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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Siúil Uait / Take the Air by Seán Ryan

Basic album data
Artist NameSeán Ryan
Album TitleSiúil Uait / Take the Air
MusiciansSeán Ryan (whistle), with Johnny McDonagh (bodhrán, bones), Brendan Regan (bouzouki, mandolin), Patsy Broderick (piano), Caroline Lavelle (cello), Arty McGlynn (guitar)
Source and
other information
Gael-Linn CEFCD 142, 1989. Notes by Mick Lally. Recorded in Dublin.

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel London Lasses
London Lasses
Performer: (Eb whistle)
2 Reel Coast of Austria
Coast of Austria / Cósta na hOstaire
Performer: (Eb whistle)
21 SgJig Take the Air and Walk About
Take the Air and Walk About / Siúil Uait
2 SgJig Old Legacy
Old Legacy / An tSeanoidhreacht
31 JigD Burke's
Coughlan's / Port Uí Chochláin
Performer: (Eb whistle)
2 JigD Frost Is All Over
The Frost Is All Over / Slán le Sioc
Performer: (Eb whistle)
41 Air Banks of the Suir
Banks of the Suir / Bruacha na Siúire
Performer: (Eb whistle)
51 Reel Tinker's Daughter
Broderick's / Ríl uí Bhruadair
2 Reel Galway Rambler
Galway Rambler / Siúlóir na Gaillimhe
61 Slide Scattery Island
Scattery Island / Inis Cathaigh
Performer: (Eb whistle)
2 Slide Kilfenora Jig
Miko Doyle's / Sleamhnán Uí Dhúill
Performer: (Eb whistle)
3 Slide Going to the Well for Water
Going To The Well For Water / Uisce ón Tobar
Performer: (Eb whistle)
71 JigD Tatter Jack Walsh
Tatter Jack Walsh / An tAthair Jack Walsh
2 JigD Connie O'Connell's
Connie O'Connell's / Con Ó Conaill
81 Waltz Saturday
Saturday / Dé Sathairn
Performer: (Eb whistle)
2 Waltz Seven Hops
Seven Hops / Seacht bPreab
Performer: (Eb whistle)
3 Waltz Cascade
Cascade / Scairdeán
Performer: (Eb whistle)
91 Reel Dream of Home
[1st tune in a set titled:] Belles of Tipperary / [titles given for this particular tune:] Tin Whistle / Feadóg Stáin
2 Reel An Ceolchumann
[2nd tune in a set titled:] Belles of Tipperary / [titles given for this particular tune:] Belles of Tipperary / Spéirmnhá Thiobraid Árann
101 Air An Leanbh Sidhe
Fairy Child / An Leanbh Sí
111 JigD Clancy's Jig
Clancy's / Port Mhic Lannchaidh
Performer: (Eb whistle)
2 JigD Kerry Jig
The Whistling Postman / Feadaire an Phoist
Performer: (Eb whistle)
121 Hpipe Gypsy Hornpipe
Dan Sullivan's Favourite / Rogha Dan Sullivan
Performer: (Eb whistle)
2 Polka Ryan's
Ryan's / Polca Uí Riain
Performer: (Eb whistle)
3 Polka Kerry Cow
Kerry Cow / Bó Chiarraí
Performer: (Eb whistle)
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