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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Forgotten Gems by Peter Carberry and Pádraig McGovern

Basic album data
Artist NamePeter Carberry and Pádraig McGovern
Album TitleForgotten Gems
MusiciansPeter Carberry (accordion), Pádraig McGovern (B pipes, D pipes), with Brian Mooney (bouzouki), Sabina McGovern (harp), Séamus O'Kane (bodhrán)
Source and
other information
[Self-published], n.d. Recorded in Co. Longford according to this Longford Leader article accessed 24 December 2015. Launched 10 November 2013 in Ennis, Co. Clare according to this Facebook post accessed 24 December 2015. Liner notes were only published online, quoted here from <http://www.carberrymcgovern.com/tune-info> accessed 24 December 2015.

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Titles as listed on this album
11 JigSl Joe Kilmurray's
Joe Kilmurray's
2 JigSl Furnill's Frolic
Furnill's Frolic
21 Hpipe Blackbird
The Blackbird
2 Reel Chorus Reel
The Chorus Reel
31 JigSl Moll Roe
Moll Roe / [online only:] Máire Rua
2 JigD Lark in the Morning
Seamus Ennis' Lark in the Morning / [online only:] Dominick Rooney’s
41 Reel Road to Town
The Road to Town
2 Reel Jenny Dang the Weaver
Patsy Touhey's Rip the Calico
3 Reel Maid of Hollywell
Joe Kilmurray's
51 Air Úirchill a' Chreagáin
Úirchill a' Chreagáin
Performer: Peter (accordion)
2 SetD Youghal Harbour
Youghal Harbour
Performer: Peter (accordion)
61 JigSl Byrne's Mill
Byrne's Mill
2 JigSl Lough Key
Lough Key
3 JigSl Fairy Jig
Gift from the Fairies / [online only:] The Fairy Jig
71 Reel Last Night's Joy
Last Night's Joy
2 Reel Lady's Cup of Tea
The Lady's Cup of Tea
81 March Fourth Dragoon
The Fourth Dragoon
Performer: Pádraig (D pipes)
91 Reel Mickey Doherty's
Mickey Doherty's Reel / [online only:] Alec McConnell’s reel
2 Reel O'Reilly's Greyhound
The Strokestown Reel
101 Hpipe Faithful Friend
The Faithful Friend
Performer: Peter (accordion)
2 Hpipe O'Mealy's Hornpipe
O'Mealy's Hornpipe
Performer: Peter (accordion)
111 JigD Squirrel's Nest
Squirrel's Nest
2 JigSl Last Night's Fun
Slip Jig from Tunes of the Munster Pipers / [online only:] Slip Jig Munster pipers nr 160
121 Hpipe Merry Gardener
The Merry Gardener
2 Hpipe Fisher's Hornpipe
Ballymanus Fair
131 Reel Boy in the Boat
Boy in the Boat
Performer: Pádraig (B pipes)
2 Reel Ballymagovern Fair
Ballymagovern Fair
Performer: Pádraig (B pipes)
3 Reel Éine's Fancy
Éine's Fancy
Performer: Pádraig (B pipes)
141 Fling Jimmy Dolan's
Jimmy Dolan's
2 Fling John Joe Gannon's
John Joe Gannon's
151 Reel Morning Star
The Morning Star
Performer: Peter (accordion)
2 Reel Cleaning the Hen House
Cleaning the Henhouse
161 JigD Strike the Gay Harp
Strike the Gay Harp
Performer: Pádraig (B pipes)
2 JigSl Kitty Come Down to Limerick
Will you Come Down to Limerick [sic]
3 Piece Bumper Squire Jones
Bumper Squire Jones
171 Reel West Wind
The West Wind
2 Reel Broomstick
Molly Maguire
181 JigD Strayaway Child
The Strayaway Child
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