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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Leitrim's Hidden Treasure by McNamara Family

Basic album data
Artist NameMcNamara Family
Album TitleLeitrim's Hidden Treasure
MusiciansMichael McNamara (flute), Brian McNamara (pipes), Ray McNamara (pipes, whistle), Ciarán McNamara (flute), Enda McNamara (fiddle), Deirdre McNamara (concertina), Frank Kelly (piano), Mick Giblin (guitar), Barry Carroll (hammered dulcimer)
Source and
other information
Drumlin Records LHTCD 1, 1998. Recorded in Newtownforbes, Co. Longford.

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Reel of Bogie
The Holly Bush / An Crann Cuilinn / The Stile of Ballylanders / The Highlander's Kneebuckle / The Irish Man's Kneebuckle / The Humours of Tufts Street / New Year's Night / The Reel of Bogie
2 Reel Leitrim Bucks
Leitrim's Greig's Pipes / Píoba Ghréig Liathdroma / The Leitrim Bucks
3 Reel Cornhill
The Cornhill / Cnoc an Arbhair
4 Reel Otter's Holt
The Old Dudeen / An Seandúidín
21 JigSl Barony Jig
The Barony Jig / Port na Barúntachta
2 JigSl Leitrim Quickstep
The Leitrim Quickstep / Mearchéim Liathdroma
3 JigSl Moll Roe
Moll Roe / Moll Rua / Moll Roe in the Morning
31 Hpipe Old Man Quinn
Old Man Quinn / An Sean Fhear Ó Coinn / Logier's / Logier's Hornpipe
2 Hpipe Mullingar Races
The Shaskeen / An Seiscín / The Sheskan Reel
41 Reel Miss Dunbarr
Miss Dunbarr / Ríl Iníon Dunbarr
2 Reel Considine's Grove
Green Fields of America / Goirt Ghlasa Mheiriceá / Miss Brady / Considine's Grove
3 Reel Reels of Tully
The Reels of Tully / The Reel of Tulloch (Ríl Thuileacháin)
4 Reel Musical Priest
The Musical Priest / An Sagart Ceolmhar / The New Bridge of Edinburgh
51 Air Síle Ní Ghadhra
Síle Ní Ghadhra
Performer: Brian (pipes)
2 JigD Síle Ní Ghadhra
Síle Ní Ghadhra / Drunken Parson
3 Piece Síle Ní Ghadhra
Síle Ní Ghadhra
Performer: Brian (pipes)
61 JigD Tandragee
Tandragee / Tóin re Gaoith
2 JigD Mouse in the Cupboard
The Mouse in the Cupboard / An Luch san Almóir
3 JigD Larry the Beer Drinker
Larry the Beer Drinker / Learai an tÓltóir Beorach / The Beer Drinker / Paddy Go Easy
71 Air Bold Soldier Boy
The Bold Soldier Boy / An tEarcach misniúil / Bould Soldier Boy / The Poor Soldier Boy / The Bold Sojer Boy
Performer: Enda (fiddle)
2 Hpipe Logier's
Logier's / Cornphíopa Logier / The Old Irish
Performer: Enda (fiddle)
3 Reel Contradiction
Miss Gunning's Rant / Radaireacht Iníon Uí Chonaing / Miss Gunning's Fancy / The Contradiction / Miss Gunning's Delight
Performer: Enda (fiddle)
81 Reel Michael Creamer's
Michael Creamer's / Ríl Mhichíl Tréinfhir
2 Reel Humours of Toomagh
The Humours of Tooma / Pléaráca Thuama
91 Hpipe Banks
Morgan's / Cornphíopa Uí Mhuireagáin / The Banks / Souvenir de Venice
Performer: Enda (fiddle)
101 Reel Reel of Bogie
The Tramp's Reel / Ríl an Bhacaigh Bhóthaire
2 Reel Cut the Sod
Cut the Sod / Bain an Fód
111 JigD Basket of Turf
The Unfortunate Rake / An Réice Mí-ámharach / The Basket of Turf / Bundle and Go
2 JigD Humors of Ballingarry
The Humours of Ballingarry / Pléaráca Bhaile an Gharraí
121 Hpipe Leitrim Clog Dance
The Low Level / Cornphíopa an Íseal-leibhéil / The Leitrim Clog Dance
2 Hpipe Flood's
Flood's / Cornphíopa Uí Mhaoltuile
131 Reel Greig's Pipes
Greig's Pipes / Píoba Ghréig
Performer: Enda (fiddle)
2 Reel Maid in the Cherry Tree
The London Lasses
3 Reel Nine Points of Knavery
The Nine Points of Knavery / Naoi nArda na Cneamhaireachta
141 JigD Humours of Glynn
The Humours of Glynn / Pléaráca an Ghleanna / Thomas Leixlip the Proud
2 JigD Grier's #249
Grier's #249 / Mac Gríoghair #249
151 Hpipe Grier's #16
Grier's #16 / Mac Ghíoghair #16 [sic]
2 Hpipe Chief O'Neill's Visit
Chief O'Neill's visit / Cuairt Chaptaein Uí Néill / The Old Cambridge Reel / Pacific Slope
161 Reel John Blessing's
O'Connell's Reel / Ríl Uí Chonaill
2 Reel Mountain Lark
The Mountain Lark / Fuiseog an tSléibhe / The Rakish Highlander
3 Reel Miss Dunbar
The Cloone Reel / Ríl Cluana
4 Reel Bernie McKiernan's Dream
Bernie McKiernan's Dream / Taibhreamh Bhernie Mhic Thiarnáin
171 Reel Miss Simple's Reel
Miss Simple's Reel / Ríl Iníon Simple
Performer: Deidre (concertina)
2 Reel Humours of Bolton Street
The Humours of Bolton Street / Pléaráca Shráid Bolton
3 Reel Bring Her to the Shelter
Bring her to the Shelter / Tabhair Chuig an Scáthlán Í
4 Reel Miss Gunning's
Miss Gunning's / Ríl Iníon Uí Chonaing
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