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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Casadh na Taoide. Turning the Tide by Líadan

Basic album data
Artist NameLíadan
Album TitleCasadh na Taoide. Turning the Tide
MusiciansElaine Cormican (whistle, flute, vocals, mandolin), Claire Dolan (fiddle, strings, vocals), Síle Denvir (harp, vocals), Deirdre Chawke (piano accordion, vocals), Valerie Casey (fiddle, vocals), Catherine Clohessy (flute, whistle, vocals), with Brian Morrissey (bodhrán, percussion)
Source and
other information
Líadan LN002, 2009. Launched 18 Apr. 2009 in Limerick. Printed lyrics included for all songs. Not indexed here: 3rd tune in track 12 (Da Lass dat made the Bed for Me).

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Song Bímis ag Ól
Bímis ag Ól
2 JigD Captain's Hill Jig
[on cover:] Captain's Hill Jig / [in liner notes:] Captain's Hill
3 Song Óró Downey
Óró Downey
21 Polka You Broke My Cup and Saucer
[1st tune in a set titled:] Limerick Polka Set / [titles given for this particular tune:] You Broke My Cup and Saucer / Bhris tú mo Chupán is mo Phláta / The Same Old Cup and Saucer
2 Polka Caherline Chase
[2nd tune in a set titled:] Limerick Polka Set / [titles given for this particular tune:] The Caherline Chase / Rása Chathair Laighin
3 Polka Tarmon's
Tarmon's / Pólca Tharmoin
31 Song Angel's Whisper
The Angel's Whisper
41 Reel Bualadh an Chasúir
Bualadh an Chasúir
2 Reel Road to Finter
The Road to Finter / An Bóthar go Finntír
3 Reel Eel in the Sink
The Eel in the Sink / An Eascann sa Doirteal / Maide Draighin an Éireannaigh
4 Reel High Road to Glin
The High Road to Glin / An Bóthar Ard chuig An nGleann
51 Song Ócum an Phríosúin
Ócum an Phríosúin
61 Hpipe Leveret
The Leverette / An Leverette
2 JigD Queen of Connaught
The Queen of Connaught / Banríon Chonnachta
3 JigD Dún-na-Sí
71 Song Bold Atlantic
Bold Atlantic
81 Hland Trip to Blackpool
Trip to Blackpool / Turas go Blackpool
Performer: Deirdre Chawke (piano accordion)
2 Reel John Lewis'
John Lewis' / Ríl John Lewis
3 Reel Old Forge
The Old Forge / An Sean-Cheárta
91 Song Tomás Bán Mac Aogáin
Tomás Bán Mac Aogáin
101 Song Sailor Boy
Early in the Month of Spring / The Sailor Boy
111 March Clothiers March
[tray label:] The Clothiers March / [liner notes:] The Clothier's March / Máirseáill an Táilliúra / Limerick's Lamentation / Marbhna Luimnigh
121 JigD Mist-Covered Mountain
The Mist Covered Mountain / Sliabh an Cheo
Performer: 1st time (flute)
2 JigD Spotted Dog
The Spotted Dog / An Mada Breac
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