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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: The New Road by Charlie Piggott and Gerry Harrington

Basic album data
Artist NameCharlie Piggott and Gerry Harrington
Album TitleThe New Road
MusiciansCharlie Piggott (accordion), Gerry Harrington (fiddle), with Johnny 'Ringo' McDonagh (bodhrán), Seán Ó Loingsigh (bouzouki), Eugene Kelly (piano)
Source and
other information
Cló lar-Chonnachta CICD 142, 2000. Recorded in Naas, Co. Kildare.

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Titles as listed on this album
11 JigD James McMahon's Favourite
Port James McMahon / James McMahon's Jig
2 JigD Paddy Mullins' Jig
Port Paddy Mullins / Paddy Mullins' Jig
21 Reel Limerick Lasses
Gearrchailí Luimnigh / The Limerick Lassies
Performer: Gerry Harrington (fiddle)
2 Reel Dogs among the Bushes
Na Madraí sna Sceacha / The Dogs among the Bushes
31 March Battle of Aughrim
Cath Eachroma / The Battle of Aughrim
2 March Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine
Napoleon Crossing the Alps
41 JigD Jim Droney's
Páidín Ó Raifeartaigh
2 JigD Darby the Driver
Darby the Driver
51 Slide Barrack Hill
Glen Cottage Slide
Performer: Gerry Harrington (fiddle)
2 Slide Danny Ab's Slide
Sleamhnán Danny Ab / Danny Ab's
Performer: Gerry Harrington (fiddle)
3 Slide Star above the Garter
An Réalt os cionn an Ghairtéir / The Star above the Garter
Performer: Gerry Harrington (fiddle)
61 Reel Mountain Lark
An Híleantóir Réiceach / The Rakish Highlander / The Mountain Lark / Lively Kate
2 Reel Toss the Feathers
Croith na Cleití / Toss the Feathers
71 Air Lament for Lugh Darcy
Caoineadh Lugh Darcy / Lament for Lugh Darcy
Performer: Charlie Piggott (accordion)
81 Hpipe Harlequin
The Harlequin / An tAirleacán
Performer: Gerry Harrington (fiddle)
2 Hpipe Father Dollard's Hornpipe
Cornphíopa an Athar Dollard / Father Dollard's
3 Hpipe Behind the Ditch in Páirc Anna
Ar chúl an chlaí i bPáirc Anna / Behind the Ditch in Páirc Anna
91 JigD One that Was Lost
An Ceann a Cailleadh / The One that Was Lost
2 JigD Sheep in the Boat
Anach Cuain
101 Reel Kiss the Maid behind the Barrel
Póg an Ghearrchaile ar Chúl an Bhairille / Kiss the Maid behind the Barrel
Performer: Gerry Harrington (fiddle)
2 Reel Chorus Reel
Ríl an Dúin / The Doon Reel
Performer: Gerry Harrington (fiddle)
111 Reel Jenny's Welcome to Charlie
Jenny and the Weaver
121 JigD Scatter the Mud
Port Jack Walsh / Jack Walsh's Jig / Scatter the Mud / Smash the Windows
Performer: Charlie Piggott (accordion)
2 JigD Winnie Hayes's Jig
Port Winnie Hayes / Winnie Hayes'
Performer: Charlie Piggott (accordion)
131 Reel New Road
An Bóthar Nua / The New Road
2 Reel Old Man's Blackthorn Stick
Bata Draighin an tSeanfhir / The Old Man's Blackthorn Stick
141 Hpipe Seán O'Duibhir an Ghleanna
Seán Ó Duibhir an Ghleanna
Performer: Charlie Piggott (accordion)
151 JigD Woods of Old Limerick
Coillte SheanLuimnhigh / The Woods of Old Limerick
2 JigD Up and About in the Morning
The Walls of Liscarroll
161 Hpipe Mullingar Races
An Fánaí fríd an Phortach / The Rover through the Bog / Dinnie O'Brien's / The Mountain Bird
2 Hpipe Blackbird
An Lon Dubh / The Blackbird
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