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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: The Fort of Kincora by Martin Connolly and Maureen Glynn

Basic album data
Artist NameMartin Connolly and Maureen Glynn
Album TitleThe Fort of Kincora
MusiciansMartin Connolly (accordion), Maureen Glynn (piano, fiddle)
Source and
other information
Martin Connolly, 2014. Re-engineered release of the original 1987 release under the same title from Kincora Records. According to a message from Martin Connolly to me on 15 June 2014, the original recordings were made at Denis Allen Recording Studios in Limerick "in Sept 1986 and finished March 1987." Martin Connolly announced the re-release on 4 June 2014 on his Facebook page.

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Paddy Gavin's
Paddy Gavin's
2 Reel Molly Put the Kettle On
Molly Put the Kettle On / Polly Put The Kettle On
21 JigD Sean McGlynn's
Sean McGlynn's
2 JigD Woods of Old Limerick
The Wood's of Old Limerick [sic]
31 Hpipe Shrove Tuesday
Shrove Tuesday
2 Hpipe Dapper's Delight
The Dapper's Delight
41 Reel Highest Hill in Sligo
The Highest Hill in Sligo
2 Reel Touch Me If You Dare
Touch Me If You Dare
51 Air Lament for Oliver Goldsmith
Goldsmith's Lament
2 Reel Maghera Mountain
The Maghera Mountains
61 Reel Old Road to Garry
The Old Road to Garry
71 JigSl Paddy O'Snap
[in booklet:] Quick! We Have But a Second! / [on case:] Quick! We Have But A Second / Paddy O'Snap
2 JigSl Night Before Larry Was Stretched
The Night Before Larry was Stretched
81 Reel Callaghan's
91 Hpipe Fort of Kincora
The Fort of Kincora
2 Hpipe Dunphy's Hornpipe
Dunphy's / Miss Dunphy's Hornpipe
101 Reel Bubbling Wine
Bubbling Wine
2 Reel Templehouse
The Templehouse
3 Reel Brendan McMahon's
Maureen's Minor Mishap
111 JigSl Give Us a Drink of Water
Give Us a Drink of Water
2 JigSl A Fig for a Kiss
A Fig for a Kiss
121 SetD Garden of Daisies
The Garden of Daisies
131 JigD Munster Bacon
Munster Bacon
2 JigD Tumble the Tinker
Tumble the Tinker
141 Reel Into the Woods
[in booklet:] Into the Woods / [on case:] Into The Wood's
2 Reel Duharra Reel
The Duharra Reel
151 JigD Guiry's Favorite
The Magpie in the Tree
Performer: with Maureen Glynn (fiddle)
2 JigD Mac's Fancy
Any Auld Thing at All / Victor's Return
Performer: with Maureen Glynn (fiddle)
161 Reel Dillon's Fancy
Dillon's Fancy
2 Reel Jenny Picking Cockles
Jenny Picking Cockles
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