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Cló Iar-Chonnachta
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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: The Merry Love to Play by Peter Horan and Gerry Harrington

Basic album data
Artist NamePeter Horan and Gerry Harrington
Album TitleThe Merry Love to Play
MusiciansPeter Horan (flute), Gerry Harrington (fiddle)
Source and
other information
Cló Iar-Chonnachta CICD 167, 2007. Recorded in Spells, Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon.

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Killavil Bucks
The Killavil Bucks / Bocanna Chill Fhábhail
2 Reel Fred Finn's
Fred Finn's / Ríl Fred Finn / Berkshire Heights
21 JigD Idle Road
The Idle Road / An Bóthar Fánach / The Winding Road
2 JigD Molloy's Favourite
Molloy's Favourite / Rogha Uí Mhaolmhuaidh
31 Reel Flowers of Redhill
The Flowers of Red Hill / Bláthanna an tSléibhe Rua / Maids of Fair Hill
Performer: Peter (flute)
2 Reel Ivy Leaf
The New Steamboat / An Galtán Nua / The Ivy Leaf
Performer: Peter (flute)
41 Reel Liffey Banks
The Liffey Banks / Bruacha na Life
2 Reel Shaskeen
The Shaskeen / An tSeascainn
3 Reel Bag of Spuds
The Bag of Spuds / An Mála Prátai / Eddie Dunne's Favourite
51 JigD Light & Airy [Light and Airy
Dick Sullivan's Favourite
Performer: Gerry (fiddle)
2 JigD Spotted Cow
The Spotted Cow / An Bhó Bhreac
Performer: Gerry (fiddle)
61 Hpipe High Level
The High Level / An Leibhéal Ard
Performer: Peter (flute)
71 Reel Clogger's Quilt
The Swallow / An Fháinleog
2 Reel High Reel
The High Reel / An Ríl Ard / Duffy the Dancer
81 Air A Brat Chomh Deas Glas
Her Mantle So Green / A Fallaing Chomh Glas / George Reilly
Performer: Gerry (fiddle)
91 Reel Dash to Portobello
Sean Ryan's (Dash to Portobello) / Ríl Sheáin Uí Riain (An Ruaig ar Phortobello)
2 Reel Blackthorn Stick
The Blackthorn Stick / An Bata Draighin
3 Reel Green Groves of Erin
The Green Groves / Na Garráin Ghlasa / Erin's Groves / Down the Groves / The Green Fields of Erin
101 JigD Old Grey Goose
The Old Grey Goose / An tSeanghé Ghlas
111 BDnce Michael Coleman's
Johnny Gorman's / Polca Sheánín Uí Ghormáin
Performer: Gerry (fiddle)
2 BDnce Primrose
The Primrose / An Sabhaircín
Performer: Gerry (fiddle)
121 Reel Doctor Gilbert
Doctor Gilbert's / Ríl an Dochtúra Gilbeirt / Doctor Gilbert's Fancy Concert Reel
2 Reel Queen of May
The Queen of May / Banríon na Bealtaine
131 Waltz Killavil Waltz
The Killavil Waltz / Válsa Chill Fhábhail
Performer: Peter (flute)
141 Hpipe Murphy's
Murphy's / Cornphíopa Uí Mhurchú / Murphy's Fancy
Performer: Gerry (fiddle)
2 Hpipe Derry Hornpipe
The Derry / Cornphíopa Dhoire / The Derry Hornpipe / Cash's Hornpipe
151 Air Coolin
The Coolin / An Chúileann
Performer: Peter (flute)
161 Reel Miss Monaghan
Miss Monaghan's / Ríl Iníon Ní Mhonacháin
Performer: Peter (flute)
2 Reel Duke of Leinster
The Duke of Leinster / Diúc Laighean
3 Reel London Lasses
The London Lasses / Girseacha Londan / Streams in the Valley
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