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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Ar nós na Gaoithe. Like the Wind by John Wynne

Basic album data
Artist NameJohn Wynne
Album TitleAr nós na Gaoithe. Like the Wind
MusiciansJohn Wynne (flute), with Arty McGlynn (guitar), Paddy McEvoy (piano, synthesizer), Jacinta McEvoy (guitar), John Moloney (bodhrán), Paul Doyle (bouzouki), Paul Gurney (keyboard)
Source and
other information
Cló Iar-Chonnachta CICD 178, 2009. Recorded in Cahanagh, Co. Longford. Launched 29 June 2009 at the Connacht Fleadh Cheoil according to <http://www.roscommonpeople.ie/pdf/RSP_2606_Ed1_023.pdf> viewed 11 January 2015.

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Each Irish tune on this album was identified after a careful, expert comparison of this recorded performance against all other tunes in the Irish Traditional Music Tune Index. The blue column shows just the most established tune title. Follow the links for complete tune info.
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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Gladstone
The Gladstone / Ríl Gladstone
Performer: (Eb flute)
2 Reel Farewell to Miltown Malbay
Farewell to Miltown Malbay / Slán le Sráid na Cathrach
Performer: (Eb flute)
3 Reel Humours of Westport
The Humours of Westport / Pléaraca Chathair na Mart
Performer: (Eb flute)
21 JigD Orphan
The Orphan / An Dílleachta / Mrs. Casey's
Performer: (Eb flute)
2 JigD Kitty Come Over
The Cow that Ate the Blanket / An Bhó a d'ith an Blaincéad / The Cat that Ate the Candle
Performer: (Eb flute)
3 JigD Winnie Hayes's Jig
Winnie Hayes's / Port Winnie Uí Aodha
Performer: (Eb flute)
31 Reel Farewell to Ireland
Farewell to Erin / Slán le hÉirinn
2 Reel Farewell to Erin
Austin Tierney's / Ríl Austin Tierney
41 JigD Wishing Well
The Wishing Well / An Tobar Beannaithe
Performer: (Eb flute)
2 JigD Both Meat and Dhrink
Both Meat and Drink / Deoch a bhfuil Beathú Inti
Performer: (Eb flute)
51 Hpipe Bunglas Lass
The Bunglas Lass / Cailín Bhun Glaise
2 Hpipe Sweep's Hornpipe
The Belfast Hornpipe / Cornphíopa Bhéal Feirste / The Sweep's Hornpipe
61 Polka Boney Crossing the Alps
Boney crossing the Alps / Boney ag dul thar na hAlpa
Performer: (Eb flute)
2 Polka Tom Morrison's
Tom Morrison's / Polca Tom Uí Mhuireasáin
Performer: (Eb flute)
71 Air Ní ar Chnoc ná Ísleacht
Ní ar Chnoc ná Ísleacht
81 SgJig Kathleen O'Hehir
Rural Felicity / Sona Sásta Faoin Tuath / Catherine Hehir's
Performer: (Eb flute)
2 JigD Tom Cawley's
McHugh's Jig / Port Mhic Aodha
Performer: (Eb flute)
91 Hpipe Behind the Ditch in Páirc Anna
The Humours of Tullycrine / Pléaraca Thulach Ruáin
2 BDnce Terry Bingham's Barn Dance
Terry Bingham's Barn dance / Damhsa Sciobóil Terry Bingham
101 Reel Dawn
The Dawn / Bánú an Lae
Performer: (Eb flute)
2 Reel Navvy on the Line
The Navvy on the Line / An Náibhí ar an Líne / The Navvy on the Shore
3 Reel London Lasses
The London Lassies / Girseacha Londan
Performer: (Eb flute)
111 Polka Tripping on the Mountain
Tripping on the Mountain / Ag Damhsa ar an Sliabh
2 JigD Farewell to Gurteen
Farewell to Gurteen / Slán le Goirtín
3 JigD Petticoat Loose
Strop the Razor / Stropáil an Rásúr
121 Air Gift of Falling
The Gift of Falling / Tréith na Titime
Performer: (Eb flute)
131 Reel Brian Quinn's
Brian Quinn's / Ríl Bhriain Uí Chuinn
Performer: (C flute)
2 Reel John Egan's Reel
John Egan's / Ríl Sheáin Mhic Aogáin
Performer: (C flute)
3 Reel Braes of Busby
The Braes of Busby / Malaí Bhusby
Performer: (C flute)
141 JigD Ship in Full Sail
The Ships Are Sailing / Longa faoi Sheol
2 Reel Hunter's Purse
The Hunter's Purse / Sparán an tSealgaire
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