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Jack Schroevers's and Anneke Eijkelboom's Index of Tune Titles in Various Tunebooks

Jack and Anneke are freely sharing their work typing in nearly 15,000 tune titles from the many different tunebooks listed below. Jack first submitted this file for publication here on 6 May 2007. The current version provided here is dated 6 May 2007. Jack, who lives in the Netherlands, started this project in 1998 and writes, "The more people can find what they are looking for in it, the better." Please contact Jack to contribute corrections or suggestions. E-mail Jack at jackschr@wxs.nlnospam (remove the letters "nospam" to use this address) or Alan at Alan can convert this file to other formats if your computer can't read Excel format.

Book titles as they are listed in the spreadsheet:


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