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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Give Us Another by Joe Derrane with Felix Dolan

Basic album data
Artist NameJoe Derrane with Felix Dolan
Album TitleGive Us Another
MusiciansJoe Derrane (accordion), Felix Dolan (piano)
Source and
other information
Green Linnet GLCD 1149, 1995. Recorded Oct. 1994 in Stamford, Connecticut. Tune notes by Joe Derrane. Biographical essays by Earle Hitchner. Track 8 ("Pastiche for Anne") not indexed here.

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Shearing the Sheep
Shearing the Sheep
2 Reel Musical Priest
The Musical Priest
21 JigD Knocknagow
2 JigD Contentment Is Wealth
Contentment is Wealth
31 Hpipe Thomond Bridge
Thomond Bridge
2 Hpipe Belfast Hornpipe
Belfast Hornpipe, The
41 Reel Broken Pledge
The Broken Pledge
2 Reel Contradiction
The Contradiction
51 JigD Miss Bruce
Miss Bruce
2 JigD Absentminded Man
The Absentminded Man
3 JigD Welcome to Cork
Welcome to Cork
61 Hpipe Liverpool Hornpipe
The Liverpool Hornpipe
2 Hpipe Quarrelsome Piper
The Quarrelsome Piper
3 Hpipe Real Thing
The Real Thing
71 Reel Silver Spire
The Silver Spire
2 Reel Hitchner's Phoenix
Hitchner's Phoenix
91 Reel Maid behind the Bar
Little Judy / The Green Mountain
2 Reel Wolf Trap Promise
The Wolf Trap Promise
101 Hpipe Kildare Fancy
The Kildare Fancy
2 Hpipe Golden Eagle
The Golden Eagle
3 Hpipe Sweep's Hornpipe
The Sweeps
111 JigD Boys of Ballinafad
The Boys of Ballinafad
2 JigD White Petticoat
The White Petticoat
121 Reel Give Us Another
Give Us Another
2 Reel Corner House
The Corner House
3 Reel Clare Reel
The Clare Reel
131 Hpipe Spellan's Fiddle
Spellan's Fiddle
2 Hpipe Dick Sands' Hornpipe
Dick Sand's [sic]
141 JigD Hare in the Corn
The Hare in the Corn
2 JigD Haley's
151 Reel Green Fields of America
The Green Fields of America
2 Reel Aran Waves
Aran Waves / The Man with the Money
3 Reel Scholar
The Scholar
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