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Paul de Grae's Index of Irish Tune Books

From the introduction:

"This is an index of Irish traditional melodies in the various books in my collection. The compilation began several years ago, and is updated from time to time. The index is for my own use. It is not a scholarly work, it is not complete, and it is not definitive. However, it may be of some use to others."

Click to download the PDF document (3.3 MB). The current version of this file is dated 1 November 2023. For more information contact pdegrae@gmail.nospam (but replace "nospam" with "com").

The currently indexed books are:

Abbreviation Explanation
AB50 Fiddle Solos. Aly Bain. Conway Editions, London, 1989.
AIFAllan's Irish Fiddler. Mozart Allan, Glasgow, no date [1920s?].
AMThe Minstrelsy of Ireland. 200 Irish Songs …
Alfred Moffat. London, 1897.
AS 1-6A Selection of Scotch, English, Irish and Foreign Airs adapted to the Fife,
Violin, or German-Flute.
James Aird, Glasgow, 1778/82/94/95/1801.[1]
B&S1-4Music from Ireland (four vols.).
Dave Bulmer, Neil Sharpley, Lincolnshire, no date [1970s].
BSCBrenda Stubbert's Collection of Fiddle Tunes. Paul S. Cranford, ed.
Cranford Publications, Cape Breton Island, Canada, 1994.
BSIFBowing Styles in Irish Fiddle Playing. Vol.1. David Lyth.
Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, 1981.
BTThe Music of Brendan Tonra. Helen R. Kisiel, Boston, 1988.
CCarolan. The Life, Times and Music of an Irish Harper.
Donal O'Sullivan (two vols.). Routledge and Kegan Paul, London, 1958.
CCThe Caledonian Companion. Alastair J. Hardie. EMI, London, 1981.
CLMusical Memories. Charlie Lennon.
Worldmusic Publications, Dublin, 1993.
CRCrosby's Irish Musical Repository: A Choice Selection of Esteemed
Irish Songs. B. Crosby. London, 1808.
CRÉ1-5Ceol Rince na hÉireann (five vols.). Breandán Breathnach, Jackie Small.
An Gúm, Dublin, 1963-1999.
CS 1Cooke's Selection of the Present Favorite Country Dances
for the Year 1796. B. Cooke, Dublin.
CS 2Cooke's Selection of the Present Favorite Country Dances
for the Year 1797. B. Cooke, Dublin.
DMCThe Darley & McCall Collection of Traditional Irish Music.
Arthur W. Darley, P. J. McCall. Dublin, 1914 (Ossian reprint, 1984).
DMIDance Music of Ireland (1001 Gems). Francis O'Neill. Chicago, 1907.
DMWCThe Dance Music of Willie Clancy. Pat Mitchell.
Ossian Publications, Cork, 1983.
EB 1A General Collection of the Ancient Irish Music.
Edward Bunting. Dublin, 1796.
EB 2A General Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland.
Edward Bunting. London, 1809.
EB 3A Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland.
Edward Bunting. Dublin, 1840.
[EB1-3 reprinted by Walton's, 1969, as The Ancient Music of Ireland.]
EHHowe's 1,000 Jigs and Reels, etc. Elias Howe. Boston, n.d. [c.1880-82].
Re-issue edited by Patrick Sky. Mel Bay Publications, 2001.
ERWhere the Shannon Rises. The Collected Compositions of Ed Reavy.
Joseph M. Reavy. 1984.
FMDIFolk Music and Dance of Ireland. Breandán Breathnach.
The Mercier Press, Dublin and Cork, 1971.
FMNForget Me Not. A Collection of 50 Memorable Traditional Irish Tunes.
Séamus Connolly and Laurel Martin. Mel Bay, 2002.
FTBThe Fiddler's Tune-Book. Peter Kennedy.
Hargail Music Press, Saugerties, NY, no date (1951?).
GCollection of Traditional Irish Dance Music. P.J. Giblin. America, 1928.
GCTraditional Irish Tin Whistle Tutor. Geraldine Cotter.
Ossian Publications, Cork, 1989.
HACHarding's All-Round Collection of Jigs, Reels and Country Dances.
Ed Harding. Harding's Music House, New York, 1905.
HAVThree hundred Irish airs: arranged for the piano forte. 3 vols in one.
P. M. Haverty. New York, 1858-1859.
HFHidden Fermanagh. Cyril Maguire.
Fermanagh Traditional Music Society, 2003.
HMThe Hibernian Muse. S., A. & P. Thompson. London, 1787.
HSHannam's Selection of Celebrated Irish Melodies. No. 3.
H. Hannam. London, 1810.
IFBThe Irish Fiddle Book. Matt Cranitch.
The Mercier Press, Dublin and Cork, 1988.
ISTRIrish Session Tunes: The Red Book. Matt Cranitch.
Ossian Publications, Cork, 2000.
J1Ancient Irish Music. P.W. Joyce. 1873.
Re-issued by Longman's, Dublin, 1912.
J2Irish Music and Song. P.W. Joyce. 1888.
"New Edition", M. H. Gill & Son, Dublin, 1901.
J3Irish Peasant Songs in the English Language. P.W. Joyce.
Second edition, M. H. Gill & Son, Dublin, 1906.
J4Old Irish Folk Music and Songs. P.W. Joyce. Dublin, 1909.
Reprinted by Cooper Square Publishers, Inc., New York, 1965.
JCITJackson's Celebrated Irish Tunes. Edmund Lee, Dublin, 1774.
JOB1Jerry O'Brien's Accordion Instructor. Jerry O'Brien.
E. O'Byrne DeWitt's Sons, Roxbury, 1949.
JOB2Irish Folk Dance Music. Jerry O'Brien.
E. O'Byrne DeWitt's Sons, Roxbury, 1952.
JOLJohnny O'Leary of Sliabh Luachra. Terry Moylan.
Lilliput Press, Dublin, 1994.
K4Kerr's Fourth Collection of Merry Melodies [etc.].
James Kerr, Glasgow, n.d.[2]
[operatic airs and ballroom dance melodies omitted from this index]
KVR 1-3Köhler's Violin Repository (three vols.).
Ed. by "A Professional Player" [W. B. Laybourn].
Ernest Köhler & Son, Edinburgh, 1881-5.
[operatic airs and ballroom dance melodies omitted from this index]
L 1The Dance Music of Ireland. First Collection. R. M. Levey.
London, 1858.
L 2The Dance Music of Ireland. Second Collection. R. M. Levey.
London, 1873.
[L 1 and L 2 reprinted in a single volume by Waltons, Dublin, 2003;
page references in the index are to this edition.]
LOMLuke O'Malley's Collection of Irish Music: Vol. 1. Luke O'Malley.
New Jersey, 1976.
LPFLearn to Play the Fiddle with Armagh Pipers Club.
Brian and Eithne Vallely. Armagh, no date [1970s].
MDFarewell to the Gort. Sixty Original Tunes Composed by Micheal Dwyer.
Copy of unpublished and undated manuscript.
MIMusic of Ireland. Francis O'Neill. Chicago, 1903.
MMMartin Mulvihill: First Collection of Traditional Irish Music.
Martin Mulvihill. New York, 1986.
M&PIrish Traditional Fiddle Music. Randy Miller & Jack Perron.
Fiddlecase Books, New Hampshire. Second edition, 2006.
MR300 Tunes from Mike Rafferty. Lesl Harker. New Jersey, 2005.
NFThe Northern Fiddler. Allan Feldman, Eamonn O'Doherty.
Blackstaff Press, Belfast, 1979.
OIMO'Neill's Irish Music. 400 Choice Selections. Francis O'Neill.
Chicago, 1915. Reprinted by The Mercier Press, Cork, 1987.
OFPC 1-4O'Farrell's Pocket Companion for the Irish or Union Pipes [etc.]
Patrick O'Farrell, London, c.1805-10.
P1The Ancient Music of Ireland Volume 1. George Petrie. Dublin, 1855.
P2The Ancient Music of Ireland Volume 2. George Petrie. Dublin, 1882.
[P1 and P2 reprinted in a single volume, with additonal material, by
Cork University Press, 2002; editor David Cooper. Page references in
the index are to this edition.]
PFRPlay 50 Reels. Brian and Eithne Vallely. Armagh Pipers Club, 1982.
PPMThe Poets and Poetry of Munster [etc.].
John O'Daly and James Clarence Mangan. Dublin, 1850.
[via Google Books]
PSAn Pota Stóir. The Set Dance Music of West Kerry.
Feargal Mac Amhlaoibh, Con Durham. Dingle, 1994.
PSIThe Popular Songs of Ireland.
Thomas Crofton Croker. London, 1839. [via Google Books]
RGThe Road to Glountane. Terence "Cuz" Teahan, Josh Dunson.
Chicago, 1980.
RMCRyan's Mammoth Collection. Pat Sky (ed.). Elias Howe, Boston, 1883.
Reprinted by Mel Bay Publications, 1995.
RWEnglish, Welsh, Scottish & Irish Fiddle Tunes. Robin Williamson.
Oak Publications, 1976.
SBStreet Ballads, Popular Poetry and Household Songs of Ireland.
Collected and arranged by Duncathail [Ralph Varian].
McGlashan & Gill, Dublin, 1865 (2nd edition). [via Google Books]
SF 1The Scots Fiddle. Volume 1: Tunes, Tales and Traditions of the
North-East & Central Highlands. J. Murray Neil.
Neil Wilson, Glasgow, 1999.
SF 2The Scots Fiddle. Volume 2: Tunes, Tales and Traditions of the Lothians,
Borders & Ayreshire. J. Murray Neil.
Neil Wilson, Glasgow, 1999.
SFTScottish Fiddle Tunes. 1903, reprinted by Ossian, Cork, 1985.
SH 1-2A Collection of Old Established Irish Slow and Quick Tunes. Two vols.
Smollett Holden. Dublin, 1805-6.
SIThe Songs of Ireland. Without words. For the pianoforte.
J. T. Surenne, Edinburgh, 1854.
SLThe Lyrics of Ireland.
Samuel Lover. London, 1858. [via Google Books]
SLPSliabh Luachra on Parade. Paul DeLoughery, no date (post-1987).
SPThe Complete Collection of Irish Music. George Petrie; ed. C.V. Stanford.
London, 1902-5. Reprinted by Llanerch Publishers, 1995. Three vols.
SR1The Hidden Ireland. The First Collection of Irish Traditional
Compositions of Seán Ryan. Brian Ryan, no date [1990s?].
SR2Seán Ryan's Dream. The Second Collection of Irish Traditional
Compositions of Seán Ryan. Brian Ryan, no date [1990s].
TIGTraditional Irish Guitar. Paul de Grae. Ossian, Cork, 1996.
TMPTunes of the Munster Pipers. Irish Traditional Music from the James
Goodman Manuscripts. Hugh Shields, ed.
Irish Traditional Music Archive, Dublin, 1998.
TP1Fifty Irish Fiddle Tunes. Tommy Peoples. Waltons, Dublin, 1986.
TP2ABC collection of Tommy Peoples tunes, recorded mid-1970s
(posted to IRTRAD-L by Bernie Stocks)
TSTrip to Sligo. Bernard Flaherty. Sligo, 1990.
TWLearn to Play the Tin Whistle with Armagh Pipers Club (three vols.).
Eithne and John B. Vallely. Armagh, no date [1970s?].
W&SWhistle and Sing! Eamonn Jordan. Portadown, 1975.
WSGMWaifs and Strays of Gaelic Melody. Francis O'Neill. Chicago, 1922.