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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Bosca Bídeach by Mícheál Darby Ó Fátharta

Basic album data
Artist NameMícheál Darby Ó Fátharta
Album TitleBosca Bídeach
MusiciansMícheál Darby Ó Fátharta (melodeon), with Brian McGrath (piano), Luisne Ní Neachtain (fiddle), Séamus Mac Conaonaigh (flute), Padhraig O'Broinn (bouzouki)
Source and
other information
Mícheál Darby Ó Fátharta, 2000. Recorded in Cor na Rón, Conamara.

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Titles as listed on this album
11 JigD Winnie Hayes's Jig
Port Winnie Hayes / Winnie Hayes'
2 JigD Whelan's Jig
Port Whelan / Whelan's
21 Reel Boogie Reel
Ríl Durrow / The Durrow Reel
2 Reel Martín Sheamuis' Reel
Ríl Mháirtin Shéamuis / Martín Sheamuis' Reel
3 Reel Humours of Tulla
Ríl an Tulla / The Tulla
31 Hpipe Mickey Callaghan's Fancy
PJ Hayes
2 BDnce Grandmother She
Gan Ainm
41 JigD Lark in the Morning
An fhuiseog ar maidin / Lark in the morning
2 JigD Hole in the Boat
An poll sa mbád / The hole in the boat
51 Reel Beautiful Sycamore
An crann álainn seiceamar / The beautiful sycamore
2 Reel Leitrim Bucks
Bucanna Óran Mhóir / Bucks of Oranmore
61 Hpipe Tuamgraney Castle
Cornphíopa Tuam Greaney / The Tuam Greaney hornpipe
2 BDnce Cameron Highlander
An Cameron Highlander / The Cameron Highlander
71 JigD Holly Bush
Three Little Drummers
Performer: with Luisne Ní Neachtain (fiddle)
2 JigD Mick Quinn's
Port Shéamus Connolly / Séamus Connolly's jig
Performer: with Luisne Ní Neachtain (fiddle)
81 Reel George White's Favourite
Ríl George White / George White's
2 Reel Swinging on a Gate
Ag luascadh ar an ngeata / Swinging on the gate
91 Hpipe Johnny Cope
Johnny Cope
101 Reel Salamanca
An Salamanca / The Salamanca
2 Reel New-Mown Meadows
Ríl Joe Mháire Mhicilín / New Mown Meadows
111 JigD Geese in the Bog
Géabha sa bportach / Geese in the bog
2 JigD Maid in the Meadow
An chearc fraoigh ar an bportach / Grouse on the bog
121 Reel Bunker Hill
Bunker Hill
2 Reel Silver Spear
An Silver Spear / The Silver Spear
131 Waltz Pósadh i Mí Lúnasa
Pósadh i Mí Lúnasa / An August Wedding
141 Reel Drowsy Maggie
Drowsy Maggie
Performer: with Séamus Mac Conaonaigh (flute)
2 Reel Toss the Feathers
Toss the feathers
Performer: with Séamus Mac Conaonaigh (flute)
3 Reel Tilly Finn's
Ríl Killavil / The Killavil Reel
Performer: with Séamus Mac Conaonaigh (flute)
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