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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: "Capel Street" by James Kelly

Basic album data
Artist NameJames Kelly
Album Title"Capel Street"
MusiciansJames Kelly (fiddle), with Chuck Heymann (bodhrán, Josephine Keegan (piano), Arty McGlynn (guitar), Noreen O'Donoghue (harp, synthesizer), Daithi Sproule (guitar)
Source and
other information
Bowhand BOW 0001, 1989. Audiocassette. Recorded in Rostrevor, Co. Down and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Titles as listed on this album
1.11 Reel Over the Moor to Peggy
Over the Moor to Maggie
2 Reel Heather Breeze
Heather Breeze
1.21 JigD Paddy Taylor's
Paddy Taylor's
2 JigD Cailleach an Airgid
Cailleach an Airgead (Hag with the Money)
1.31 Reel Sporting Paddy
Sporting Pat
2 Reel Doctor Gilbert
Donegal Gilbert / The Dispute at the Crossroads
1.41 JigD Maguire's Kick
McGuire's / Maguires Kick [sic]
1.51 Reel Wild Irishman
The Daisy Fields / The Wild Irishman
2 Reel Mountain Road
Mountain Road
1.61 Polka Lonesome Times
Lonesome Times
2 Polka Happy Days Again
Happy Days Again
3 Polka Elizabeth Kelly's
Elizabeth Kelly's
1.71 Reel Foxhunter's Reel
The Foxhunters
2.11 Reel Bonnie Kate
Bonnie Kate
2 Reel Jenny's Chickens
Jenny's Chickens / Jock and Jill
2.21 Hpipe Plains of Boyle
Plains of Boyle
2 SetD Job of Journeywork
Job of Journeywork
2.31 JigD Charlie Mulvehill's
Charlie Mulvehill's [sic]
2 JigD Charlie Mulvehill's [Charlie Mulvihill's]
Charlie Mulvehill's [sic]
2.41 Air Seolfaimid Araon na Géanna Romhainn
Seolam Araon na Geanna Romhainn (Let the two of us send out the Geese)
2.51 Reel Morning Dew
Hare in the Heather / The Morning Dew
2 Reel Longford Collector
Longford Beggar Woman
3 Reel Old Bush
Captain Rock
2.61 JigD Goat in the Green
Frog in the Well
2 JigD Richard Brennan's
Richard Brennan's
2.71 Reel Petticoat Loop
Petticoat Loop / The Humours of Ballyheigue
2 Reel Butter and Peas
Butter and Peas
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