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Sources of tunes in O'Neill's Music of Ireland and Dance Music of Ireland

Paul de Grae wrote on 30 June 2017, when he first publicly shared an earlier version of this file via a Facebook post:

Several years ago, in a careless moment, I decided to go exploring Francis O'Neill's sources for his first two collections, "Music of Ireland" (1903) and "Dance Music of Ireland" (1907). It's turned out to be a gargantuan task. Since the work will probably never be finished, and is certainly unpublishable in book form, I've decided to let it out there in its work-in-progress state, so that it can be *used* - that's the point of the research, after all.

It's a Word document (.docx), approx. 1.4MB, and looks at every tune in the two books (1,803 in the first, 1,001 in the second, with of course a lot of duplication - and there are still some tunes for which I have no info), examining previous printed sources and making much use of O'Neill's own comments in books and private papers. This is not an academic text, it is a magpie's nest of findings from all over the place, but I hope it may be of use or interest to some other people. Of course I got help from many people, including (in alphabetical order), Tony Buffery, Harry Bradshaw, Nicholas Carolan, Marta Cook, Matt Cranitch, Nigel Gatherer, Deirdre Harnedy, Dave Hegarty, Irish Traditional Music Archive, Peter Laban, Caoimhin Mac Aoidh, Terry Moylan, Devin Shepherd, Dee Sullivan, Philippe Varlet, Paul Wells and several others.

Here is Paul's revision dated 30 April 2021:

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