe
51 Slide Sergt. Cahill's Favorite
Sergeant Cahill's
2 SgJig Behind the Bush in the Garden
Behind the Bush in the Garden
3 SgJig Smash the Windows
Smash the Windows
61 Reel McGovern's Favourite
2 Reel Captain Kelly
Captain Kelly's
3 Reel Fintan McManus's
The Guns of the Magnificent Seven
71 JigD End of the Day
The Foggy Morning
2 SgJig Ellis's Jig
Ellis's Jig
3 JigD Old Man Dillon
Jug of Brown Ale
81 Reel Around the World for Sport
Around the World for Sport
2 Reel Speckled Hen
The Speckled Hen
3 Reel Miss McGuiness
Miss McGuinness
91 March Battle of Aughrim
The Battle of Aughrim
101 Reel Ríl Bheag Bhaile na nUan
Tom Bawn's
2 Reel Rising Sun
The Rising Sun
3 Reel Bill O' Malley's Reel
Bill Maley's Reel
111 Polka Joe Bane's
Joe Bane's
2 Polka Goat's Polka
The Goat's Polka
121 Reel Cocktail
The Cocktail
2 Reel Anderson's Reel
The Pretty Girls of the Village / Anderson's
3 Reel Piper on Horseback
The Piper on Horseback
131 JigSl Give Us a Drink of Water
Give Us a Drink of Water
2 JigSl Dever the Dancer
Dever the Dancer
3 JigSl Humours of Kilkenny
The Highway to Kilkenny
141 Reel Teetotaller
Mrs. Crotty's / The Teetotaler
2 Reel Lass of Carracastle
The Lass of Carracastle / Miss Langford
3 Reel Cavan Reel
The Cavan Reel / The New Potatoes
151 Piece Dew on the Grass
The Dew on the Grass
161 JigD Paddy Fahy's
Paddy Fahy's
2 JigD Hungry Rocks
The Hungry Rocks
3 JigD House in the Glen
The House in the Glen
181 Reel Tailor's Thimble
The Tailor's Thimble
2 SgReel Pigtown
The Pigtown Reel
3 Reel John Byrth's
John Byrth's
191 JigD Jackie Roche's Favorite
Jackie Roche's Favorite / The Pilgrim
2 SgJig Kerry Jig
The Kerry Jig
3 JigD Humours of Rahey
The Humours of Rahey
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