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Cló Iar-Chonnachta
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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Slán le Loch Eirne. Stories to Tell by Séamus Quinn and Gary Hastings

Basic album data
Artist NameSéamus Quinn and Gary Hastings
Album TitleSlán le Loch Eirne. Stories to Tell
MusiciansSéamus Quinn (fiddle, melodeon, viola, piano), Gary Hastings (flute), with Charlie Lennon (fiddle), Ciarán Curran (bouzouki)
Source and
other information
Cló Iar-Chonnachta CICD 152, 2002. Recorded in Spiddal, Co. Galway.

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Polka Merry Girl
The Kiss Behind the Door / An Phóg Taobh Thir den Doras
2 Polka Tom Morrison's
Bonnie Annie / Áine Bhóidheach
3 Polka Granny in the Woods
The Granny in the Woods / An tSeanmháthair sa Choill
21 Reel Humours of Ballyconnell
The Humours of Ballyconnell / Rogha Bhaile Uí Chonaill
2 Reel Swinging on a Gate
Swinging on the Gate / Ag Luascadh ar an Gheata
31 JigD Maho Snaps
Maho Snaps / Cnocáin Mhacha Eo
2 JigD Boys of the Town
The Boys of the Town / Buachaillí an Bhaile
41 Hland Donegal Lassies
Paddy Killoran's Highland / Hílean Pháidí Mhic Giolla Odhráin
2 Fling Hannah Mhicí Mhicheáil's
Hannah Mhicí Mhicheáil's / Tiúin Hanna Mhicí Mhicheáil
51 Song Farewell, Dear Erne
Farewell Dear Erne, I Now Must Leave You / Slán le Loch Eirne
Performer: Séamus (viola)
61 Reel Old Copperplate
The New Copperplate / An Pláta Úr Copair
2 Reel Patsy Hanley's
Patsy Hanley's / Ríl Pheaitsí Uí Áinle
71 Hpipe Bugle Hornpipe
The Bugle Hornpipe / Cornphíopa an Bhuabhaill
Performer: Gary (Eb flute)
2 March Number Five
Number Five / Uimhir a Cúig
Performer: Gary (Eb flute)
81 JigD Edward the Seventh
Edward the Seventh / An Rí Éadbhard a Seacht
2 JigD Lark on the Strand
The Lark on the Strand / An Fhuiseog ar an Trá
91 Reel Shaskeen
The Shaskeen / Ríl Na Seascainne
Performer: Séamus (fiddle)
101 Air Banks of the Clyde
The Banks of the Clyde / Bruacha an Clyde
Performer: Gary (flute)
111 JigSl Little Fair Cannavans
Na Ceannabháin Bhána
2 JigSl Dever the Dancer
Dever the Dancer / An Damhsóir Ó Duibhir
121 Reel Peter Flanagan's
P. Flanagan's / Ríl Pheadair Uí Fhlanagáin
Performer: Gary (flute)
2 Reel Johnny Going to Céilí
The Gossoon That Beat His Father / An Gasúr a Bhuail a Athair
Performer: Gary (flute)
131 Reel Maids of Castlebar
The Maids of Castlebar / Gearrchaillí Chaisleán An Bharraigh
Performer: Séamus (fiddle), with Charlie Lennon (fiddle)
2 Reel Morning Star
The Morning Star / Réalt na Maidne
Performer: Séamus (fiddle), with Charlie Lennon (fiddle)
141 Reel Last Night's Fun
Last Night's Fun / Scléip na hOíche Aréir
2 Reel Sligo Maid
The Sligo Maid / Ainnir Shligigh
151 Polka Heel and Toe
The Heel and Toe / Polka Sál is Ladhar
2 Polka Murphy's Polka
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