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Current Playlist of alanng

Who is alanng? Visit <https://www.alan-ng.net/music/> to find out.

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The playlist titled "fiddle" has 703 tunes in it.

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First 2 bars (abc code)Tune Info
AirBoulavogueG MajorTune Info
AirCoolinG MajorTune Info
AirDown by the Sally GardensD Major|F2ED E2FA|B4 A4|Tune Info
AirJohnny DoyleF Mixolydian|AF FG|FE CB,|Tune Info
AirMunster CloakG MajorTune Info
AirSí Bheag, Sí MhórD Major|f2 fe d2|d2 de d2|Tune Info
AirSouth WindG Major|B3A G2|B3c d2|Tune Info
AirTrip We Took over the MountainG Major|D2 G3A|B2 G2 G2|Tune Info
AirVales of New DireenG Mixolydian|d3 c B2|G4 A2|Tune Info
BDnceBill Malley's BarndanceG Major|G3A B2GB|dedB G2d2|Tune Info
BDnceGlenbeighG Major|GABc defa|g2B2 d4|Tune Info
BDnceIf There Weren't Any Women in the WorldD Major|ABAF DEED|B,B,B,2 A,2DE|Tune Info
BDnceJames Gannon'sG Major|B2AB e2dB|d2cA E2FG|Tune Info
BDnceJohn Mc Kenna'sD Major|AFAd ~f2f2|AFAd ~f2ef|Tune Info
BDnceLucy Farr'sG Major|G2G2 G2G2|GABG E2D2|Tune Info
BDnceProinnsias Ó Maonaigh'sD Major|DEFG A2A2|ABde f2a2|Tune Info
BDnceRóise Bheag Róise Móire'sD Major|A2A2 f2fe|de(3dcB A2BA|Tune Info
FlingJig Away the DonkeyD Major|F3d cAAB|cAcA cAAG|Tune Info
FlingKeel RowG Major|B2GB c2dc|B2GB AFDc|Tune Info
FlingLove Will You Marry MeD Major|A2AB defe|dB~B2 dBBA|Tune Info
FlingPrimrose LassG Major|B2BA GAGE|DEGA BAA2|Tune Info
FlingRoving BachelorG Major|B2BA B2ge|d2ge dBGA|Tune Info
HlandDonegal HighlandE Minor|BEBE cBcA|BEBE cAFA|Tune Info
HlandFermanagh HighlandD Major|A2FA AddB|A2FD EFGB|Tune Info
HpipeAlexander'sD Major|dAFA DFAd|fdcd Adef|Tune Info
HpipeBallyoranG Major|d/c/Bc/B/A B/c/dAF|G2GF GABc|Tune Info
HpipeBehind the Ditch in Páirc AnnaA Dorian|EAAB c2d2|(3efged Bcd2|Tune Info
HpipeBlackbirdD Major|FEFA GFDc|defd dcAF|Tune Info
HpipeBoys of BluehillD Major|BAFA D2FA|BA(3Bcd e2de|Tune Info
HpipeByrne's HornpipeD Major|FEFG AFDc|dBcd ecAg|Tune Info
HpipeCaisleán an ÓirG Dorian|{A}BGGF G2A/B/c|dcde f2ga|Tune Info
HpipeChief O'Neill's FavoriteD Major|fefg afge|fdec dcAG|Tune Info
HpipeCronin's HornpipeG Major|GABd dBde|g2ge dega|Tune Info
HpipeCuckooG Major|(3BcBGB cAFA|d^cde dBGF|Tune Info
HpipeCuckoo's NestG Major|B2BA GBdg|fdcB cded|Tune Info
HpipeDance of the HoneybeesD Major|F2FE DFAF|G2FG ~E3F|Tune Info
HpipeDunphy's HornpipeG Major|GDBA GBdg|feed ecAG|Tune Info
HpipeFort of KincoraG Major|GA(3GFE DG,B,D|GFGA Bdgf|Tune Info
HpipeFriendly VisitG Major|G2DG BGBd|(3cBcAB cdef|Tune Info
HpipeGalway BayG Dorian|BABc dcdf|~g2dg gabg|Tune Info
HpipeGalway HornpipeD Major|D2FA dAFD|CDEF GECE|Tune Info
HpipeGolden EagleG Major|GB,DG BDGB|dGBd gbag|Tune Info
HpipeGood-Natured ManG Major|~g2bg d2gd|BcdB G2AB|Tune Info
HpipeHarvest HomeD Major|D2FA D2FA|dfec dcBz|Tune Info
HpipeHer Lovely Hair Was Flowing Down Her BackA Minor|edce d2cA|GE~E2 GAcd|Tune Info
HpipeHome RulerD Major|D2FA D2FA|dfed B2Bd|Tune Info
HpipeHumours of TullycrineA Dorian|c2AB c3d|eaag (3egedB|Tune Info
HpipeKitty's WeddingD Major|d2Bd A2FA|BAFA D2ED|Tune Info
HpipeLast of the TwinsA Major|aece {fg}fecB|Acea {fg}fecA|Tune Info
HpipeLiverpool HornpipeD Major|(3FED(3FED dfaf|gece dcBA|Tune Info
HpipeMcDermott'sD Major|dcdA F2BA|GFGE C2ED|Tune Info
HpipeMickey Callaghan's FancyA Major|AFEF A2cB|AFEF ABcd|Tune Info
HpipeMurphy'sD Major|ddAF ddAF|dcdf ecA2|Tune Info
HpipeMy Love on the LakeD Mixolydian|FGAG FGAd|f2d2 d2AG|Tune Info
HpipeNew CenturyG Mixolydian|dGG^F GB(3dcB|cAFE FAcA|Tune Info
HpipeO'Donnell's HornpipeG Major|(3dcBge dBed|BGDG ABAG|Tune Info
HpipeOff to CaliforniaG Major|(3GGFGA AGEF|GABd ez(3def|Tune Info
HpipeOld Torn PetticoatA Dorian|(3cBA(3BAG AGED|(3EFGAB cded|Tune Info
HpipePlains of BoyleD Major|AFDE FEDF|(3ABAGB AFD2|Tune Info
HpipeRed-Haired BoyA Mixolydian|EAAA ABcd|efec dd(3ccd|Tune Info
HpipeRights of ManE Minor|(3BcB(3ABA (3GAG(3FGF|EFGA B2ef|Tune Info
HpipeSeanbhean bhochtA Dorian|cABG AcBA|GEDE GABd|Tune Info
HpipeSherwood ForestD Major|ABAF A2de|fgfe d2A2|Tune Info
HpipeSmoky ChimneyD Major|dcde fdAF|GFGA BGE2|Tune Info
HpipeSpellan the FiddlerG Major|GDBG dBgd|bg(3ded cBAG|Tune Info
HpipeStack of BarleyG Major|efed BcdB|A^GAG AcBA|Tune Info
HpipeSweep's HornpipeD Major|(3faf(3dfd (3AdA(3FAF|DFAd ~f2ef|Tune Info
HpipeThomond BridgeF Major|fdcA BABc|AFFE F2fg|Tune Info
HpipeTuamgraney CastleA Dorian|AGAB AGEG|AGAB cBcd|Tune Info
HpipeWalsh's HornpipeA Major|(3ABcEF Acec|(3defBc def2|Tune Info
HpipeWesternC Major|ec~c2 GcEc|ec~c2 GcEc|Tune Info
HpipeWicklow HornpipeD Mixolydian|ABAF DEFG|AGAB c2(3AB^c|Tune Info
HpipeWily Old BachelorG Major|B,DGA BGDB,|CEAB (3cBAFD|Tune Info
JigDA Trip to the CottageG Major|ded BGB|cBc AFA|Tune Info
JigDAnthony Frawley'sG Major|GED G2A|GED G2A|Tune Info
JigDBanish MisfortuneD Mixolydian|fed cAG|~A2d cAG|Tune Info
JigDBasket of TurfE Dorian|EBB BAG|FAA AGF|Tune Info
JigDBattering RamG Major|dBG A2G|dBG G2B|Tune Info
JigDBehind the HaystackD Major|d2e fdB|d2e fdB|Tune Info
JigDBilly McCormickA Dorian|ABA ABg|edB gdB|Tune Info
JigDBímís ag ÓlG Major|DGG A2B|cBc d2A|Tune Info
JigDBlack RogueD Major|cAA BGG|cAA A2d|Tune Info
JigDBlarney PilgrimD Mixolydian|DED DEG|A2G ABc|Tune Info
JigDBoys of TandrageeE Dorian|~B3 ~E3|BAB d2B|Tune Info
JigDBoys of TandrageeD Mixolydian|~A3 ~D3|AFA cde|Tune Info
JigDBoys of the TownG Major|ged B2A|BGE GAc|Tune Info
JigDBrendan Tonra'sD Major|F3 AFE|EDB, A,B,D|Tune Info
JigDBurke'sD Major|dAF AGF|dAF AGF|Tune Info
JigDButcher's MarchG Major|d3 B{c}AB|d(3BBA A2B|Tune Info
JigDButlers of Glen AvenueG Major|DEG EDB|DEG ~B3|Tune Info
JigDCastle JigA Dorian|cBA BAG|AGE DB,G,|Tune Info
JigDChicagoD Mixolydian|F2D DED|F2D DED|Tune Info
JigDCliffs of MoherA Dorian|a3 bag|eaf ged|Tune Info
JigDCoach Road to SligoG Major|~g3 age|dBG AGE|Tune Info
JigDColeman's CrossE Minor|B2e efe|B2e efe|Tune Info
JigDConnaughtman's RamblesD Major|FAA dAA|BAB dAG|Tune Info
JigDConnie O'Connell'sG Major|BGG Add|BcB BAG|Tune Info
JigDContentment Is WealthE Dorian|GFG Eed|BAB E2G|Tune Info
JigDCook in the KitchenG Major|DGG GAG|[=F^F]DE ~=F3|Tune Info
JigDCordal JigD Major|BAF ~E3|FEF DFA|Tune Info
JigDDancingmasterA Dorian|ccA eAA|cAA e2A|Tune Info
JigDDiplodocusA Mixolydian|cAA edB|cAA ABc|Tune Info
JigDDown the Back LaneD Mixolydian|^cAG A2G|FDE F2d|Tune Info
JigDDusty WindowsillsA Dorian|A<AB cBA|eAB cBA|Tune Info
JigDEast at GlendartD Major|BAF AFD|FEF DFA|Tune Info
JigDEavesdropperG Major|DBB BAG|Bdd dBG|Tune Info
JigDFasten the Leg in HerG Major|~B3 BAB|GBd gdB|Tune Info
JigDFraher'sD Mixolydian|A2F GED|DDD FED|Tune Info
JigDFrieze BreechesD Major|F2D EFG|A2d cAG|Tune Info
JigDGallagher's FrolicsE Dorian|~E3 GFE|BAB dBA|Tune Info
JigDGander in the Pratie HoleD Mixolydian|F/G/AD F/G/AD|GFG EF/G/_A/|Tune Info
JigDGarrett Barry'sD Mixolydian|DEF ~G3|AGA Bce|Tune Info
JigDGeese in the BogA Dorian|cEE GEE|cEE G2B|Tune Info
JigDGirl from the Big HouseD Mixolydian|FAD DAG|AGA GEA|Tune Info
JigDHaste to the WeddingD Major|AFA Agf|ede fdB|Tune Info
JigDHigh Part of the RoadG Major|B2B ~c3|~d3 cAG|Tune Info
JigDHouse in the GlenD Major|AFD DDA,|DEF AAA|Tune Info
JigDHumours of BallyloughlinD Mixolydian|AA2 AGE|GED ~D3|Tune Info
JigDHumours of EnnistymonG Major|BAB GBd|~c3 A2c|Tune Info
JigDI Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of HerD Major|DAD ~FEF|A2d cAF|Tune Info
JigDIrish WasherwomanG Major|BGG DGG|BGB dcB|Tune Info
JigDJackson's JigG Major|B2G Bcd|~e2d efg|Tune Info
JigDJim Conroy's JigG Major|ded cAF|GAG FDB|Tune Info
JigDJimmy Ward'sG Major|~G3 GAB|AGE GED|Tune Info
JigDJoy of My LifeG Major|G3 AGA|Gee dBA|Tune Info
JigDKerfunten JigG Major|~B3 BAG|d3 efg|Tune Info
JigDKesh JigG Major|G3 GAB|AAA ABd|Tune Info
JigDKillavil JigE Dorian|BEE BEE|def edB|Tune Info
JigDKitty Lie OverD Major|AFD DFA|ded B2A|Tune Info
JigDLark in the MorningD Major|AFA AFA|BGB BdB|Tune Info
JigDLark in the MorningD Major|~A3 AdB|AFA D2D|Tune Info
JigDLark on the StrandG Major|GEF G2A|BAG ABd|Tune Info
JigDLeg of the DuckD Major|fdd ede|fef dBA|Tune Info
JigDLegacyG Major|~G3 ~B3|~g3 gab|Tune Info
JigDLeitrim FancyE Dorian|GBG FAF|EDB BAB|Tune Info
JigDLilting BansheeA Dorian|EAA EAA|~B3 G2A|Tune Info
JigDMaguire's KickD Major|F2E EDE|F2D DED|Tune Info
JigDMaid at the Spinning WheelG Major|GFG B2G|c2A B2D|Tune Info
JigDMaid at the WellG Major|GDD EDE|GAB c2e|Tune Info
JigDMaid in the MeadowG Major|c3 AB2|AGA BGE|Tune Info
JigDMaid on the GreenG Major|~g3 e2d|Bde dBA|Tune Info
JigDMillpondG Major|DGG BGG|dGG BAG|Tune Info
JigDMist-Covered MountainA Dorian|EAA ABd|eAA AGE|Tune Info
JigDMonaghan JigE Dorian|BEE EDE|BEE FGA|Tune Info
JigDMooncoinA Mixolydian|cBA AEA|AEA Bcd|Tune Info
JigDMorrison's JigE Dorian|~E3 ~B3|EBE AFD|Tune Info
JigDMunster ButtermilkD Major|d2f edB|BAF FEF|Tune Info
JigDMy Darling AsleepD Major|fdd cAA|BGG A/B/AG|Tune Info
JigDOld FlailG Major|DEG GAB|deg gab|Tune Info
JigDOld Hag You Have Killed MeD Mixolydian|FDD c2c/^c/|dfd cAG|Tune Info
JigDOld Joe'sD Major|f2A AFA|BGB A2A|Tune Info
JigDOld John's JigA Dorian|cAA cAA|GEF GAB|Tune Info
JigDOld TipperaryG Major|cAG ~G3|AAA ~G3|Tune Info
JigDOut on the OceanG Major|B2B BAG|BdB A2B|Tune Info
JigDPaddy Clancy'sD Major|afd f/e/dc|dcB AFA|Tune Info
JigDPaddy in LondonA Dorian|eAA fAA|gfg age|Tune Info
JigDPaddy O'RaffertyD Major|dff cec|dff gfe|Tune Info
JigDPaddy Taylor'sD Major|ABA g3|eaa efg|Tune Info
JigDPaddy Taylor'sD Major|F3 EFE|DFA d2A|Tune Info
JigDPipe on the HobA Dorian|c3 edc|edc BAG|Tune Info
JigDPipe on the HobD Mixolydian|dcd A2G|F2D DED|Tune Info
JigDPort Chúil AodhaD Major|dcA GEA|DED F2G|Tune Info
JigDPumpkin Pie on Thanksgiving DayA Major|ceA ceA|fga ecA|Tune Info
JigDQueen of the FairD Major|FEF DFA,|DFA dAF|Tune Info
JigDQueen of the RushesD Major|F2D DAF|G2E EDE|Tune Info
JigDRabbit in the FieldG Major|d/e/dB G2B|ded cBA|Tune Info
JigDRakes of ClonmelA Dorian|cBA GED|EAA AzB|Tune Info
JigDRambling PitchforkD Major|F2A AF/F/F|dFF AFD|Tune Info
JigDReverend Brother's JigA Dorian|cAA ~c2A|~d3 ege|Tune Info
JigDRolling WaveD Major|FEF ~D2D|D2d cAG|Tune Info
JigDRose in the HeatherD Major|D2F EDB,|DFA BAF|Tune Info
JigDSaddle the PonyG Major|GBA G2B|def gdB|Tune Info
JigDScatter the MudA Dorian|eAA BAG|eAA ABd|Tune Info
JigDScotsman over the BorderD Major|D2D FDF|AFA d2A|Tune Info
JigDScully Casey'sA Dorian|Bcc BAG|EAA EAA|Tune Info
JigDSeamus Cooley's JigD Major|fef ddB|AFA ABd|Tune Info
JigDSigi's JigD Mixolydian|D2d dcA|GFG AGE|Tune Info
JigDSixpenny MoneyD Major|FAA FAA|BAG FEF|Tune Info
JigDSliabh RussellA Dorian|~eAA B^cd|eaa ged|Tune Info
JigDSnug in the BlanketA Dorian|A2B cBc|~E3 c2A|Tune Info
JigDSportD Major|AdF A2A|GBE GFG|Tune Info
JigDSporting PitchforkG Major|EFF ~E3|EFF DEF|Tune Info
JigDSweet Biddy DalyA Major|ecA BAF|AFE EFA|Tune Info
JigDThree Little DrummersA Dorian|eAA eAA|BAB GAB|Tune Info
JigDTimmy CliffordsG Major|G,B,D EED|DB,D G2G,|Tune Info
JigDTobin's FavoriteD Major|DFA dcd|ecA efg|Tune Info
JigDTom Billy'sA Mixolydian|~a3 ece|edB BAA|Tune Info
JigDTom Busby'sE Dorian|Bee BBA|Bee BAF|Tune Info
JigDTrip to AthloneD Mixolydian|ABA D2A|dcA AGE|Tune Info
JigDTrip to SligoE Minor|E2e BGE|D2B AFD|Tune Info
JigDTripping Up the StairsD Major|FAA GBB|FAd fed|Tune Info
JigDTynagh JigD Dorian|ABA DED|(3ABcA dcA|Tune Info
JigDWandering MinstrelD Major|ADA BAF|Ade fdB|Tune Info
JigDWedding JigG Major|G2B, G,A,B,|DEF G2E|Tune Info
JigDWhen Sick Is It Tea You Want?D Major|Add dcB|AFB AFG|Tune Info
JigDWhen the Cock Crows It Is DayG Major|GAB BAG|d3 d2B|Tune Info
JigDWhistler at the WakeD Major|F2A AFA|Bcd efg|Tune Info
JigDWillie Coleman'sG Major|B3 AGE|GED GBd|Tune Info
JigDWinnie Hayes's JigA Dorian|edB AeA|BAG ABd|Tune Info
JigDWoodcockG Major|dBG AGE|DED ~G3|Tune Info
JigDYoung Tom EnnisA Dorian|cBA BcB|AGE GAB|Tune Info
JigD[untitled]G Major|BDD cDD|BDD AFD|Tune Info
JigSlA Fig for a KissE Dorian|G2B E2B BAG|F2A D2A AGF|Tune Info
JigSlAnother Jig Will DoD Mixolydian|ABA A2G F2G|ABA AGF G3|Tune Info
JigSlBaby Rory'sD Mixolydian|AAA AGE FGG|AAA AGE FED|Tune Info
JigSlBoys of BallisodareG Major|D2G G2A B2d|ege d2e g3|Tune Info
JigSlButterflyE Dorian|B2E GGE F3|B2E GGE FED|Tune Info
JigSlChoice WifeD Mixolydian|FGA AFA c3|BAG (3FGAF GED|Tune Info
JigSlCock and the HenF# Minor|F2F FEF BcA|~F3 FEF AFE|Tune Info
JigSlComb Your Hair and Curl ItE Dorian|B2E E2F G2A|Bcd e2c d2A|Tune Info
JigSlDever the DancerE Dorian|BEE BEF G2A|BEE BAG FGA|Tune Info
JigSlDrops of BrandyG Major|ded BGB BGB|ded BGB c2A|Tune Info
JigSlDusty MillerD Major|AA AG AG|AA AG Bd|Tune Info
JigSlElizabeth Kelly's DelightA Dorian|~A3 ABA AGE|A3 G2E DEG|Tune Info
JigSlFoxhunter's JigD Major|F3 F2D G2E|F2F F2D E3|Tune Info
JigSlGarech's WeddingE Dorian|E3 e2B G2B|ABA A2G A2B|Tune Info
JigSlHardiman the FiddlerD Mixolydian|A2G FDE F2G|ABA AGA cAG|Tune Info
JigSlHumours of WhiskeyE Minor|BcA BEE BEE|BcA BEE FED|Tune Info
JigSlKid on the MountainE Minor|~E3 ~F3 G2F|~E3 BcA BGD|Tune Info
JigSlMichael Gorman'sD Major|F2 AF AF|G2 BA BG|Tune Info
JigSlMy Mind Will Never Be "Aisy"E Minor|edB B2A G2A|Bdd d2B dgf|Tune Info
JigSlPromenadeA Dorian|e2A A3 E2D|E2A A2B ^c2d|Tune Info
JigSlSwaggering JigG Major|BGG AGE DEG|BGG GFG A2c|Tune Info
MarchBattle of AughrimA Dorian|E2A2 AB^cd|e2d2 c2A2|Tune Info
MarchBó Mhín na ToiteanA Mixolydian|A2e2 e2dB|d2ef gea2|Tune Info
MarchBonaparte Crossing the RhineA Dorian|A2A2 ABAG|E2D2 B2d2|Tune Info
MarchBundle and GoE Minor|gee edB|gfg B2a|Tune Info
MarchGive Me Your HandG Major|E2 G2 G2|G2 GA D2|Tune Info
MarchMairi's WeddingD Mixolydian|D>E DE|GA B2|Tune Info
MarchO'Donnell AbuD Major|D2FG A2FA|f2dB A2GF|Tune Info
MarchReturn from FingalE Dorian|BAGF EFGA|BAGF E4|Tune Info
MarchSong of the ChanterD Mixolydian|D2D2 A2GE|DDAB c2Bc|Tune Info
MzrkaIrish MazurkaG Major|B2 B2 G>B |d2 d2 AB|Tune Info
MzrkaMooney's MazurkaG Major|B2 BA GE|DB, D2 B,D|Tune Info
MzrkaShoe the DonkeyG Major|G>A B2 B2|DG B2 B2|Tune Info
MzrkaShoe the DonkeyG Major|~d2 B2 d^c|~d2 B2 d^c|Tune Info
MzrkaSonny's MazurkaD Major|D>F A2 A>G|F<A d2 d>B|Tune Info
PieceEleanor PlunkettG Major|B2 B2 AG|G4 ag|Tune Info
PieceHewlettD Major|D2 D2 FG|AB c2 A2|Tune Info
PieceInisheerG Major|B3 A B<d|B3 A B<d|Tune Info
PieceO'Carolan's WelcomeA Minor|A2 cd e2|A2 cd e2|Tune Info
PiecePlanxty BrowneG Major|dBG GAB|EFE E2c|Tune Info
PiecePlanxty Fanny PowersG Major|G4 D2|G2 A2 B2|Tune Info
PiecePlanxty George BrabazonG Major|d2G2 cBAG|d2G2 cBAG|Tune Info
PiecePlanxty IrwinG Major|g4 f2|e3 f g2|Tune Info
PieceSee It ThereD Mixolydian|D2 FA df eg|fd ef dc AG|Tune Info
PolkaAnascaul PolkaA Dorian|A>B cd|ef g2|Tune Info
PolkaAs I Went up to Dublin CityD Major|FA AB/c/|d2 de/f/|Tune Info
PolkaBallydesmond PolkaD Mixolydian|A>B AG|EF GE|Tune Info
PolkaBallydesmond PolkaA Dorian|Bc Bc/B/|AB/A/ G>A|Tune Info
PolkaBallydesmond Polka #2A Dorian|EA AB|cd e2|Tune Info
PolkaBallyvournie PolkaD Major|EF/G/ FE|FD FA|Tune Info
PolkaBlackwater Polka 2G Major|fe ff/e/ |fe dg|Tune Info
PolkaBritches Full of StitchesE Dorian|E>F GF|Ee dB|Tune Info
PolkaChurch Street PolkaG Major|BG D>G|Ec cA/B/|Tune Info
PolkaCutting BrackenA Dorian|A2 a2|ge ga/g/|Tune Info
PolkaDalaigh'sA Dorian|eA BA|eA BA|Tune Info
PolkaDark Girl Dressed in BlueD Major|FA Ad|B/c/d A>F|Tune Info
PolkaDeálaí'sG Major|DG GF/G/|AG FD|Tune Info
PolkaDenis Murphy's PolkaD Major|f/g/f/e/ d>B|AD FA|Tune Info
PolkaDerrygallen BridgeG Major|G>A BA|GE {G}ED|Tune Info
PolkaFour ShovesE Dorian|EB B/A/B|EB A2|Tune Info
PolkaGalway BelleE Dorian|E>F GA|Be BB|Tune Info
PolkaGirl I Left Behind MeG Major|ed BA|B/A/G/F/ E>F|Tune Info
PolkaGneevgullia PolkaD Major|f2/f/e/ d/e/f/a/|ba a>f|Tune Info
PolkaGreen CottageE Dorian|GE ED|B,E E2|Tune Info
PolkaGullane PolkaD Major|Ad BA|DF FF/E/|Tune Info
PolkaHigh Caul CapG Major|G>A Bd|d/B/G/A/ BG/A/|Tune Info
PolkaI'll Buy Boots for MaggieA Dorian|A>B cd|eg ga|Tune Info
PolkaImpatient PolkaB Minor|fB BA|FB BA|Tune Info
PolkaJenny Lind's PolkaD Major|F/F/A/F/ G/G/Bz|A/A/f f/e/fz|Tune Info
PolkaJim Keefe'sA Major|ea c/e/c/B/|Ac EB|Tune Info
PolkaJim Keefe'sD Major|a2 {b}af/a/|ba fa|Tune Info
PolkaJim Keeffe'sG Major|~G2 GA|~B2 Bd|Tune Info
PolkaJim Keeffe'sD Mixolydian|dA/d/ ed|c/c/A A2|Tune Info
PolkaJimmy Doyle's PolkaG Major|Bd de|dB B/B/B|Tune Info
PolkaJoe Bane'sA Dorian|A2 GE|cd e>d|Tune Info
PolkaJohn Ryan's PolkaD Major|dd B/c/d/B/|AF AF|Tune Info
PolkaJohnnie Mickey'sA Major|Ac EF|A>F Af|Tune Info
PolkaJohnny BoxD Major|A>B df|A>B df|Tune Info
PolkaJohnny I Do Miss YouD Major|AF ED|F2 A,2|Tune Info
PolkaJohnny Leary'sD Major|AF FF/E/|DF FD/F/|Tune Info
PolkaKerry CowD Major|A2 A/B/A/G/|FA d2|Tune Info
PolkaKerry Polka #2E Dorian|B>c BA|FA DF/A/|Tune Info
PolkaKnocknaboul PolkaG Major|GB B/c/B/A/|GB BA|Tune Info
PolkaKnocknagoshelG Major|G2 ED|GB d2|Tune Info
PolkaLast Chance PolkaA Dorian|A>B cd|ea e>d|Tune Info
PolkaLeather Away with the Wattle OD Major|dA FA|d>c df|Tune Info
PolkaLighthouse PolkaD Major|fd Ad|fd Ad|Tune Info
PolkaLittle DiamondD Major|A2 AF|DF AB|Tune Info
PolkaLord Seaforth'sG Major|GD DE/D/|GA B2|Tune Info
PolkaMaggie in the WoodG Major|GD G>A|Be e2|Tune Info
PolkaMagic SlipperD Major|Af Af|ed A2|Tune Info
PolkaMaid of ArdaghD Major|F2 BA|de f2|Tune Info
PolkaMickey Chewing BubblegumA Major|a>f af|ec a>e|Tune Info
PolkaMist on the GlenG Major|G>A Bd|gf ed|Tune Info
PolkaMrs. Crowley'sG Major|DG E/F/G/E/|DG E/F/G/E/|Tune Info
PolkaMrs. Crowley'sG Major|BG G>A|BG G>B|Tune Info
PolkaMunster BankA Mixolydian|A>F EF|AB ce|Tune Info
PolkaMy Love She's But a Lassie YetD Major|dD FA|dD Dd/c/|Tune Info
PolkaNell FeesD Major|D>D DB|AF FB|Tune Info
PolkaNewmarketA Major|ef/e/ cd/c/|BE A>c|Tune Info
PolkaO'Sullivan's FancyD Mixolydian|AD FG|A2 AB|Tune Info
PolkaOh! The Britches Full of StitchesA Major|A>B cA|BA cA|Tune Info
PolkaPádraig O'Keeffe'sA Major|A>B ce|fg ga|Tune Info
PolkaPeg Ryan'sD Major|fA BA|fA BA|Tune Info
PolkaRattlin' BogA Major|c2 c>B|AF F2|Tune Info
PolkaRose TreeD Major|dB AF|A2 AB/c/|Tune Info
PolkaScartaglen PolkaD Major|AB/A/ F/A/F/A/|BG B2|Tune Info
PolkaSt. Mary'sG Major|GB AB/A/|Gg e/f/g|Tune Info
PolkaSweeney's PolkaA Major|ef/e/ ce|Ae ce|Tune Info
PolkaTaureen Derby PolkaE Dorian|BE FE|BE FE|Tune Info
PolkaTerry 'Cuz' Teahan'sA Mixolydian|c2 BA|FA AB|Tune Info
PolkaTerry 'Cuz' Teahan's PolkaG Major|Bd Bd|g2 g2|Tune Info
PolkaTom Billy'sA Major|ce dc/d/|ea ce|Tune Info
PolkaTom Sullivan'sD Mixolydian|FG AB|c/B/A AG|Tune Info
PolkaToormore #1A Mixolydian|e2 dB|BA B/c/d|Tune Info
PolkaTop of MaolA Dorian|A>A AB/d/|ed Bd/B/|Tune Info
PolkaTripping to the WellG Major|G>A BG|EG ED|Tune Info
PolkaUp and AwayG Major|d/e/d/c/ B/c/B|{c}B/A/B/c/ BD|Tune Info
PolkaWeaver's DelightD Major|F2 ED|d2 ed|Tune Info
PolkaWhere Lilies BloomD Major|DF/A/ BA|d2 dc|Tune Info
Polka[untitled]D Major|dA/d/ fe|dB Bd/B/|Tune Info
Polka[untitled]A Mixolydian|e/f/e/d/ ce|ea ce|Tune Info
Polka[untitled]F Major|C>D FA|GF DF/D/|Tune Info
ReelAbbey ReelA Dorian|A2AA A2GE|A/B/AGA BddB|Tune Info
ReelAh SurelyG Major|A2Ac BGGA|BGBd gefd|Tune Info
ReelAlice's ReelE Minor|EGBG AGED|E2GE DEB,D|Tune Info
ReelAnderson's ReelD Major|ABdf eBdB|AFdF ~E3F|Tune Info
ReelAround the World for SportE Dorian|G2BG FGAF|EBBA BGEF|Tune Info
ReelAsh PlantE Dorian|BE~E2 BAGA|BE~E2 GFGA|Tune Info
ReelBag of SpudsA Dorian|A2eA (3cBAeA|ABcd ecdB|Tune Info
ReelBallymahon ReelG Major|G2dG eGdG|~G2dB ABdB|Tune Info
ReelBank of IrelandD Mixolydian|cAAB cAAG|EGDG EGD2|Tune Info
ReelBanks of the IlenD Major|F/E/DFA d2fd|~d2fd ecAG|Tune Info
ReelBansheeG Major|~G3D EDBE|~G3B ~d2Bd|Tune Info
ReelBeare Island ReelE Dorian|EB^GB AGAB|dBcA Beec|Tune Info
ReelBells of TipperaryD Major|DA,~A,2 DEFA|d2fe dBBA|Tune Info
ReelBird in the BushG Major|d2e/d/B dB~B2|cAAB G2AG|Tune Info
ReelBlackberry BlossomG Major|dBAd BGGB|dBBA B2ge|Tune Info
ReelBlackthorn StickD Major|d2FB AFEF|DFdB BABc|Tune Info
ReelBonnie KateD Major|A2dA BdAF|DFAF EA,CE|Tune Info
ReelBoyne HuntD Major|A2FA DAFA|DAFA BEeB|Tune Info
ReelBoys of BallisodareG Major|dG~G2 dGeG|dG~G2 BAAB|Tune Info
ReelBoys of MalinA Major|ABcd eAce|fedf edcB|Tune Info
ReelBrendan McMahon'sE Dorian|B3B BAFB|A2FA DAFA|Tune Info
ReelBroken PledgeD Dorian|dcAG ADDd|cBGF ECCC|Tune Info
ReelBucks of OranmoreD Major|~A2FA A2dB|~A2FA BEE2|Tune Info
ReelBunch of KeysG Mixolydian|AGGF ~G3A|BG~G2 eGdG|Tune Info
ReelBunker HillD Mixolydian|GE~E2 D2DD|(3EFGAB c2BG|Tune Info
ReelCallaghan'sD Major|[F4A4] [GA][EA][EA][EA]|[EA][DA][DA][FA] ABA[GA]|Tune Info
ReelCameronian ReelD Major|A/B/AFA DFAF|GFEF GBdB|Tune Info
ReelCastle KellyA Dorian|~A2cA ~A2cA|GE~E2 ~G2EG|Tune Info
ReelCharlie Lennon's No. 4D Major|F2AF dFAF|DFAF GBAG|Tune Info
ReelCharlie Mulvihill's ReelD Major|AF~F2 G2FG|AF~F2 EGFE|Tune Info
ReelChattering MagpieG Major|BGAF DGGA|BBge fdcA|Tune Info
ReelChicago ReelA Dorian|cded cAGE|~G2GE G2(3Bcd|Tune Info
ReelChristmas EveG Major|D3E G3A|B2eB ABG2|Tune Info
ReelColdest Day in SummerD Mixolydian|FDDC A,DDE|FEFG AdAG|Tune Info
ReelCollege GrovesD Mixolydian|D2(3=FED AD=FA|E2BE cEdE|Tune Info
ReelCollier's ReelD Mixolydian|FD(3EFG ~A3B|c/B/AdB cAAG|Tune Info
ReelColonel McBainE Dorian|GEBE GEEG|FDAD FDDD|Tune Info
ReelCome West along the RoadG Major|d2BG dGBA|GABd efge|Tune Info
ReelCongress ReelA Dorian|eAAG ABcd|eaaf gedg|Tune Info
ReelConnor Dunn'sG Major|ABAG dGGD|BdAG ~A3G|Tune Info
ReelContradictionA Major|cccA BEEE|GABc dfed|Tune Info
ReelCooley'sE Dorian|EBBA ~B2EB|~B2AB dBAG|Tune Info
ReelCopperplateG Major|G2dB ~G2dB|~G2dc BGGB|Tune Info
ReelCorney Is ComingD Mixolydian|Add^c defd|^cABG EFGE|Tune Info
ReelCraig's PipesG Major|B2BA BAGA|BBGB AGED|Tune Info
ReelCrock of GoldG Major|ABdB BAGE|GGGA GEDB|Tune Info
ReelCrooked Road to DublinG Major|G2~G2 FGAF|~G2AG AdcA|Tune Info
ReelCrowley's No. 1D Major|A2Ad B2dB|AD{F}ED AD{F}ED|Tune Info
ReelCrowley's No. 2D Major|fd~d2 edBc|(3dcB{c}BA BFFA|Tune Info
ReelCup of TeaE Dorian|BAGF GEEE|GEBE GEEA|Tune Info
ReelCurlewsB Dorian|fB~B2 FB~B2|fece agae|Tune Info
ReelDan Breen'sA Dorian|e2dB ABAG|EAAG A2gf|Tune Info
ReelDick Gossip'sD Major|gB~B2 gBaB|gB~B2 gfed|Tune Info
ReelDinky'sA Mixolydian|(3cdc(3BcB ABcd|egfd edBf|Tune Info
ReelDinny O'Brien'sD Mixolydian|fd~d2 dcAB|c2dB cAGE|Tune Info
ReelDogs among the BushesG Mixolydian|BG~G2 DG~G2|BG~G2 cedc|Tune Info
ReelDonald BlueD Major|dBAF AAFA|dBAF EFDd|Tune Info
ReelDonegal ReelD Major|D2DE FEFG|AFBF AFDF|Tune Info
ReelDowd's No. 9D Major|DF[FA]F GF~E2|DEFA dABG|Tune Info
ReelDown the BroomA Dorian|E2~A2 A2Bd|eg~g2 egdD|Tune Info
ReelDrag Her around the RoadE Minor|BEED ~E2GE|EDB,E DEGA|Tune Info
ReelDrowsy MaggieE Dorian|E2BE dEBE|EEBE AFDF|Tune Info
ReelDrunken LandladyE Dorian|BE~E2 BAFA|BE~E2 BAFB|Tune Info
ReelDrunken TinkerA Dorian|EAAG EGAG|EA~A2 fAeA|Tune Info
ReelDublin ReelD Major|dF~F2 dfec|dF~F2 AFEF|Tune Info
ReelDuke of LeinsterG Major|~G3B dB~B2|dBeB dBAB|Tune Info
ReelDunmore LassesE Dorian|~E3F ~G3A|Be~e2 Beez|Tune Info
ReelEarl's ChairG Major|B3B BAFA|B2dB BAFB|Tune Info
ReelEel in the SinkA Dorian|e2AB cdeA|dGAG dG(3Bcd|Tune Info
ReelEileen CurranG Dorian|BAGF DGGc|AFcF dFFc|Tune Info
ReelEnchanted LadyD Major|~A3G FAdB|AGFD EA,~A,2|Tune Info
ReelEwe ReelG Mixolydian|DGG^F D2GE|~F2AF cFA^F|Tune Info
ReelFair WindG Major|G2GF GGGA|BAGA BAAA|Tune Info
ReelFar from HomeG Major|GEDE G3A|B2BA Bcd2|Tune Info
ReelFarewell to ConnaughtD Mixolydian|D2ED E/F/GAB|~c3d c2AG|Tune Info
ReelFarewell to IrelandD Major|D2(3FED FAAB|defd edBd|Tune Info
ReelFarewell to IrelandA Mixolydian|A,G,A,E E2AE|GEDB, G,A,B,G,|Tune Info
ReelFarewell to LeitrimD Mixolydian|d2AG FADF|Ec~c2 EcBc|Tune Info
ReelFarrell O'GaraD Major|A,D~D2 A,DFA|BFAF EFAc|Tune Info
ReelFather Kelly'sG Major|BBGB AGEG|DGGF GABd|Tune Info
ReelFermoy LassesE Dorian|GE~E2 cE~E2|GE~E2 B=cBA|Tune Info
ReelFinbarr Dwyer'sA Mixolydian|EA,CA, EA,CA,|G,3A, B,A,(3B,CD|Tune Info
ReelFinbarr Dwyer'sA Mixolydian|A2Ae cAec|AEAe dBGA|Tune Info
ReelFirst Month of SpringD Major|dB~B2 A2FA|dAFA defe|Tune Info
ReelFish TankG Mixolydian|DGGA A2GA|ADGA BBAG|Tune Info
ReelFive-Mile ChaseG Major|G2BG dGBG|FADA FADF|Tune Info
ReelFlax in BloomD Major|D2F/E/D FAAf|gefd edBd|Tune Info
ReelFloating CrowbarD Mixolydian|AD{F}ED AD{F}ED|AD{F}ED A2GF|Tune Info
ReelFlogging ReelG Major|BGGG B/A/Gdc|BGGG B/c/dgd|Tune Info
ReelFlowers of Red HillA Dorian|eA~A2 eAgA|eA~A2 eAdA|Tune Info
ReelFoxhunter's ReelG Major|dGBG dGBG|dGBG AGEG|Tune Info
ReelFred Finn'sD Major|A3F A2de|fdec d2cd|Tune Info
ReelFree and EasyD Major|F2EG FDDE|FAAG FDDE|Tune Info
ReelFull Rigged ShipA Mixolydian|a3a ageg|agbg agef|Tune Info
ReelGaltee RangersD Major|AFFE F2DE|F2FE FAdB|Tune Info
ReelGalway RamblerG Major|G2dG eGdG|G2{e}dB AGEG|Tune Info
ReelGeorge White's FavouriteG Major|eB~B2 eBdB|AGAB GED2|Tune Info
ReelGlass of BeerB Minor|fB~B2 fBaB|fB~B2 eBde|Tune Info
ReelGlen AllenG Major|G2DG EGDE|G2BG AGEG|Tune Info
ReelGlen of AherlowE Dorian|B2AF dFAF|EDEF EDB,D|Tune Info
ReelGlen Road to CarrickD Mixolydian|FD~D2 D3E|FDGE FDFG|Tune Info
ReelGlentaun ReelG Major|DGBG AGBG|DGBG AE~E2|Tune Info
ReelGolden KeyboardE Dorian|BGEF GFGA|B2gB fBed|Tune Info
ReelGood Morning to Your NightcapA Dorian|e4 d4|~c3d ecd2|Tune Info
ReelGorman'sD Major|A3B defa|agfd efdB|Tune Info
ReelGranny Quinn'sD Mixolydian|DFAd c2AG|Ac~c2 Ad~d2|Tune Info
ReelGravel WalksA Dorian|A2eA BAeA|~A2eA BAGB|Tune Info
ReelGreen Fields of AmericaG Major|c2ec BddB|(3ABcBG AE~E2|Tune Info
ReelGreen GatesG Major|GBdg eedB|GBdg eedg|Tune Info
ReelGreen Groves of ErinA Dorian|A2{c}BA eA{c}BA|GABd gedB|Tune Info
ReelGreen MountainD Major|AF~F2 AFEF|DF~F2 ~A3d|Tune Info
ReelHand Me Down the TackleD Major|dD~D2 {G}FDFA|d2af gfec|Tune Info
ReelHeather BreezeG Major|DGBG dGBG|DF~F2 BFAF|Tune Info
ReelHigh ReelA Mixolydian|a2fA cAA2|{c}BAeA cAeA|Tune Info
ReelHolly BushD Mixolydian|A2FA DAFG|ABde fded|Tune Info
ReelHoneymoonG Major|BG~G2 DG~G2|Bdea gedc|Tune Info
ReelHumours of BallyconnellD Major|d2fe dBA=c|BFAF E2FA|Tune Info
ReelHumours of LissadellE Dorian|eB~B2 eBdB|AF~F2 EDB,A,|Tune Info
ReelHumours of Mickey'sD Dorian|AG~G2 AF~F2|AG~G2 Addc|Tune Info
ReelHumours of TullaD Major|d2Ad BdAd|d2fd edBd|Tune Info
ReelHumours of WestportF Major|AFcF dFcF|AccA BdcB|Tune Info
ReelHunter's HouseG Major|Bd~d2 cAFA|G2BG dGBG|Tune Info
ReelHunter's PurseA Dorian|eAAB AGEF|G2AF GED2|Tune Info
ReelI Have No MoneyD Major|FAdB ~A3G|FAdA FE(3EFG|Tune Info
ReelIn Memory of ColemanG Minor|DcBd cBGF|DF~F2 GFDF|Tune Info
ReelJackie Coleman'sD Major|AF~F2 EDB,D|F2AF BFAF|Tune Info
ReelJackson'sD Major|FAAB AFDF|B/c/AFA GECE|Tune Info
ReelJackson's No. 2D Major|D2FD EDFE|DEFD EA,~A,2|Tune Info
ReelJenny Picking CocklesD Mixolydian|Ad~d2 AGE=F|GEcE dEcE|Tune Info
ReelJenny's ChickensB Dorian|f2fe fece|fef2 eAce|Tune Info
ReelJenny's WeddingD Major|D2DD ADFA|AAde fded|Tune Info
ReelJenny's Welcome to CharlieD Mixolydian|DEDB ADFD|Ec~c2 dBcB|Tune Info
ReelJohn Blessing'sD Major|AFDF EFDF|AFAd e2dB|Tune Info
ReelJohn Dwyer'sG Major|dB~B2 GEDE|GB~B2 dBGB|Tune Info
ReelJohn Stenson's No. 1D Major|dAfA aAfA|abaf e2A/B/c|Tune Info
ReelJohn Stenson's No. 2A Mixolydian|ABcA B2B/c/B|ABcB BAFB|Tune Info
ReelJohnny Allen'sD Mixolydian|A2BG AGFG|DccB cdcB|Tune Info
ReelJolly TinkerA Dorian|A2AB G2GB|A2Az gedB|Tune Info
ReelJug of PunchD Dorian|A,2DC DEFG|AG~G2 ABGF|Tune Info
ReelJulia DelaneyD Dorian|dcAG ~F3D|~E2GE ~F2FA|Tune Info
ReelKerry ReelE Dorian|BE~E2 BAFA|ABde fded|Tune Info
ReelKillarney Boys of PleasureE Dorian|FEDF E2FA|BFAF DEFA|Tune Info
ReelKillavil FancyG Major|DGBG A^cBA|GEE2 ^cEGE|Tune Info
ReelKiss the Maid behind the BarrelG Major|DG~G2 AG~G2|DG~G2 cAFA|Tune Info
ReelKitty Gone a MilkingG Major|dG~G2 d2cA|dG~G2 FGAB/c/|Tune Info
ReelKnotted CordA Dorian|A3B AGEA|AB^cd egdB|Tune Info
ReelLad O'Beirne'sG Major|DG~G2 DGBG|AcBG AGEG|Tune Info
ReelLad O'Beirne'sF Major|d2cA dAcA|GcAF GFDF|Tune Info
ReelLadies' PantalettesG Major|(3BcdcA GFG2|A=FFE FGAc|Tune Info
ReelLady Anne MontgomeryD Major|FADA FADA|FAdA BAdA|Tune Info
ReelLarry Redican's ReelG Major|AGEG DG,B,D|BAGA BedB|Tune Info
ReelLast Night's FunD Major|ADFD A2dB|ADdD EFGB|Tune Info
ReelLimestone RockG Major|B2~G2 A2~G2|DG~G2 A2dc|Tune Info
ReelLondon LassesG Major|G2BG dGBd|ea~a2 egdB|Tune Info
ReelLongford CollectorG Major|G3A Bdd2|eB~B2 eBdB|Tune Info
ReelLongford TinkerB Minor|dBBA ~B3c|dB~B2 fBeB|Tune Info
ReelLord Gordon'sD Major|AD{F}ED AD{F}ED|AD{F}ED FAdc|Tune Info
ReelLord McDonald'sG Major|DGBG dGBG|cGBG AGEG|Tune Info
ReelLucy CampbellD Major|AD{F}ED D2dB|ADFA BE~E2|Tune Info
ReelMaid behind the BarD Major|FAAG FDD2|FAAF A2de|Tune Info
ReelMaid in the Cherry TreeA Dorian|eA{c}BA eA{c}BA|GBde dBGg|Tune Info
ReelMaid of Mount KiscoA Dorian|E2AA BA~A2|EA~A2 BGAG|Tune Info
ReelMaid's LakeD Aeolian|A2dA eAdA|AAdA eAdc|Tune Info
ReelMaids of MitchelstownD Dorian|D2AG EG~G2|A2GA cAGE|Tune Info
ReelMan of the HouseE Dorian|E2BE GABG|EEBG AFDB|Tune Info
ReelMaple LeafE Dorian|E2EF GEE2|B2AB AGED|Tune Info
ReelMartin Mulhaire's #9D Major|FdAF DFAF|G2BG DGBd|Tune Info
ReelMartin Wynne'sB Minor|F2AF E2FE|DB,~B,2 DB,A,D|Tune Info
ReelMartin Wynne'sD Major|AF~F2 GE~E2|FADF EB,B,2|Tune Info
ReelMary McMahonD Mixolydian|fdec d2AG|FGAB cAGB|Tune Info
ReelMcDonagh'sE Dorian|B2A=c BEED|EEBE EEBz|Tune Info
ReelMcFadden's Handsome DaughterA Major|EEEF ABc/B/A|~B3c ecAF|Tune Info
ReelMcFarley'sD Major|dD~D2 EDB,A,|D2FA BAFA|Tune Info
ReelMerry BlacksmithD Major|d3A BAFA|~A2FA BAFA|Tune Info
ReelMerry HarriersA Dorian|eAAA egfd|eAAA BGBd|Tune Info
ReelMichael Creamer'sD Major|A2dB AFDz|AFAB ~f3z|Tune Info
ReelMichael Kennedy's ReelA Dorian|a3g edBd|eaag (3egedg|Tune Info
ReelMilkmaidG Major|G2BG cABG|AD{F}ED FGAF|Tune Info
ReelMilliner's DaughterG Major|~G2BG DGBG|(3ABAeg fdcA|Tune Info
ReelMiss McLeodG Major|G2BG DGBG|B2BA BcBA|Tune Info
ReelMiss Patterson's SlipperE Dorian|B,E~E2 B,EFE|EDA,B, A,DFD|Tune Info
ReelMorning DewE Dorian|E3B {c}BAFA|[EB]BEB AGFD|Tune Info
ReelMorning DewE Dorian|B2EB GBEG|BEGB ~A3z|Tune Info
ReelMorning StarG Major|BBA^c/d/ BEEF|GG(3B^cd gfed|Tune Info
ReelMother and Child ReelD Major|A2GE FDDD|EGGG EGGG|Tune Info
ReelMountain LarkE Dorian|FE~E2 FEDE|FEED (3EGABA|Tune Info
ReelMountain RoadD Major|F2AF BFAF|FFAF EFDE|Tune Info
ReelMountain TopG Major|BGAG EGDG|~G2Bd e2gd|Tune Info
ReelMoving BogD Major|D2FA d2cd|B^ded cAAc|Tune Info
ReelMoving CloudF Major|C2AF DFAF|C2A2 CFA^F|Tune Info
ReelMullin's FancyD Major|fd~d2 eB~B2|dzed faag|Tune Info
ReelMusic in the GlenG Major|G2BG EGDd|BDGB AGAB|Tune Info
ReelMusical PriestB Dorian|FBBA BcdB|cBAc ecBA|Tune Info
ReelMy Love Is in AmericaD Mixolydian|FEFG AB^cA|Addc AddG|Tune Info
ReelNew Concertina ReelG Major|g2{a}gf {agf}g2dg|{a}g{a}gfg edBd|Tune Info
ReelNew Custom House ReelD Mixolydian|ADdD (3EFGAB|cAGE CEGc|Tune Info
ReelNew-Mown MeadowsA Mixolydian|eAAA BABd|dfed BddB|Tune Info
ReelNine Points of RogueryD Major|D2FD GEFE|DEFG ABAF|Tune Info
ReelNoisy CurlewD Major|DFF/E/F DG~G2|DFF/E/F E3F|Tune Info
ReelNoon LassesG Major|G2BG AGBG|~G2BG AGEF|Tune Info
ReelO'Rourke'sA Mixolydian|c/B/AeA fAeA|c/B/Aec dfed|Tune Info
ReelOld BushD Mixolydian|AAGA cAAG|Adde f2ed|Tune Info
ReelOld Concertina ReelD Major|A2FA BAFA|AAFA BAFA|Tune Info
ReelOld CopperplateA Dorian|A2EA cA~A2|aged cAFA|Tune Info
ReelOld Maids of GalwayG Major|eB~B2 e2dB|A2GA BAAA|Tune Info
ReelOld Woman of the HouseG Major|GB~B2 cBAB|GBdg ~e2dB|Tune Info
ReelOtter's HoltB Minor|fBBA FEFB|BA[FA]B ABde|Tune Info
ReelOver the Moor to MaggieG Major|~G3A BABd|ezgg dBAG|Tune Info
ReelPaddy Fahey's Reel No. 3G Major|G,2B,D GBdB|c2ag fgdc|Tune Info
ReelPaddy Finlay'sG Major|d2de dBAG|EAAG ABcA|Tune Info
ReelPaddy Ryan's DreamA Dorian|AE~E2 cABG|ECDC B,CDE|Tune Info
ReelPaddy Taylor'sD Mixolydian|FEDF A2AF|GEcE dEcE|Tune Info
ReelPeeler's JacketG Major|GGBG DGBG|FGAB c2Bc|Tune Info
ReelPigeon on the GateE Dorian|BE~E2 BdcA|BA^GA BAFE|Tune Info
ReelPiper's DespairE Dorian|EFGA BAFA|(3BcdAd BdAF|Tune Info
ReelProvidence ReelD Major|(3FEDEC DEFA|~d2fd gdfd|Tune Info
ReelRainy DayA Dorian|EAAG ~A3B|cded cBAc|Tune Info
ReelRakish PaddyD Mixolydian|c2cB cBAB|cBcE EFGB|Tune Info
ReelRavelled Hank of YarnG Major|B3G A3B|G~B3 G~B3|Tune Info
ReelReconciliationA Major|A2BA eAfA|eAfA ecBc|Tune Info
ReelRed-Haired LassG Major|DG~G2 GABG|G2BG AGEG|Tune Info
ReelReel of MullinavatE Dorian|gafg edBA|GEFD EDB,D|Tune Info
ReelReel of RioG Major|DEGA ~B3d|eg~g2 agea|Tune Info
ReelRepeal of the UnionD Mixolydian|A2FD ADFD|E2GE BEGE|Tune Info
ReelReturn to Camden TownA Minor|E2DE CA,~A,2|~E2CD EGAB|Tune Info
ReelRichard Dwyer'sG Major|gedB edBG|GGBG DGB/c/d|Tune Info
ReelRichard Dwyer's ReelA Dorian|A2EA cdeg|d/d/dBG AEGF|Tune Info
ReelRoad to CashelE Dorian|FEED E2~E2|FE~E2 dEBd|Tune Info
ReelRoad to LisdoonvarnaD Mixolydian|DAAG ABcA|GEEE cEGE|Tune Info
ReelRoad to RecoveryD Dorian|DA,B,C DFAG|cGBG cGBG|Tune Info
ReelRoaring MaryD Major|DF~F2 AF~F2|df~f2 g2fe|Tune Info
ReelRolling in the BarrelE Dorian|E2~E2 BE~E2|B2AF DEFD|Tune Info
ReelRolling in the RyegrassD Mixolydian|A3F DFAF|G2BG dGBG|Tune Info
ReelRoscommon ReelE Dorian|EFGA BAGB|AF~F2 dFAF|Tune Info
ReelSailor's BonnetD Major|A2FA df~f2|dfef dB~B2|Tune Info
ReelSalamancaD Major|AD~D2 ADBD|Adcd fedc|Tune Info
ReelSally GardensG Major|G2DG BdGB|dBeB dBAB|Tune Info
ReelScholarD Major|dfaf gfeg|fdAG FGA=c|Tune Info
ReelScotch MaryA Dorian|cE~E2 cded|cE~E2 GGAB|Tune Info
ReelSeán Reid'sG Major|DGGG BGGG|d/c/AFA dGGF|Tune Info
ReelSeán sa CheoA Mixolydian|e2df eABd|e2ef dG^c^G|Tune Info
ReelShaskeenG Major|DG~G2 F2B^c|d2ed ^cAA=c|Tune Info
ReelShips Are SailingE Dorian|Beed BcdB|A2FD ADFD|Tune Info
ReelSilver SpearD Major|FAAF BAFA|dfed BddA|Tune Info
ReelSilver SpireD Major|D2FE DFA2|dcde fdAF|Tune Info
ReelSkylarkD Major|agfg e2dB|AF~F2 DFFA|Tune Info
ReelSligo MaidA Dorian|A2{^c}BA Bc/d/ef|gedB AGEF|Tune Info
ReelSpeed the PloughD Major|~d3A BAFB|AF~F2 EDDE|Tune Info
ReelSpike Island LassiesD Mixolydian|cAGB ADDE|EDAD E/F/GAd|Tune Info
ReelSporting NellD Mixolydian|ADDD A2dB|A/A/AGE EDEG|Tune Info
ReelSporting PaddyA Dorian|EAAB GABG|EAAB G2ED|Tune Info
ReelSt. Anne'sD Major|ffdf efdB|A2FA D/F/AFA|Tune Info
ReelStar of MunsterA Dorian|c2Ac B2GB|AE~E2 GEDG|Tune Info
ReelSteampacketG Major|BG~G2 AGGD|DG~G2 A2dc|Tune Info
ReelStony StepsD Major|A3B AF~F2|AFdF efdA|Tune Info
ReelSunny BanksD Major|AFFF d2cA|B/c/dAF GFGB|Tune Info
ReelSwallow's TailA Dorian|eABA eABA|(3B^cdef gAdB|Tune Info
ReelSweeney's ButtermilkB Minor|FB~B2 FB~B2|dcBA BE~E2|Tune Info
ReelSwinging on a GateG Major|gedB G2AB|czBG AGEF|Tune Info
ReelTap RoomE Dorian|E2BE dEBB|dBAF DFED|Tune Info
ReelTarboltonE Dorian|EA[eA]B [Be]B[Be]A|GBAF GFEF|Tune Info
ReelTear the CalicoD Major|d3c defd|edBd egfe|Tune Info
ReelTeetotallerG Major|G2GF GABc|dBgf ecDD|Tune Info
ReelTempestD Minor|AdcA GE~E2|DEGE cE~E2|Tune Info
ReelTemplehouseE Dorian|E2GE BEGE|D2(3FED AD(3FED|Tune Info
ReelThrough the WoodsB Minor|ABBd cAAd|B/c/def fedc|Tune Info
ReelTom Billy'sD Major|DFEF D2Ad|cAGD ~E2GE|Tune Info
ReelTommy Coen'sE Dorian|EDB,A, B,EFA|BBed dBAF|Tune Info
ReelTorn JacketD Major|F3A d2ed|cA~A2 B/c/dec|Tune Info
ReelToss the FeathersE Dorian|EBBB dBBB|EB~BA FDFA|Tune Info
ReelToss the FeathersD Mixolydian|D2~D2 AD~D2|ABcA GECE|Tune Info
ReelTouch Me If You DareG Major|BGGB Agfd|BGGG GBdc|Tune Info
ReelTouching ClothE Major|BE~E2 cBGc|Bceg fgec|Tune Info
ReelTrip to DurrowD Major|D2ED ADFA|defd ~B3c|Tune Info
ReelTurnpikeA Major|A2cA BAFA|E3F ABce|Tune Info
ReelTuttle's ReelD Dorian|A,2DE FEFG|A/c/AGc A[dD][dD]z|Tune Info
ReelTwelve PinsG Major|dB~B2 dBGB|dA~A2 dAFA|Tune Info
ReelUnion ReelA Mixolydian|ee{c}BA eA{c}BA|eA{c}BA Bcdf|Tune Info
ReelVirginiaD Major|DBBA ~B3B|BAdB AFEF|Tune Info
ReelWheels of the WorldD Mixolydian|AD(3FED FAGF|EC~C2 EFGB|Tune Info
ReelWidow's DaughterE Dorian|G,{D}Bed ~B3A|DB~B2 dBAF|Tune Info
ReelWild IrishmanD Major|~F3E DE[FA]F|EA,~A,2 EA,~A,2|Tune Info
ReelWind that Shakes the BarleyD Major|~A3B AFEF|DBBA BcdB|Tune Info
ReelWise MaidD Major|F3F FEDE|FAAB AFED|Tune Info
ReelWithin a Mile of DublinD Mixolydian|ADDE FEFG|ADDd cABG|Tune Info
ReelWoman of the HouseG Major|[D4B4] ~B2BA|GABd eBdB|Tune Info
ReelYellow TinkerG Mixolydian|DG~G2 DF~F2|DG~G2 dGBG|Tune Info
SchotJoe Bane's SchottischeA Major|eAAB c2(3cBA|e2A2 A2af|Tune Info
SetDBlackbirdG Major|BGBd cABG|~A3G ABcA|Tune Info
SetDGarden of DaisiesD Major|a2af gbag|fefa gfef|Tune Info
SetDJob of JourneyworkD Major|dcAG FGAB|(3cBABG A2fe|Tune Info
SetDJockey at the FairG Major|G2A B2c|d2g d2c|Tune Info
SetDKing of the FairiesE Minor|E^DEF GFGA|B2B2 G3A|Tune Info
SetDSt. Patrick's DayG Major|GAG GBd|gfe dBG|Tune Info
SetDThe Three Sea CaptainsG Major|G2G BGB|c2A F2D|Tune Info
SgJigAsk My FatherD Major|F2D DDD|A2G F2D|Tune Info
SgJigCon Cassidy'sG Major|B3 BAB|d2c AGF|Tune Info
SgJigDinny Delaney'sD Mixolydian|A2D D2D|A2B G2B|Tune Info
SgJigGrandmom'sD Mixolydian|d2c A2c|d2c A2G|Tune Info
SgJigHag at the ChurnD Mixolydian|A2G ADD|A2G Adc|Tune Info
SgJigKathleen O'HehirD Major|dcd e2d|c2E EFG|Tune Info
SgJigMiller's MaggotG Major|G2A B2A|B2A BGE|Tune Info
SgJigPat Ward'sD Major|FED A2D|B2D A2D|Tune Info
SgJigSweets of MayG Major|B2G AGF|GAG Gdc|Tune Info
SgJigYellow WattleD Mixolydian|dcA AGE|ABA ABc|Tune Info
SgReelAnything for John JoeD Major|F2AF G2BG|F2AF E2D2|Tune Info
SgReelBiddy Martin'sD Major|fed2 B2e2|e2f2 e2d2|Tune Info
SgReelGer the RiggerA Major|e2A2 e2A2|efed c2A2|Tune Info
SlideAbbey's Green IsleG Major|B3 BAB ddB G2A|BAB d2B A2B G2A|Tune Info
SlideAcross the RoadA Dorian|ABc B2G A2B c2d|e2A ^cBA e2A cBA|Tune Info
SlideAn ChóisirB Minor|F2B BAB d2e f3|e3 efe c2e a[DF]F|Tune Info
SlideBarrack HillA Dorian|e2A ABd e2d B2d|e2A BBA G2A B2d|Tune Info
SlideBridge of AthloneD Major|AzA ABc d2A FGF|A2G EDE B2A F2G|Tune Info
SlideBridgie Con MattsD Major|f2e d2c d3 A3|Bcd Bcd Bcd A3|Tune Info
SlideBridgie Murphy's SlideA Mixolydian|ABc B2c A3 A3|ABc BAF E3 E3|Tune Info
SlideBrosna SlideA Major|E2A A2B cBc e2c|B2E GFE B2E GFE|Tune Info
SlideCeanngulla SlideD Major|d2B AFA Add dcd|def g2f fed ~B3 d2B|Tune Info
SlideClogG Major|ABA A2G F2G A2B|cBc e2d B3 B2G|Tune Info
SlideCúil AodhaD Major|Bcd Bcd c2B A2d|Bcd e2f g3 gfg|Tune Info
SlideDanny Ab's SlideG Major|B2B cBc d2d dge|dBG dBG A2A AGA|Tune Info
SlideDenis Murphy'sD Major|A2D {F}E2D F2A A2f|fg2 ~f3 e2d B2d|Tune Info
SlideDenis O'Keeffe'sA Mixolydian|E2A ABA E2A ABA|e2A ABA G2E F2D|Tune Info
SlideDenis O'Keeffe's SlideA Dorian|E2A ABA G2A Bcd|e2A dBA G3 F2G|Tune Info
SlideDingle RegattaG Major|d2d e2d BAB d2B|AAA AGA B2A G2B|Tune Info
SlideGleanntán FrolicsD Major|d2B AFA d2B AFA|d2B AFE F2B B2A|Tune Info
SlideGlountane SlideD Major|d2e f2e dcd BdB|g2A B2A e2A cBA|Tune Info
SlideGoing to the Well for WaterD Major|A2f A2f A2f fed|B2g B2g B2g gfe|Tune Info
SlideGollánD Major|F2A ABA G2B BAG|F2A A2F E2F D2E|Tune Info
SlideHare in the CornG Major|BBB A/B/AG BdB AGA|B2e d2B (3AB^cA AGA|Tune Info
SlideI'd Rather Be Married Than LeftD Major|ABB AFA d2A A2F|ABB AFA B2E E2B|Tune Info
SlideJohn Kelly'sD Major|f2A ABA B2A ded|c2B BAB ~g3 f2e|Tune Info
SlideJohnny Mickey'sD Major|FGF F2E D3 D2E|FGF F2D E2F GFG|Tune Info
SlideKeefe'sD Major|A2F A2d f3 {g}f3|gfe fed B3 B2A|Tune Info
SlideKilfenora JigG Major|B2B BAB dBA G3|ded ded ded B2A|Tune Info
SlideLeave Well AloneD Major|f2A f2A f2e efe|dBc d2e dcB ABd|Tune Info
SlideLisheenG Major|AB2 BAB G2B A2G|BdB BAG A2B c2A|Tune Info
SlideMerrily Kissed the QuakerG Major|GAB D2B ccA BGE|GAB DEG AAA AGE|Tune Info
SlideMicko Russell's SlideD Major|A2A A2A ABA F2E|DFA B2A B2A F2z|Tune Info
SlideNelly Mahony'sD Major|e3 efe d2f a2f|ede f2e d2B B2d|Tune Info
SlideNóra ChríonnaD Major|DDD D2E F2D A2F|DDD D2F E2F G2E|Tune Info
SlideO'Connor'sE Dorian|B2e e2f e2d B2A|B2d dBA B2d dBA|Tune Info
SlideO'Keeffe'sD Major|aff gee fed B2A|aff gee fdd d2f|Tune Info
SlideO'Keeffe's SlideA Dorian|A2e e2d BAB d2B|A2e e2d B2G GFG|Tune Info
SlidePadraig O'Keefe's FavouriteA Mixolydian|e3 efe dcd e2d|c2A BBA [A3a3] [A2a2]g|Tune Info
SlidePatsy Geary'sD Major|F2A AFA B=cB A2G|F2A d2e f3 fef|Tune Info
SlidePaudy Scully'sG Major|d2B BAB g2e f2e|d2B BAB e3 e2f|Tune Info
SlidePriestG Major|edB d2B d2B B2g|edB d2B c2A A2g|Tune Info
SlideRathawaunD Major|EF2 AFA Bdd ABA|DFE EDE F2D D2E|Tune Info
SlideRoad to LisdoonvarnaE Dorian|E2B B2A B2c d3|F2A ABA D2E FED|Tune Info
SlideScartaglen SlideG Major|B3 cBA G2E D2G|EFG A2B c3 B2A|Tune Info
SlideStar above the GarterG Major|d2B BAG A2A A/B/^cA|G2E BcB BAG ABc|Tune Info
SlideWeaversD Major|fed B2d A2d F2A|dAF D2F E3 g3|Tune Info
SlideWhere Is the Cat?A Major|EFE A2E F2E A2E|EFE A2c BcA F2E|Tune Info
SlideWorn Torn PetticoatA Dorian|c2A BAG A2G E2D|E2G G2A B2d d2B|Tune Info
SongA Stór Mo ChroíA MinorTune Info
SongAmhrán na LeabharE DorianTune Info
SongAn Spailpín FánachTune Info
SongCeol a'PhíobaireD MajorTune Info
SongIs Trua Nach Bhfuil Mé in ÉirinnE DorianTune Info
SongLittle Bridget FlynnF# Minor|A2AA G2GG|FGFE C2FG|Tune Info
SongMy Lagan LoveG MixolydianTune Info
SongNed of the HillG MajorTune Info
SongParting GlassE MinorTune Info
SongRocks of BawnTune Info
SongSpinning WheelG Major|B2 B2 DG|B2 B2 zD|Tune Info
SongSweet Forget-Me-NotD MajorTune Info
SongTír na n-ÓgC MajorTune Info
StrathPeter BaillieE Dorian|B<EB>A B<EB>c|d>BA>G F>D(3FGA|Tune Info
WaltzBelltableD Major|d2 de d2|d2 c2 B2|Tune Info
WaltzBoolavogueG Major|G3 A//G//E/ D2|G2 B2 d2|Tune Info
WaltzGentle MaidenD Major|d3 c d2|f2 e2 d2|Tune Info
WaltzHer Mantle So GreenE Minor|E3 F E2|E2 D2 B,2|Tune Info
WaltzJosefin's WaltzG Major|D2 G2 A2|B2 d3 c|Tune Info
WaltzMoonlight on the Yellow RiverD Major|D2 F2 A2|A4 BF|Tune Info
WaltzMrs. Kenny'sD Major|f2-f>e dc|d4 FG|Tune Info
WaltzOld Time WaltzG Major|[DG,]z [BG]z [BG]z|[DG,]z cz [c2E]|Tune Info
WaltzSeamus McManusG Major|e2 d2 B2|G3 A BG|Tune Info
WaltzTommy Bhetty's WaltzG Major|G3 B dB|G3 B dB|Tune Info