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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Navvy on the Shore by Danny Meehan

Basic album data
Artist NameDanny Meehan
Album TitleNavvy on the Shore
MusiciansDanny Meehan (fiddle), with Dermot Kearney (guitar, banjo, mandola), Mick O'Connell (accordion), Reg Hall (piano)
Source and
other information
Bow Hand Records, 001CD, 2000. Recorded between November 1984 and March 2000, with most tracks from 1987. Launched 22 October 2000 according to viewed on 6 November 2012. Essay by Reg Hall.

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Navvy on the Line
The Navvy on the Shore
2 Reel Connor Dunn's
Cathal McConnell's
21 Hpipe Japanese Hornpipe
The Japanese Hornpipe
2 Hpipe Newcastle
31 SgJig Johnny's So Long at the Fair
Johnny's So Long at the Fair
2 JigD A Trip to the Cottage
The Trip to the Cottage
41 BDnce Kitty Sean's Barndance
Kitty Sean's Barndance
2 Reel Maids of Tullyknockbrine
Jamesy Byrnes' Downfall
51 JigSl Humours of Whiskey
Humours of Whiskey
61 Reel Tom Ward's Downfall
Tom Ward's Downfall
Performer: with Mick O'Connell (accordion)
2 Reel Crossing the Shannon
Crossing the Shannon
Performer: with Mick O'Connell (accordion)
71 Reel Doctor Gilbert
Dr. Gilbert
2 Fling Sally Reel
The Donegal Peter Street
81 JigD Mac's Fancy
Herlihy's Rant
2 JigD Con Cassidy's
Con Cassidy's
91 Air Dovecot
The Dovecot
2 Strath Docherty's Strathspey [Doherty's Strathspey]
Docherty's Strathspey
101 Reel Rakish Paddy
Rakish Paddy
111 Reel Longford Tinker
The Longford Tinker
Performer: Mick O'Connell (accordion)
2 Reel Paddy Kelly's
Paddy Canny's
Performer: Mick O'Connell (accordion)
121 Air O'Donnell's Lament
O'Donnell's Air
131 Reel Jamesy Byrnes' No. 1
[1st tune in a set titled:] Jamesy Byrnes' No. 1 & 2
2 Reel Bonny Bunch of Ferns
[2nd tune in a set titled:] Jamesy Byrnes' No. 1 & 2
141 Polka Up and Away
2 Polka Julia Clifford's
Jimmy Meehan's
151 Strath Dermot Byrnes' Delight
Dermot Byrnes' Delight
2 Reel Drowsy Maggie
Drowsy Maggie
161 March Bonaparte's March
Napoleon's Grand March
171 Reel Shaskeen
The Shaskeen
181 Piece Johnny Docherty's [Johnny Doherty's]
Johnny Docherty's
2 JigD Father O'Flynn
Father O'Flynn
191 Song Sean Dún na nGall
Sean Dún na nGall (Old Donegal)
2 Reel Bean a' Tí ar Lár
Bean a tí ar lár (The Woman Laid Out on a Board)
201 Reel Lowlands of Scotland
The Lowlands of Scotland
211 Reel Tarbolton
Performer: with Dermot Kearney (banjo)
2 Reel Over the Moor to Maggie
Over the Moor to Maggie
Performer: with Dermot Kearney (banjo)
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