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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: The Enduring Magic by Michael Coleman

Basic album data
Artist NameMichael Coleman
Album TitleThe Enduring Magic
MusiciansMichael Coleman (fiddle)
Source and
other information
Coleman Heritage Center CHC 008, n.d. A collection of restored selections from various original recordings that are not specified, much less dated, in this collection, some via second-generation copies, including two (also unspecified) private recordings. Therefore the recordings are dated here according to either their known date from other reissues of the same original recordings already covered here, otherwise as from 1944, the last possible year they could have been recorded during Coleman's life. The album was released in 2004 according to www.colemanirishmusic.com/history.php accessed 4 October 2015.

What Does this Page Tell You?

Each Irish tune on this album was identified after a careful, expert comparison of this recorded performance against all other tunes in the Irish Traditional Music Tune Index. The blue column shows just the most established tune title. Follow the links for complete tune info.
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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Liffey Banks
The Liffey Banks
2 Reel Shaskeen
The Shaskeen
21 Reel Tom Ward's Downfall
Tom Ward's Downfall
2 Reel Reel of Mullinavat
The Reel of Mullinavat
31 JigD Trip to Sligo
[1st tune in a set titled:] Dougherty's
2 JigD Doherty's Fancy
[2nd tune in a set titled:] Dougherty's
41 Reel Lord Gordon's
Lord Gordon
51 Hpipe Stack of Barley
[1st tune in a set titled:] Stack of Barley medley
2 Hpipe Bantry Bay
[2nd tune in a set titled:] Stack of Barley medley
61 Reel Wind that Shakes the Barley
The Wind That Shakes the Barley
2 Reel Lady on the Island
The Lady on the Island
71 Reel Lord McDonald's
[1st tune in a set titled:] Lord McDonald
2 Reel Ballinasloe Fair
[2nd tune in a set titled:] Lord McDonald
81 Hpipe Derry Hornpipe
The Derry Hornpipe
91 Reel Lord Wellington's Reel
[1st tune in a set titled:] Wellington's Reels
2 Reel Copperplate
[2nd tune in a set titled:] Wellington's Reels
101 JigSl Foxhunter's Jig
[1st tune in a set titled:] The Foxhunter's
2 JigSl Comb Your Hair and Curl It
[2nd tune in a set titled:] The Foxhunter's
111 Reel Morning Dew
The Morning Dew
2 Reel Woman of the House
The Woman of the House
121 Reel Trim the Velvet
Trim the Velvet
131 Waltz Mrs. Kenny's
Mrs Kenny's Waltz
2 Waltz Gentle Maiden
Men of the West
141 Reel Green Fields of America
The Green Fields of America
2 Reel Swallow's Tail
The Swallow's Tail
151 JigD Tobin's Favorite
[1st tune in a set titled:] Tobin's
2 JigD Tar Road to Sligo
[2nd tune in a set titled:] Tobin's
161 SetD Blackbird
The Blackbird
2 Reel Molloy's Favourite
Molloy's Favourite
171 Reel Bonnie Kate
Bonnie Kate
2 Reel Jenny's Chickens
Jennie's Chickens
181 Reel Doctor Gilbert
Dr Gilbert
2 Reel Queen of May
The Queen of May
191 Reel Kerry Reel
The Kerry Reel
2 Reel Boyne Hunt
The Boyne Hunt
201 Schot Mrs. Kenny's
Mrs Kenny's Barndance
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