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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Feadóga Stáin. Traditional Irish Music on the Tin Whistle by Mary Bergin

Basic album data
Artist NameMary Bergin
Album TitleFeadóga Stáin. Traditional Irish Music on the Tin Whistle
MusiciansMary Bergin (whistle), with Alec Finn (bouzouki, mandocello), Johnny 'Ringo' McDonagh (bodhrán, bones)
Source and
other information
Shanachie 79006, 1992. Notes by Michaél Ó hEidhin and Jackie Small. Reissue of Shanachie LP 79006, 1979, also released as Gael-Linn LP CEF 071, 1979 according to <https://searchworks.stanford.edu/view/10765356>, accessed 14 October 2017.

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Each Irish tune on this album was identified after a careful, expert comparison of this recorded performance against all other tunes in the Irish Traditional Music Tune Index. The blue column shows just the most established tune title. Follow the links for complete tune info.
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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Finbar Dwyer's
Ríl gan ainm
Performer: (Eb whistle)
2 Reel Ah Surely
Cinnte Le Dia / Ah Surely!
Performer: (Eb whistle)
3 Reel Union Reel
The Union Reel
Performer: (Eb whistle)
21 Reel Miss Johnson
Iníon Mhic Sheáin / Miss Johnson's
Performer: (Bb whistle)
2 Reel Micho Russell's
Mike Russell's
Performer: (Bb whistle)
31 JigD Tom Billy's
Tom Billy's
Performer: (F whistle)
2 JigD Langstern Pony
The Langstern Pony
Performer: (F whistle)
41 Reel Seán Reid's
Seán Reid's
Performer: (Eb whistle)
2 Reel Drunken Landlady
The Drunken Landlady
Performer: (Eb whistle), with Alec Finn (bouzouki)
51 Air Willy Reilly
Liam O Raghallaigh
Performer: (F whistle)
61 Reel Ballymahon Reel
Bean Uí Chroideáin / Mrs. Crehan's
Performer: (D whistle)
2 Reel Gerry Commane's
Gearóid Ó Comáin / Gerry Commane's
Performer: (D whistle)
3 Reel Rainy Day
An Lá Báistî / The Rainy Day
Performer: (D whistle)
71 JigD Old Joe's
Port Seán Seosamh
Performer: (E whistle)
2 JigD Old Tipperary
Seán Tiobrad Árann
Performer: (E whistle)
3 JigD Wheels of the World
Rothaí an tSaoil / The Wheels of the World
Performer: (E whistle)
81 Reel Blackberry Blossom
Bláth na Sméire Duibhe / The Blackberry Blossom
Performer: (Eb whistle)
2 Reel Maud Miller
Maud Miller
Performer: (Eb whistle)
3 Reel I Wish I Never Saw You
Mo Thrua go bfaca Mé Ariamh Thú / I Wish I Never Saw You
Performer: (Eb whistle)
4 Reel Up to Your Knees in Sand
Chuig na Glúine i nGaineamh Thú / Up to Your Knees in Sand
Performer: (Eb whistle)
91 Hpipe Poll Ha'penny
Garraí na Bhfeileoig
Performer: (Bb whistle)
2 Hpipe Miss Galvin's
Miss Galvin
Performer: (Bb whistle)
101 Reel Lady on the Island
An Bhean ar an Oileán / The Lady on the Island
Performer: (Eb whistle)
2 Reel Concert Reel
Ríl na Ceolchoirme / The Concert Reel
Performer: (Eb whistle)
3 Reel Micho Russell's Reel
An Bothán sa Phortach / The Hut in the Bog
Performer: (Eb whistle)
111 Air Mo Mhúirnín Bán
Mo Mhuirnîn Bán
Performer: (F whistle)
121 Reel Sandmount
Mick Hand's
Performer: (Eb whistle)
2 Reel Reel of Mullinavat
The Reel of Mullinavat
Performer: (Eb whistle)
3 Reel Tap Room
Performer: (Eb whistle)
131 JigD Monaghan Jig
Port Mhuineacháin / The Monaghan Jig
Performer: (C whistle)
2 JigD Nóra Chríonna
Nóra Crîonna
Performer: (C whistle)
141 Reel Kitty Gone a Milking
Tá Citî ar Shiúil ag Crú Léi / Kitty Gone a Milking
Performer: (low G whistle)
2 Reel Last Night's Fun
Scléip na hOîche Aréir / Last Night's Fun
Performer: (low G whistle)
3 Reel Wind that Shakes the Barley
An Ghaoth a Bhogann an Eorna / The Wind that Shakes The Barley
Performer: (low G whistle)
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