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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Deireadh an Fhómhair. End of the Harvest by Declan Masterson

Basic album data
Artist NameDeclan Masterson
Album TitleDeireadh an Fhómhair. End of the Harvest
MusiciansDeclan Masterson (pipes, whistle), with Conor Tully (fiddle), other unidentified guests
Source and
other information
Gael-Linn CEFCD 148, 1990.

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Jimmy O'Reilly's
Jimmy O'Reilly's / Ríl Jimmy O'Reilly
Reel Pretty Girls of Mayo
Pretty Girls of Mayo / Cailíní Deasa Mhaigh Eo
3 Reel Hand Me Down the Tackle
Hand me Down the tackle / Sín Chugam Anuas an Tácla
21 JigD Coming of Spring
Paddy O'Brien's / Port Paddy O'Brien
2 JigD Tumble the Tinker
Tumble the Tinker / Treascair an Tincéir
31 Song Bean Dubh an Ghleanna
Bean Dubh an Ghleanna
2 SetD Bonaparte's Retreat
Bonaparte's Retreat / Cúlú Napoléon
41 Reel Collier's Reel
Collier's / Ríl Collier
2 Reel Mary O'Neill's Fancy
Miss Mary O'Neill's Fancy / Rogha Iníon Uí Néill
3 Reel Green Garters
The Green Garters / Bearr an Veilbhit
51 Fling An Buachaill Dreoite
An Buachaill Dreoite
61 Piece End of the Harvest
End of the Harvest / Deireadh an Fhómhair
Performer: (low whistle)
2 JigD Burn the Stubble
Burn the Stubble / Dóigh an Coinleach
3 Reel Sweetheart Reel
Sweethearts / Na Leannáin
71 JigD Jack Coen's Jig
Leg of the Duck / Leis Lacha
2 JigD Connie the Soldier
An Ghaoth Aniar Aneas
3 JigD Girl from the Big House
The Girl from the Big House / Cailín an Tí Mhóir
81 Song Wounded Hussar
The Wounded Huzzar / An Husár Ieonta
91 Reel Out on the Road
Out on the Road / Amuigh ar an mBóthar
2 Reel Sean Maguire's
Sean Maguire's / Ríl Sheán Maguire
3 Reel Dream of Home
The Maid in the Meadow / An Gearrchaile sa Mhóinéar
101 Hpipe Elkes Festival
The Elkes Festival / Féile na nEilceanna
2 Hpipe Shrove Tuesday
Paddy O'Brien's / Cornphíopa Phádraig Uí Bhriain
111 JigSl Larry Redican's
Larry Redican's
2 JigSl Humours of Derrycrosane
The Foxhunters / Fiagaí an Mhadra Rua
121 Air By the Waters Edge
By the Waters Edge / Cois Imeall an Uisce
Performer: (whistle, low whistle)
2 March Immigrants March [sic]
The Immigrants March [sic] / Máirseáil an Imirceora
3 Hpipe Tourist
The Tourist / An Turasóir
Performer: (piano)
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