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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Girsa. Traditional Irish Music by Girsa

Basic album data
Artist NameGirsa
Album TitleGirsa. Traditional Irish Music
MusiciansMaeve Flanagan (fiddle, whistle, percussion), Deidre Brennan (vocals, fiddle, mandolin, percussion), Kristen McShane (fiddle, percussion), Margaret Dudasik (vocals, fiddle, whistle, dance), Bernadette Flanagan (piano, bodhrán, dance), Blaithin Loughran (accordion, percussion), Pamela Geraghty (vocals, accordion, guitar, percussion), Emily McShane (vocals, piano, bodhrán, percussion), with Gabriel Donohue (piano, guitar, bouzouki, percussion, autoharp bass)
Source and
other information
RiverRollick, 2009. Recorded in Hawthorne, New Jersey, USA. Not indexed here: track 1 (Immigrant Eyes), song on track 5 (Rhythm of My Heart), track 12 (This Story I Tell You Is True).

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Titles as listed on this album
Reel Patrick's Night
[notes:] St Patrick's Night / [tray label:] St. Patrick's Night
Performer: 1st time Maeve (whistle)
2 Reel Ash Plant
The Ashplant
31 Song I Courted a Wee Girl
I Courted a Wee Girl
41 Piece Eleanor Plunkett
Eleanor Plunkett
2 Polka O'Keefe's Polka
[1st tune in a set titled:] Polkas
3 Polka O'Keefe's Polka
[2nd tune in a set titled:] Polkas
52 JigD Calliope House
[appears within arrangement of:] Rhythm of My Heart / Calliope House
61 Song Farethee Well Lovely Mary
Farethee Well Lovely Mary
Performer: Pamela (vocals)
JigD Arthur Darley's
The Swedish Jig
81 Song Mary and the Soldier
Mary and the Soldier
Performer: Margaret (vocals)
91 Reel Lads of Laois
Lads of Laois
Performer: Maeve (fiddle)
2 Reel First Month of Summer
[notes:] First Month of Summer / [tray label:] 1st Mo. Of Summer
Performer: Maeve (fiddle)
101 Song I Live Not Where I Love
[notes:] Live Not Where I Love / [tray label:] I Live Not Where I Love
Performer: Deirde (vocals), Margaret (vocals)
111 Reel Paddy Ryan's Dream
Paddy Ryan's Dream
Performer: Blaithin (accordion)
2 Reel Blue Breeches
Blue Britches
Performer: Blaithin (accordion)
3 Reel [untitled]
Gan Ainm
Performer: Blaithin (accordion)
131 Reel MacArthur Road
[1st tune in a set titled:] The Box Set
2 Reel Golden Stud
[2nd tune in a set titled:] The Box Set
141 Song Home I Left Behind
The Home I Left Behind
Performer: Emily (vocals)
151 Song Bruach na Carraige Báine
[notes:] Brauch [sic] Na Gcarraige [sic] Bann / [tray label:] Slow Air
Performer: Maeve (whistle)
2 Reel Longford Tinker
The Longford Tinker
Performer: Maeve (whistle)
161 JigD Ian's Return to Ireland
Ian's Return to Ireland
2 JigD Port Chúil Aodha
Caul Aodha [sic]
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