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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: They'll Be Good Yet by Kitty Hayes and Peter Laban

Basic album data
Artist NameKitty Hayes and Peter Laban
Album TitleThey'll Be Good Yet
MusiciansKitty Hayes (concertina), Peter Laban (C pipes)
Source and
other information
[Self-published], 2005. Recorded 21 and 28 September 2005 in Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare. Notes by Peter Laban, with an "Introduction" by Tom Munnelly.

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Titles as listed on this album
11 JigD Trip to Athlone
The Newport Lass / The Maid of Athlone
2 JigD Mist on the Meadow
Mist on the Meadow
3 JigD Legacy
The Legacy
21 Reel Concert Reel
The Concert Reel
2 Reel Hare's Paw
The Hare's Paw
3 Reel Garrett Barry's
Garrett Barry's Reel
31 Reel Humours of Tulla
The Humours of Tulla
2 Reel Tear the Calico
Tear the Calico
41 Reel Girl that Broke My Heart
The Girl that broke my Heart
Performer: Kitty (concertina)
2 Reel Sligo Maid
The Sligo Maid
Performer: Kitty (concertina)
51 JigD Wandering Minstrel
The Wandering Minstrel
2 JigD Fasten the Leg in Her
Fasten the Leg in her
61 Hpipe Hills of Coore
Hills of Coore
2 Hpipe Stack of Oats
The Stack of Oats
71 Reel Pigeon on the Gate
The Pigeon on the Gate
2 Reel Drunken Landlady
The Drunken Landlady
3 Reel Sporting Nell
Sporting Nell
81 JigD Winnie Hayes's Jig
Winnie Hayes'
2 JigD Rose in the Heather
The Rose in the Heather
91 Reel Corney Is Coming
Corney is Coming [sic]
Performer: Peter (pipes)
2 Reel Johnny Allen's
An Bhean Tincéara
Performer: Peter (C pipes)
3 Reel Collier's Reel
The Collier's Reel
Performer: Peter (C pipes)
101 JigSl Little Fair Cannavans
Na Ceannabháin Bhána
2 JigSl Hardiman the Fiddler
Hardiman the Fiddler
111 Air Ar Éirinn ní Neosfainn Cé Hí
'Ar Éirinn Ni 'Neosfainn Ce Hi
Performer: Kitty (concertina)
121 JigD An Buachaillín Bán
John Egan's 1
2 JigD Scatter the Mud
John Egan's 2
131 Reel Porthole of the Kelp
The Porthole of the Kelp
Performer: Kitty (concertina)
2 Reel Maids of Mitchelstown
The Maids of Mitchelstown
141 JigD Lost and Found
Lost and Found
2 JigD Haunted House
The Haunted House
3 JigD Luachrachán's Jig
The Luthradán
151 Reel Mountain Top
The Mountain Top
2 Reel Tom Ward's Downfall
Tom Ward's Downfall
3 Reel Honeymoon
The Honeymoon Reel
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