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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Lios A'Cheoil. Traditional Irish Music by Tom and Kerry Barrett

Basic album data
Artist NameTom and Kerry Barrett
Album TitleLios A'Cheoil. Traditional Irish Music
MusiciansTom Barrett (fiddle), Kerry Barrett (fiddle), with Paul de Grae (guitar)
Source and
other information
Tom and Kerry Barrett, 2002. Recorded May 2002 in Causeway, Co. Kerry according to correspondence with Paul de Grae, 2 Apr 2003. For more information on this CD contact pauldegrae@eircom.nospam (after replacing "nospam" with "net").

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Polka [untitled]
[1st tune in a set titled:] Kerry Polkas
2 Polka Green Cottage No. 1
[2nd tune in a set titled:] Kerry Polkas
3 Polka Pat Enright's
[3rd tune in a set titled:] Kerry Polkas
21 JigD Morrison's Jig
Morrison's / The Stick across the Hob
2 JigD Larry O'Gaff
Larry O'Gaff
3 JigD Behind the Haystack
Behind the Haystack
31 Piece Planxty Madam Maxwell
Madam Maxwell / Mrs. Maxwell
41 Air Da Auld Restin' Chair
Da Auld Restin' Chair
51 SetD Drunken Gauger
The Drunken Gauger
2 Piece Planxty Browne
Miss Brown's Fancy / Maggie Brown
61 Hpipe Poppy Leaf
The Poppy Leaf
2 Hpipe Last of the Twins
The Last of the Twins
71 JigSl Creaking Door
The Creaking Door
81 March March of the Leprechauns
March of the Leprechauns
2 March Mountcashel's Brigade
Mount Cashel's Brigade
91 Song Sliabh Geal gCua na Féile
Sliabh Geal gCua
SetD Garden of Daisies
Garden of Daisies / The Palatine's Daughter
101 JigD Leitrim Fancy
Leitrim Jig
2 Reel Around the World for Sport
Sword in Hand / The Little Pig Lamenting the Empty Trough
111 SetD Hurling Boys
The Hurling Boys
2 SetD Rub the Bag
Rub the Bag
121 Reel John Brennan's
Richard Brennan's / John Brennan's / John Brennan from Sligo
2 Reel O'Rourke's
O'Rourke's / The Wild Irishman
3 Reel Banks of the Ilen
The Banks of the Ilen / Sean-Bhean na gCartaí
131 Piece Captain O'Kane
Captain O'Kane
2 Piece Mrs. Edwards
Mrs. Edwards / Mrs Edwards
141 Air Sliabh na mBan
Sliabh na mBan
151 JigSl Tipperary Hills
Tipperary Hills
2 JigSl Sport of the Chase
Joys of the Chase / The Sport of the Chase / New Claret
161 Slide Denis Murphy's Slide
Bedford Cross
2 Slide Biddy the Darling
Biddy the Darling / Bidí an Muirnín
3 Slide Gale Bridge
Gale Bridge
171 Reel Rattigan's Reel
Rhattigan's / Redican's
2 Reel Reconciliation
The Reconciliation / The Olive Branch
181 Hpipe Grand Auld Man
The Grand Auld Man
2 Hpipe Johnny Cope
Johnny Cope
3 Hpipe Wren's Hornpipe
The Wren's Hornpipe
191 SgJig King of the Cannibal Islands
The Cumberland Reel / Hilly-go, Filly-go All the Way / King of the Cannibal Islands
2 SgJig Captain White's
Captain White
201 Polka Lios a' Cheoil
Lios a' Cheoil
2 Polka There's No Place Like Home
Bedford Polka
3 Polka Johnny Box
Johnny Box
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