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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Rabharta by Feenish

Basic album data
Artist NameFeenish
Album TitleRabharta
MusiciansP.J. Hernon (accordion), Marcus Hernon (flute, whistle), Don Stiffe (vocals, guitar, whistle), with Padraic O'Reilly (piano), Fergal Scahill (guitar, fiddle, bodhrán)
Source and
other information
Feenish CD FS002, 2002. Recorded in Ennis, Co. Clare. Paddy Ryan is acknowledged for tune titles.

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Newtown Bridge
2 Reel Silver Spear
Silver Spear
3 Reel Craig's Pipes
Creggs Pipes
21 JigD Jerry's Beaver Hat
Jerry's Beaver Hat
Performer: Marcus (flute)
2 JigD Boys of the Town
Boys of the Town
3 JigD Lilting Banshee
Wailing Banshee
31 Song Gross Isle
Gross Isle
41 Reel Donegal Reel
Performer: Marcus (flute), joined at 2nd half by Padraic (piano)
2 Reel Drunken Landlady
Drunken Landlady
Performer: P.J. (melodeon)
3 Reel Duke of Leinster
Duke of Leinster
4 Reel Foxhunter's Reel
51 Song Newport Town
Newport Town
61 Reel Lively Wagtail
The Lively Wagtail
Performer: (C whistles)
2 Reel Farewell to Old Decency
For Sake of Old Dacency [sic]
Performer: (C whistles)
71 Hpipe Cronin's Hornpipe
Performer: P.J. (accordion)
2 Hpipe Tuamgraney Castle
Performer: P.J. (accordion), Marcus (Bb flute)
81 Song Skibereen
91 Reel Old Woman of the House
Old Leitrim
2 Reel Bag of Spuds
Mála Fataí
101 Air Bruach na Carra Léith
Bruach na Carra Léith
Performer: P.J. (accordion)
2 Hpipe Caisleán an Óir
Caisleán an Óir
Performer: P.J. (accordion)
3 Reel Johnny McGoohan's
Johnny McGoohan's
Performer: P.J. (accordion)
111 Song Bound for Castle Garden
Bound for Castle Garden
121 JigD House in the Glen
House in the Glen
Performer: P.J. (accordion)
2 JigD Contentment Is Wealth
Contentment is Wealth [sic]
3 JigD Blooming Meadows
Blooming Meadows
131 Waltz Patient Heron
The Patient Heron
Performer: P.J. (accordion), Marcus (Bb flute)
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