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Cló Iar-Chonnachta
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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Rossinver Braes by Ben Lennon and Tony O'Connell

Basic album data
Artist NameBen Lennon and Tony O'Connell
Album TitleRossinver Braes
MusiciansBen Lennon (fiddle), Tony O'Connell (concertina), with Charlie Lennon (piano), Alec Finn (bouzouki), Jerry McNamara (guitar)
Source and
other information
Cló Iar-Chonnachta CICD 174, 2008. Recorded in Spiddal, Co. Galway. Notes by Ben and David Lennon. Released 4 August 2008.

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Sporting Nell
Sporting Nell / Nell Spraíúil
2 Reel Crooked Road to Dublin
The Crooked Road to Dublin
21 Hpipe Higgins' Hornpipe
The Harvest Home / Baile an Fhómhair / The Cliff
2 Hpipe Rossinver Braes
Rossinver Braes / Malai Ros Inbhir
31 JigD Larry O'Gaff
Larry O'Gaff / Daniel O'Connell
41 Reel Martin Mulhaire's #9
[notes:] Mulhaires #9 / [tray label:] Mulhaire's No. 9 / Ríl Uimh. 9 Uí Mhaoilchéire
2 Reel Banks of the Ilen
The Banks of the Ilen / Bruacha na hAighlinne
51 JigD Old Man Dillon
Old Man Dillon / An Seanfhear Diolún
2 JigD Rose in the Heather
The Rose in the Heather / An Rós sa bhFraoch
61 BDnce Lord Leitrim
Lord Leitrim / Tiarna Liatroma
2 BDnce Earl of Thomond
The Earl of Thomond / Iarla Thuamhumhan
71 Reel Blackthorn Stick
The Blackthorn Stick / An Maide Draighin
2 Reel Trim the Velvet
Trim the Velvet / Maisigh an Veilbhit
81 Other Fiddler Mick Hoy
The Fiddler Mick Hoy / An Fidléir Mick Hoy
Performer: Ben Lennon (fiddle)
2 BDnce Ben's Arrival
Ben's Arrival / Teacht Ben
91 JigD Apples in Winter
Apples in Winter / Úlla sa Gheimhreadh
2 JigD King of the Pipes
King of the Pipes / Rí na bPíob
101 Hpipe Murphy's
Murphy's / Cornphíopa Uí Mhurchú
2 Hpipe Smoky Chimney
The Smoky Chimney / An Simléar Toiteach
111 Reel Cavan Reel
The Cavan Reel / Ríl an Chabháin
2 Reel Galway Rambler
The Galway Rambler / Fánaí na Gaillimhe
121 JigD Cherish the Ladies
Cherish the Ladies / Tabhair aire do na Mná
131 Reel Mullingar Races
Mullingar Races / Rásaí an Mhuilinn gCearr
2 Reel Boys on the Hilltop
The Boys on the Hilltop / Na Buachaillí ar Mhullach an Chnoic
141 BDnce Hayes' Favourite
Hayes's Favourite / Ansa Uí Aodha
2 BDnce Stack of Oats
The Stack of Oats / An Staicín Coirce
151 Reel Skylark
The Skylark / An Fhuiseog
2 Reel Roaring Mary
Roaring Mary / Máire Scairteach
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