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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: The Truckley Howl by John Blake, Mairéad Hurley, Nathan Gourley

Basic album data
Artist NameJohn Blake, Mairéad Hurley, Nathan Gourley
Album TitleThe Truckley Howl
MusiciansJohn Blake (guitar, flute, piano), Mairéad Hurley (concertina), Nathan Gourley (fiddle, guitar)
Source and
other information
[Self-published], 2016. Recorded in Catskill, New York, USA. According to messages from Nathan Gourley 11 January 2017, "Did basically the whole album in one day," around the weekend of July 9-10, 2016. "Blakey added piano and flute tracks a bit later but that's when all the melody went down I think." Launched 11 November 2016 in Dublin according to this Facebook post accessed 10 January 2017.

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Graf Spee
The Grand Spy / The Graf Spey
2 Reel McFadden's Own Reel
McFadden's Own
21 JigD Shoemaker's Fancy
The Shoemaker's Fancy
2 JigD Clare Shout
The Clare Shout
31 Hpipe Lad O'Beirne's
Louis Quinn's
2 Hpipe Spellan's Fiddle
Spellan the Fiddler
41 Reel Tom Moyland's Frolic
Tom Moylan's Frolics
2 Reel Papa's Pet
Papa's Pet
3 Reel Spike Island Lassies
The Spike Island Lasses
51 Polka Willie's Polka
Champagne Charlie / Jumping Charlie
2 JigD Patsy Geary's
The Horseshoe
3 Reel Bill Harte's
Bill Harte's
61 Reel Dogs among the Bushes
The Dogs Among the Bushes [sic]
Performer: Nathan (fiddle)
2 Reel John Kelly's College Groves
John Kelly's College Groves
Performer: Nathan (fiddle)
3 Reel Whistling Postman
The Whistling Postman
Performer: Nathan (fiddle)
71 JigD Jimmy Neary's
By Golly
Performer: with John (flute)
2 JigD Humours of Rahey
The Humours of Rahey
Performer: with John (flute)
81 Hpipe Post Office
The Post Office
2 Hpipe Quilty
The Mountain Top
Performer: with John (flute)
91 Reel Ah Surely
Ah Surely
Performer: John (Eb flute)
2 Reel Copperplate
The Copperplate
Performer: John (Eb flute)
101 Waltz Spanish Fandango
The Spanish Fandango
111 Reel Miss McDonald
Miss McDonald's
2 Reel Caha Mountains
John Dwyer's
121 Air O'Rahilly's Grave
O'Rahilly's Grave
Performer: Mairéad (concertina)
2 Reel Follow Me Down
Paddy Mills'
Performer: Mairéad (concertina)
131 JigD Furze in Bloom
The Furze in Bloom
2 JigD Tumble the Tinker
Tumble the Tinker
141 Hpipe Stage
The Stage
2 Reel Johnny Cronin's Reel
Johnny Cronin's
3 Reel Flax in Bloom
The Flax in Bloom
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