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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Tuning the Road by Louise Mulcahy

Basic album data
Artist NameLouise Mulcahy
Album TitleTuning the Road
MusiciansLouise Mulcahy (flute, pipes, whistle), with Michelle Mulcahy (piano, harp), Colm Murphy (bodhrán)
Source and
other information
Cló Iar-Chonnachta CICD 196, 2014. Recorded in Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare. Released approximately 9 April 2014 according to the artist's Facebook post that day.

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Farewell to Old Decency
The Road to Old Decency / Bóthar na Measúlachta / Farewell to Old Decency / For the Sake of Old Decency
Performer: (D flute)
2 Reel Trip to Peterswell
Trip to Peterswell / Turas go Tobar Pheadair
Performer: (D whistle)
21 JigD Gallant Boys of Tipperary
The Gallant Boys of Tipperary / Buachaillí Galánta Thiobraid Árann
Performer: (Eb flute)
2 JigD Trip to Ashbourne
Trip to Ashbourne / Turas go Cill Dhéagláin
Performer: (Eb flute)
3 JigD Bernie Cunnion's Favourite
Bernie Cunnion's Favourite / Rogha Bhernie Cunnion
Performer: (Eb flute)
31 Reel Laurel Tree
The Castlebar Traveller / Taistealaí Chaisleán an Bharraigh
Performer: (Eb flute)
2 Reel Green Mountain
Joe Cooley's Green Mountain / Sliabh Glas Joe Cooley
Performer: (Eb flute)
41 JigD Three White Cats
The Three White Cats / Na Trí Chat Bhána
Performer: (Bb whistle)
2 JigD Howard Gowing's Fancy
Howard Gowing's Fancy / Rogha Howard Gowing
Performer: (Bb whistle)
51 Reel Boys on the Hilltop
The Boy on the Hilltop / An Buachaill ar Mhullach an Chnoic
Performer: (C pipes)
2 Reel Merry Harriers
The Merry Harriers / Na Fiairí Feá
Performer: (C pipes)
3 Reel Five-Mile Chase
Five Mile Chase / Léimrás Cúig Mhíle
Performer: (C pipes)
61 Air Bold Trainer O
The Bold Trainer O / An Traenálaí Dána / Ulican Dubh O / The Song of Sorrow / Adieu! My Native Wilds, Adieu
Performer: (C pipes)
71 Piece Kean O'Hara
Kean O'Hara
Performer: (C flute)
81 Reel Miss Lyon's Fancy
Early Breakfast
Performer: (C flute)
2 Reel Rolling Rocks of Glan
Little Jimmy Kiernan / Ríl Jimmy Bhig Uí Chiarnáin
Performer: (C flute)
3 Reel Sailor on the Rock
The Sailor on the Rock / An Mairnéalach ar an gCarraig
Performer: (C flute)
91 JigD Goat in the Green
Pádraig O' Keefe's / Port Phádraig Uí Chaoimh
Performer: (Eb flute)
2 JigD Old Station House
The Old Station House / Seanteach an Stáisiúin / The Station House
Performer: (Eb flute)
3 JigD Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part
Happy to Meet and Sorry to Part / Is Sultmhar an Casadh, is Uaigneach an Scaradh
Performer: (Eb flute)
101 Hpipe Fitzgerald's Hornpipe
O'Callaghan's Low / Cornphíopa Íseal Uí Cheallacháin
Performer: (C pipes)
2 Hpipe Mrs Crotty's
Mrs Crotty's [sic] / Cornphíopa Bhean Uí Chrotaigh
Performer: (C pipes)
111 Reel Templehouse
The Templehouse / Teach an Teampaill
Performer: (Bb whistle)
2 Reel Tailored Jacket
The Tailored Jacket / An Seaicéad Táilliúrtha
Performer: (Bb whistle)
121 Air Port na bPúcaí
Port na bPúcaí
Performer: (D flute)
131 Slide If I Had a Wife
If I had a Wife / Dá mbeadh Bean Agam
Performer: (Eb flute)
2 Slide Slide Dubh
Slide Dubh / An Sleamhnán Dubh
Performer: (Eb flute)
3 Slide Slide Chaoimhín
Slide Chaoimhín / Sleamhnán Chaoimhín
Performer: (Eb flute)
141 Reel Cabin Hunter
The Cabin Hunter / Ríl an Bhiadánaí
Performer: (Eb flute)
2 Reel Hare's Paw
Jim Kennedy's Favourite / Rogha Shéamuis Uí Chinnéide / The Hare's Paw
Performer: (Eb flute)
3 Reel Road to Ballygirreen
The Road to Ballygirreen / An Bóthar go Baile Uí Gheirín
Performer: (Eb flute)
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