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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: A Collection of His Own Compositions and His Versions of Well Known Traditional Tunes by Seán Ryan

Basic album data
Artist NameSeán Ryan
Album TitleA Collection of His Own Compositions and His Versions of Well Known Traditional Tunes
MusiciansSeán Ryan (fiddle)
Source and
other information
N.p., n.d. A collection of mostly informal recordings made between 1959 and 1983. Released in December 2010. The implied publisher is Kathleen Ryan, who wrote the essay in the booklet. Not indexed here: disc 2 track 14 (Interview with Fr. John Quinn).

What Does this Page Tell You?

Each Irish tune on this album was identified after a careful, expert comparison of this recorded performance against all other tunes in the Irish Traditional Music Tune Index. The blue column shows just the most established tune title. Follow the links for complete tune info.
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Titles as listed on this album
1.11 Reel Paddy Fahey's Reel No. 1
Paddy Fahy's Reel
2 Reel Boys of the Lough
The Boys of the Lough
3 Reel Devils of Dublin
Paddy on the Railroad
1.21 Reel Tommy Coen's
[1st tune in a set titled:] Tommy Coen's Reels 1 + 2
2 Reel Tommy Coen's
[2nd tune in a set titled:] Tommy Coen's Reels 1 + 2
1.31 Reel Lord Gordon's
Lord Gordon
1.41 SetD The Three Sea Captains
The Three Sea Captains
1.51 Reel Miss Monaghan
Miss Monaghan
1.61 JigD Gold Ring
The Gold Ring
1.71 Reel Farrell O'Gara
Farrell O'Gara
2 Reel Doon Reel
The Doon Reel
1.81 Reel Wheels of the World
The Wheels of the World
2 Reel Hand Me Down the Tackle
Tom Steele / Reidy Johnston's
1.91 Reel Chicago Reel
The Leitrim Thrush
1.101 Reel Miss McLeod
Miss McLeod
2 Reel Wild Irishman
The Wild Irishman
1.111 JigD Thomas Ryan's Jig
Thomas Ryan's Jig
1.121 Reel Broken Bridge
O'Beirne's Delight
1.131 Reel Pigeon on the Gate
Dinny O'Brien's version of The Pigeon on the Gate
1.141 Reel Trip to Durrow
The Trip to Durrow
1.151 Reel Drunken Tinker
Cosgrove's Reel
1.161 Hpipe Lad O'Beirne's
The Flowing Tide / Lad O Beirne's
2 Hpipe Swan
The Swan
1.171 JigD Paddy Taylor's
Paddy Taylor's Jig
2 JigD Tar Road to Sligo
Jackson's Jig
1.181 Reel Star of Munster
The Star of Munster
1.191 JigD Richard Brennan's
Richard Brennan's Jig
2 JigD Cook in the Kitchen
The Cook in the Kitchen
1.201 Reel Crowley's No. 1
[1st tune in a set titled:] Crowley's Reels Nos 1 + 2
2 Reel Crowley's No. 2
[2nd tune in a set titled:] Crowley's Reels Nos 1 + 2
1.211 JigD Tell Her I Am
Tell Her I Am / The Humours of Ballymore
1.221 Reel Bunch of Keys
The Bunch of Keys
2 Reel Girl that Broke My Heart
The Girl that Broke My Heart
1.231 Reel Andy McGann's Reel
Andy McGann's Reel
2 Reel Humours of Scarriff
The Humours of Scarriff
1.241 Reel Bonnie Kate
Bonnie Kate
2 Reel Jenny's Chickens
Jenny's Chickens
JigD Dooney Rock
Dooney Rock
2 JigD High Part of the Road
Willie Clancy's Jig
1.261 Reel Paddy Kelly's
Paddy Kelly's Reel
2 Reel Pigeon on the Gate
The Pigeon on the Gate
3 Reel Glen of Aherlow
The Glen of Aherlow
2.11 Reel Maura Connolly's
Maura Connolly's Reel
2 Reel Edenderry
The Edenderry Reel
2.21 Reel Dan Cleary's Favourite
Dan Cleary's Favourite
2.31 Hpipe Trotting Down the Lane
Trotting Down the Lane
2.41 Hpipe Seán Redmond's
Seán Redmond's Hornpipe
2.51 Reel Bill McEvoy's No.2
[1st tune in a set titled:] Bill McEvoy's nos. 2 + 1
2 Reel Bill McEvoy's No.1
[2nd tune in a set titled:] Bill McEvoy's nos. 2 + 1
2.61 March Sliabh Bloom March
The Sliabh Bloom March
2.71 JigD Castle Jig
The Castle Jig
2 JigD Séamus Connolly's
Connolly's Jig (McKenna's Jig)
2.81 Reel Our Lady's Bungalow
Our Lady's Bungalow
2.91 Hpipe Haymaker
The Haymaker
2.101 JigD Light As a Feather
Light As a Feather
2.111 Reel Sun Splitting the Stones
Sun Splitting the Stones
2.121 Hpipe Freehold
The Freehold
2.131 March St. Sinneach's March
St. Sinneach's March
2.151 Reel Pat Lyons' Reel
Pat Lyons' Reel
2 Reel Patrick's Reel
Patrick's Reel
2.161 JigD Martin Cooney's
Martin Cooney's
2 JigD Hawthorn Hedge
The Hawthorn Hedge
2.171 Reel Corn Stack
The Cornstack
2 Reel Singing Kettle
The Singing Kettle
2.181 JigD Tapping Toes
Tapping Toes
2 JigD Father Kelly's Farewell
Fr. Kelly's Farewell
2.191 Reel Abbeyleix
The Abbeyleix Reel
2 Reel Leix County Reel
The Leix County
2.201 JigD Silver Lining
Silver Lining
2.211 Reel Twilight in Portroe
Twilight in Portroe
2 Reel Skipping Lambs
Skipping Lambs
2.221 Reel Rosenallis Reel
The Rosenallis Reel
2.231 Hpipe Rock of Dunamaise
The Rock of Dunamaise
2.241 Reel A Tune for the Road
A Tune for the Road
2 Reel Blueball Reel
The Blueball Reel
2.251 Reel Dash to Portobello
The Dash to Portobello
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