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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: The Music of Kevin Keegan by Kevin Keegan

Basic album data
Artist NameKevin Keegan
Album TitleThe Music of Kevin Keegan
MusiciansKevin Keegan (accordion), with Miliosa McWeeney-Lundy, Max Parsley, Allen Patterson, Jeremy Kammerror, Eric Thompson, Kathy Whitesides, Gerry O'Loughlin, Linda Keen, Richard Lundy, Peter Persoff, Will Spears, Dave Ricker, John Reed, Mark Simos
Source and
other information
Cló Iar-Chonnachta CICD 156, 2004. From the CD booklet: "The recordings on this album came from cassette tapes and reel-to-reel and were donated by Kevin's friends and acquaintances. They were recorded, mostly in San Francisco and Chicago, using home recording equipment [. . .]." No dates are provided, other than for tracks 5 and 11, so I have dated the remaining tracks as being recorded no later than Dec. 1978, which was when Kevin Keegan died. I would gladly incorporate more accurate dates if anyone could send me more accurate dates (and locations and musicians) for each (or even any one) track. Liner notes by Joe Burke. Not indexed here: tracks 1, 7, 14, and 20 (all spoken material), and track 11 (Adeste Fideles).

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Titles as listed on this album
21 JigD Contentment Is Wealth
Contentment is Wealth
Performer: with (banjo)
2 JigD Cat in the Corner
The Cat in the Corner
Performer: with (banjo)
31 Hpipe Dunphy's Hornpipe
Dunphy's Hornpipe
Performer: with (banjo)
41 Reel Dinny O'Brien's
Dinny O'Brien's
Performer: with (banjo)
51 Song Little Thatched Cabin
The Little Thatched Cabin
61 Hpipe High Level
The High Level
Performer: with (banjo)
81 Waltz Kevin Keegan's Waltz
Kevin Keegan's Waltz
91 JigD Kitty's Rambles
The Rambles of Kitty
Performer: with (banjo) and others
2 JigD Pipe on the Hob
The Pipe on the Hob, version 2
Performer: with (banjo) and others
101 Reel Boyne Hunt
Maid among the Roses
Performer: with (banjo)
2 Reel Rolling in the Ryegrass
Rolling in the Rye Grass
Performer: with (banjo)
121 Hpipe An Comhra Donn
An Comhra Donn
Performer: with (whistle) and others
131 JigD Maloney's Wife
Moloney's Wife
Performer: with (banjo)
2 JigD Coach Road to Sligo
The Blackthorn Stick
Performer: with (banjo)
151 Reel High Reel
The High Reel
2 Reel Bunch of Keys
The Bunch of Keys
161 JigD Trip to Athlone
The Trip to Athlone
Performer: with (banjo)
2 JigD Garrett Barry's
[booklet:] The Pipe on the Hob, version 1 / [tray label:] The Pipe on the Hob
Performer: with (banjo)
171 Reel George White's Favourite
George Whyte's Favourite
181 Hpipe Off to California
Off to California
Performer: with (banjo)
2 Hpipe Harvest Home
The Harvest Home
Performer: with (banjo)
191 March Battle of Aughrim
Battle of Aughrim
Performer: with (banjo)
211 Reel I Wish I Never Saw You
I Wish I Never Saw You
2 Reel Drag Her around the Road
The Pullet
221 SetD Blackbird
The Blackbird
Performer: with (banjo)
231 Waltz Cuckoo
The Cuckoo
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