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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: 'Tis What It Is by Mick Conneely and David Munnelly

Basic album data
Artist NameMick Conneely and David Munnelly
Album Title'Tis What It Is
MusiciansMick Conneely (fiddle, bouzouki), David Munnelly (accordion, melodeon), with Jonas Fromseier (banjo), Johnny 'Ringo' McDonagh (bodhrán), Ryan Molloy (piano)
Source and
other information
Cló Iar-Chonnachta CICD 190, 2012. Recorded October 2010 in Galway. Released 10 July 2012 according to the duo's Facebook page viewed 14 February 2015.

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Polka High Caul Cap
The High Caul Cap / Caidhp an Chúil Aird / The High Cauled Cap / The Bonny Laddie / The Highland Laddie / Donkey Riding
Performer: 1st time Mick (fiddle)
2 March Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine
Napoleon Crossing the Alps / Napoleon ag Trasnú na nAlp
21 JigD Maho Snaps
Maho Snaps
2 JigD Tay in the Bog
Tay in the Bog / Tae ar an bPortach
3 JigD Maid in the Meadow
The Maid in the Meadow / An Bhruinneall sa Mhóinéar / Jackson's Wife to the Road / Cossey's Jigg / Jimmy O'Brien's Jig / The Humours of Newtown / Molly Brallaghan / The Jolly Weaver
31 Reel Peter Flanagan's
P. Flanagan's / Ríl P. Uí Fhlanagáin
2 Reel Hughie Travers'
Hughie Travers' Reel / Ríl Hughie Travers
3 Reel Spoil the Dance
Spoil the Dance / Mill an Damhsa
41 Hpipe O'Donnell's Hornpipe
O'Donnell's Hornpipe / Cornphíopa Uí Dhónaill
2 Hpipe First of May
The First Of May [sic] / An Chéad Lá de Mhí na Bealtaine
51 JigD Pride of Rockchapel
The Pride Of Rockchapel [sic] / Údar Mórtais Shéipéal na Carraige
2 JigD Mrs. Cooty's
Mrs Cooty's [sic] / Port Bhean Uí Chobhthaigh / The Horse That Made A Hames Of His Winders
3 JigD Statia Donnelly's
Statia Donnelly / Port Statia Ní Dhonnghaile
61 Air For Michael
For Michael
Performer: David (accordion)
71 Reel Jolly Tinker
The Jolly Tinker / An Tincéir Meidhreach
2 Reel Yellow Tinker
The Yellow Tinker / An Tincéir Buí
3 Reel Longford Tinker
The Longford Tinker / Tincéir an Longfoirt
81 Polka Merry Girl
The Kiss Behind The Door / An n Phóg Taobh Thir den Doras
2 BDnce Johnny Gorman's Reel
Paddy Shannon's / Damhsa Sciobóil Phadaí Uí Sheanáin
91 Mzrka Shoe the Donkey
Shoe the Donkey / Cuir Crú ar an Asal
2 Waltz Emigrant's Letter
The Emigrant's Letter / Litir an Imircigh
3 Waltz Liza Lynn Waltz
Liza Lynn / Válsa Liza Lynn
101 Reel Carna Reel
The Carna Reel / Ríl Charna
2 Reel Sweetheart Reel
Temple Hill / Cnoc an Teampaill
3 Reel Sporting Paddy
Sporting Paddy / Padaí Spórtúil / Irish Pat
111 JigD Maguire's Kick
The Humours of Glenflesk / Pléaráca Ghleann Fleisce / The Lonesome Jig / Bill the Weaver's
2 Slide Denis Murphy's Slide
Denis Murphy's Slide #2 / Sleamhnán Dhonncha Uí Mhurchú #2
3 Slide Star above the Garter
The Star above the Garter / An Réalt os cionn an Ghairtéir
121 Reel McGovern's Favourite
McGovern's Favourite / Rogha Mhig Shamhráin
Performer: with Jonas Fromseier (banjo)
2 Reel Colonel Fraser
Colonel Fraser / An Coirnéal Fraser
Performer: with Jonas Fromseier (banjo)
131 JigD Rakes of Kildare
The Rakes Of Kildare [sic] / Áilteoirí na Cille
Performer: with Jonas Fromseier (banjo)
2 JigD Haley's
Haley's Favourite / Sár-Rogha Haley
Performer: with Jonas Fromseier (banjo)
3 JigD Mike Flanagan's Jig
Flanagan's / Port Uí Fhlanagáin
Performer: with Jonas Fromseier (banjo)
141 Reel New-Mown Meadows
The New-Mown Meadow / An Móinéar Nuabhainte / Joe Mháire Mhicilín / The Top of the Cliff / The Silver Top / My Love Is On the Ocean / The Threepenny Bit / The Silver Tip
2 Reel Lord Ramsey's Reel
Big John McNeil / Ríl Sheáin Mhóir Mhic Néill / Betty's Fancy
3 Reel Silver Spire
The Silver Spire / An Spiora Airgid
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