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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Short Stories by Gráinne Murphy

Basic album data
Artist NameGráinne Murphy
Album TitleShort Stories
MusiciansGráinne Murphy (fiddle), with Isaac Alderson (flute), John Redmond (accordion), Dónal Clancy (guitar, bouzouki), Anna Colliton (bodhrán), Marta Cook (harp), Daniel Murphy (bodhrán), Alan Murray (guitar, bouzouki)
Source and
other information
Gráinne Murphy GRA010, 2010. Recorded in Mamaroneck, New York. Launched 18 April 2010 according to on 29 May 2010. Received by irishtune.info 26 May 2010. Not indexed here: track 4 (Sky City/Blow My Chanter/Douce Amélia).

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Each Irish tune on this album was identified after a careful, expert comparison of this recorded performance against all other tunes in the Irish Traditional Music Tune Index. The blue column shows just the most established tune title. Follow the links for complete tune info.
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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Tree Gap
Tree Gap
2 Reel Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew
3 Reel Finbarr Dwyer's
Finbarr Dwyer's
21 JigSl Night Before Larry Was Stretched
The Night Before Poor Larry Was Stretched
Performer: with Isaac Alderson (flute)
2 JigSl Drops of Brandy
Drops of Brandy
Performer: with Isaac Alderson (flute)
3 JigSl To Limerick We Will Go
To Limerick We Will Go
Performer: with Isaac Alderson (flute)
31 Reel New-Mown Meadows
The New Mown Meadow
Performer: octave low
2 Reel Maid of Mount Kisco
The Maids of Mount Kisco
51 Hpipe Bill Flanagan's Birthday
Bill Flanagan's Birthday
2 Hpipe Blackbird
The Blackbird
3 SetD Madame Bonaparte
Madame Bonaparte
61 Reel Rooftop Reel
Rooftop Reel
Performer: 1st time solo, then with John Redmond (accordion)
2 Reel Border Collie
The Border Collie
Performer: with John Redmond (accordion)
3 Reel Patsy Hanley's
Patsy Hanley's
Performer: with John Redmond (accordion)
Reel Through the Woods
Through the Woods
81 JigD Monaghan Jig
Monaghan Jig
2 JigD Kilmovee Jig
The Kilmovee
3 JigD Misbegotten Grandchild
The Misbegotten Grandchild
91 Fling Cameron's Wife
Kerryman's Fling
2 Fling Were You at the Fair?
Were You at the Fair?
3 Fling Casey's Pig
Boston O'Connor
4 Reel Touching Cloth
Touching Cloth
101 Reel Farewell to Erin
Farewell to Erin
2 JigD Farewell to Carolina
Farewell to Carolina
3 JigD Galloping O'Hogan
Galloping Hogan
111 Reel Star of Munster
Star of Munster
2 Reel Colonel Fraser
F Colonel Fraser
121 JigSl Reaping the Rye
Reaping the Rye
2 JigSl Barony Jig
The Barony
3 JigSl Drunken Ganger
Drunken Ganger
131 Reel Sailing In
Sailing In
Performer: with Isaac Alderson (flute)
2 Reel Tie the Bonnet
Tie the Bonnet
Performer: with Isaac Alderson (flute)
3 Reel Kit O'Connor's
Kit O'Connor's
Performer: with Isaac Alderson (flute)
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