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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Sets in Stone by Liam Kelly and Philip Duffy

Basic album data
Artist NameLiam Kelly and Philip Duffy
Album TitleSets in Stone
MusiciansLiam Kelly (flute), Philip Duffy (fiddle), with Shane McGowan (guitar), John Joe Kelly (bodhrán)
Source and
other information
[Self-published], 2015. Recorded at The Magic Room, Cairns Hill, Sligo. Recorded February 2015 according to a message from Liam Kelly to me 16 November 2015. Released 14 July 2015 and first launched 17 July 2015 according to this Facebook post accessed 16 November 2015.

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Old Woman of the House
The Cows are a-Milking / The Young Woman of the House
2 Reel Kiltycreen
3 Reel Flower of the Flock
Flower of the Flock
21 JigSl A Blast of Wind
A Blast of Wind / The Rakes of Westmeath / A Kiss in the Furz
2 JigD Holly Bush
The Holly Bush
3 JigSl Baby Rory's
Baby Rory's
31 Reel McGovern's Favourite
McGovern's Favourite
2 Reel Four-Leafed Shamrock
Four Leafed Shamrock
3 Reel Bush in Bloom
Bush in Bloom
41 BDnce Jimmy Duffy's
[1st tune in a set titled:] Jimmy Duffy's #1 & #2 / [alternative title for the set:] Eddie Duffy's
2 BDnce Jimmy Duffy's
[2nd tune in a set titled:] Jimmy Duffy's #1 & #2 / [alternative title for the set:] Eddie Duffy's
3 BDnce If There Weren't Any Women in the World
If we hadn't any Women in the World
51 Reel Ballinamore Reel
Ballinamore Reel
2 Reel Courting Them All
Courting Them All
3 Reel Flowers of Limerick
Mills are Grinding / The Flowers of Limerick
61 Polka Return of Spring
The Return of Spring / The Decca Polka
2 Polka Tripping on the Mountain
Tripping on the Mountain / My Love is but a Lassie
71 JigD Farewell to Ballinahulla
Julia McMahon's / Farewell to Ballinahulla
2 JigD Billy McCormick
Billy McCormick's
3 JigD Anthony Frawley's
Anthony Frawley's
81 Reel Martin Wynne's No. 4
Martin Wynne's #4
2 Reel Peg McGrath's Reel
Peg McGrath's
3 Reel Mill of Kylemore
The Mill of Kylemore
91 JigD Westering Home
Westering Home
2 JigD Paddy Cronin's
A Tailor I Am
3 JigD Con Cassidy's
Con Cassidy's
101 Hpipe Felix in Paris
Felix in Paris
2 Hpipe Pride of Petravore
The Pride of Petravore
111 Reel Boogie Reel
Durrow Reel / Boogie Reel
2 Reel Mountain Lark
Mountain Lark / Brendan McMahon's
3 Reel Kilfenora Reel
Kilfenora Reel
121 JigD April's Fool
April Fool [sic]
2 JigD Headwood Crossing
Planting Stick
3 SgJig Chicken That Made the Soup
The Mother's Lament / Goldfield
131 Reel Laccaroe
Kevin Henry's
2 Reel Drogheda Lasses
John Egan's
3 Reel Jim Coleman's
Jim Coleman's
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