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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Catch the Air. Traditional Slow Airs by Gavin Whelan

Basic album data
Artist NameGavin Whelan
Album TitleCatch the Air. Traditional Slow Airs
MusiciansGavin Whelan (whistle, pipes), with Deidre Smyth (fiddle), Daire Bracken (fiddle), Paul Doyle (guitar), Peter Eades (keyboards, guitar, bass, percussion), Gavin Ralston (guitar)
Source and
other information
Cló Iar-Chonnachta CICD 194, 2013. Launched 7 July 2013 at Spanish Point, Co. Clare according to this Facebook event accessed 26 March 2016. Not indexed here: track 1 (Iain Ghlinn 'Cuiach), track 7 (Mi le M'uilinn).

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Titles as listed on this album
21 Air Emigrant's Farewell
The Emigrant's Farewell / Beannacht an Imircigh
Performer: (C whistle)
31 Air Hector the Hero
Hector the Hero / Hector an Laoch
Performer: (pipes), later with Deirdre Smyth (fiddle)
41 Air Lord Mayo
Lord Mayo / Tiarna Mhaigh Eo
Performer: (pipes)
51 Song Geaftaí Bhaile Buí
Geaftaí Bhaile Buí
Performer: (C whistle)
61 Song An Páistín Fionn
An Páistín Fionn / The Fair Haired Child
Performer: (low F whistle)
81 Air Easter Snow
Easter Snow / Díseart Nuan / Sneachta Cásga
Performer: (pipes)
91 Air A Hiúdaí Phádaí Éamoinn
A Hiúdaí Phádaí Éamoinn
Performer: (whistle)
101 Song Bean Dubh an Ghleanna
Bean Dubh an Ghleanna
Performer: (Eb whistle)
111 Air Marbhna Luimnigh
Limerick's Lamentation / Marbhna Luimnigh
Performer: (low D whistle, pipes)
121 Song Aye Fond Kiss
A Fond Kiss / Póg Ghrámhar
Performer: (F whistle), later with Daire Bracken (fiddle)
131 Air Ní ar Chnoc ná Ísleacht
Neither a High Place nor a Low Place / Ní ar Chnoc ná ar Ísleacht
Performer: (C whistle)
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