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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Reed Only by Brian McNamara and Tim Collins

Basic album data
Artist NameBrian McNamara and Tim Collins
Album TitleReed Only
MusiciansBrian McNamara (pipes), Tim Collins (concertina), with Michael Rooney (harp), Alec Finn (bouzouki, guitar), Mick Conneely (bouzouki), Pádraic O'Reilly (piano)
Source and
other information
Drumlin Records and Croisín Music BTCD01, 2007. Recorded in Longford and Miltown Malbay. Launched 8 July 2007.

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Aggie Whyte's
Aggie Whyte's Reel / Ríl Úna de Faoite / Paddy Kelly's Reel
2 Reel Small Hills of Offaly
The Small Hills of Offaly / Cnocáin Uíbh Fhailí
3 Reel Widow's Daughter
The Widow's Daughter / Iníon na Baintrí
21 JigD Ballinacourty
The Ballinacourty / Port Bhaile na Cúirte
2 JigD Snug in the Blanket
Snug in the Blanket / Teolaí sa bPluid
31 Hpipe Good-Natured Man
The Good Natured Man / An Fear Lách
2 Hpipe Dillane's
The West End / An Críoch Thiar / (Seán Healy's)
41 Reel Wexford Lasses
The Wexford Lassies / Gearrchaillí Loch Garman
Performer: Tim Collins (concertina)
2 Reel Biddy from Muckross
[case:] Biddy from Muckross / [liner notes:] Biddy from Mucross [sic] / Bideach Mhucrois
Performer: Tim Collins (concertina)
3 Reel Spike Island Lassies
The Spike Island Lassies / Gearrchaillí Oileán Píce
Performer: Tim Collins (concertina)
51 Air Ag Taisteal na Blárnan
Ag Taisteal na Blárnan (Travelling through Blarney) / Staca an Mhargaidh (The Marketplace Idler)
Performer: Brian McNamara (C pipes)
61 Reel John Doherty's Rambles
The Nine Pint Coggie
2 Reel Jerry McMahon's Reel
Sailing into Walpole's Marsh / Ag Seoladh isteach i Riasc Walpole
3 Reel Beauty Spot
The Beauty Spot / An Ball Scéimhe
71 JigD Rooms of Dooagh
Petticoat Loose / Peireacót scaoilte
2 JigD Crónán na nGabhar
Cró na nGabhar / The Goat's Song (Crónán na nGabhar) / [Scots Gaelic:] Cro nan Gobhar
81 Reel Mary McMahon
The Boys on the Hilltop / Buachaillí Bharr an Chnoic / Mary McMahon's
2 Reel Hut in the Bog
The Cashmere Shawl / An Seál Caismíre / On the Road to Lurgan
3 Reel Sunny Banks
The Sunny Banks / Na Bruacha Gréine
91 JigD Fasten the Leg in Her
Fasten The Leg In [sic] / Fáisc an chos uirthi
Performer: Tim Collins (concertina)
2 JigD Westering Home
Westering Home / Ag dul siar abhaile
Performer: Tim Collins (concertina)
3 JigD Tell Her I Am
Tell Her I Am / Abair léi go bhfuilim
Performer: Tim Collins (concertina)
101 Hpipe Johnny Cope
Johnny Cope
111 Reel Lady's Cup of Tea
The Lady's Cup of Tea / Cupán Tae na Mná uaisle
2 Reel Basket of Oysters
The Basket of Oysters / Ciseán Oisrí
3 Reel Kerry Lassie
The Kerry Lassie / Gearrchaile Chiarraí
121 JigD Wearied Lad
The Wearied Lad / An Buachaill Traochta
2 JigD Humours of Rahey
The Humours of Rahey / Pléaráca Ráth Aodha
131 Air Bright Lady
The Bright Lady / An Ainnir Gheal
Performer: Brian McNamara (pipes)
141 JigD Return to Burton Road
The Return to Burton Road / Filleadh ar Bhóthar Burton
2 JigD Do You Want Any More?
Do you want anymore? / An bhfuil tuilleadh uait?
3 JigD Humours of Glynn
The Humours of Glen / Pléaráca an Ghleanna
151 Reel John Kelly's Concertina Reel
John Kelly's Concertina Reel / Ríl Chonsairtín Sheáin Uí Cheallaigh
2 Reel Our House at Home
Our House at Home / An Teach seo againne sa mbaile / Mulvey's Reel
3 Reel Tom Moyland's Frolic
The Ballynacally Reel / Ríl Bhaile na Caillí
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