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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: The Grouse in the Heather by P.J. and Marcus Hernon

Basic album data
Artist NameP.J. and Marcus Hernon
Album TitleThe Grouse in the Heather
MusiciansP.J. Hernon (accordion, melodeon), Marcus Hernon (flute), with Laoise Kelly (harp), Charlie Lennon (piano), Steve Cooney (guitar), Paddy Higgins (percussion)
Source and
other information
Feenish Sound, 2000. Recorded in Spiddal, Co. Galway.

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Grouse in the Heather
The Grouse in the Heather / An Chearc Fhraoigh
2 Reel Hunted Pheasant
The Hunted Pheasant / An Piasun ar a Theicheadh
21 JigD Snipe in the Marsh
The Snipe in the Marsh / An Naosc sa Moing
2 JigD Curlew's Cry
The Curlew's Cry / Scréach an Chrotaigh
31 Air Invisible Corncrake
The invisible Corncrake [sic] / An Traonach i bhfolach
Performer: Marcus (flute)
41 Reel Peeping Plover
The Peeping Plover / An Fheadóg san Airdeall
Performer: 1st time Marcus (flute)
2 Reel Squeaking Woodcock
The Squeaking Woodcock / Giog an Chreabhair
51 Hpipe Chattering Stormcock
The Chattering Stormcock / An Liatráisc ag Seinm
Performer: Laoise Kelly (harp)
2 Hpipe Musical Thrush
The Musical Thrush / An Smolach Ceolmhar
Performer: P.J. (accordion), with Laoise Kelly (harp)
61 Reel Herring Gull
The Herring Gull / An Faoileán
2 Reel Diving Gannet
The Diving Gannet / An Gainéad faoi Lánluas
71 JigD Golden Plover
The Golden Plover / An Fheadóg Bhuí
2 JigD Bobbing Sandpiper
The Bobbing Sandpiper / Freastal an Ghobadáin
81 Waltz Linnet's Chorus
The Linnet's Chorus / Gluaiseacht na Gleoisigh
Performer: P.J. (accordion)
2 Waltz Beautiful Goldfinch
The Beautiful Goldfinch / An Lasair Álainn Choille
91 Reel Hovering Kestrel
The Hovering Kestrel / An Pocaire Gaoithe ar Foluain
Performer: 1st 2 times P.J. (accordion)
2 Reel Lady's Falcon
The Lady's Falcon / Meirliún an Bhantiarna
101 Air Lonely Bittern
The Lonely Bittern / An Bonnan Uaigneach Buí
Performer: (Bb flute)
111 JigD Nesting Goldcrest
The Nesting Goldcrest / An Ciorbhuí ar a Nead
2 BDnce Warbling Robin
The Warbling Robin / Ceiliúr na Spideoge
3 Reel Kingfisher's Delight
The Kingfisher's Delight / An Cruidin Gliondrach
Performer: 1st time Marcus (flute)
121 Reel Dark-Eyed Raven
The Dark-Eyed Raven / An Fiach Dubh
2 Reel Barefaced Crow
The Barefaced Crow / An Charóg gan Náire
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