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This discography explains the album codes used throughout this site. It may also serve on its own as a useful discography of Irish traditional music.

Current status: Every Irish traditional tune on 971 albums is definitively identified in this database, covering a total of 28,530 tune and song recordings. As a result, after careful analysis and listening, I mapped all of those to just 7,582 musically distinct tunes, which represent 99.1% of the tunes in this database.

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[Year] is not simply the year of publication. I have tried instead to identify the year that the material was actually recorded. In cases where the material is from a span of years, I give the year in which the newest material was recorded.

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Artist. Title. [Year] Primary musicians.
Full details 2TapTrio The Two Tap Trio. A Night at the Fair. [2010] Nathan Gourley, Norah Rendell, Brian Miller.
Full details 4IC Joe Burke, Finbarr Dwyer, Kevin Loughlin, John Whelan. Pure Irish Traditional Accordion. Session with Four Irish Champions. [1975]
Full details 4MD 2 Four Men and a Dog. Shifting Gravel. [1993] Cathal Hayden, Gino Lupari, Kevin Doherty, Arty McGlynn, Conor Keane, Gerry O'Connor.
Full details 4StarT 2 Four Star Trio. Magnetic South. [2014] Johnny McCarthy, Con Ó Drisceoil, Pat Herring Ahern.
Full details A 1 Frankie Kennedy and Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh. Altan. [1987] Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Frankie Kennedy.
Full details A AS Altan. Another Sky. [2000] Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Ciaran Tourish, Dermot Byrne, Ciaran Curran, Mark Kelly, Dáithi Sproule.
Full details A B Altan. Blackwater. [1996] Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Ciaran Tourish, Dermot Byrne, Ciaran Curran, Mark Kelly, Dáithi Sproule.
Full details A BI Altan. Blue Idol. [2001] Not identified in liner notes. [Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Ciaran Tourish, Dermot Byrne, Ciaran Curran, Mark Kelly, Dáithi Sproule].
Full details A FTY Altan. The First Ten Years 1986/1995. [1993]
Full details A GD Altan. The Gap of Dreams. [2018] Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Ciarán Curran, Dáithí Sproule, Mark Kelly, Martin Tourish.
Full details A HH Altan. Horse with a Heart. [1988] Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Frankie Kennedy, Paul O'Shaughnessy, Ciaran Curran, Mark Kelly.
Full details A HS Altan. Harvest Storm. [1991] Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Frankie Kennedy, Paul O'Shaughnessy, Ciaran Tourish, Mark Kelly, Ciaran Curran.
Full details A IA Altan. Island Angel. [1993] Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Frankie Kennedy, Mark Kelly, Ciaran Curran, Ciaran Tourish, Dáithi Sproule.
Full details A LG Altan. Local Ground. [2005] Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Ciaran Tourish, Mark Kelly, Ciaran Curran, Dermot Byrne, Dáithi Sproule.
Full details A PG Altan. Gleann Nimhe - The Poison Glen. [2012] Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Ciaran Curran, Ciaran Tourish, Dáithi Sproule, Mark Kelly, Dermot Byrne.
Full details A RC Altan. The Red Crow. [1990] Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Frankie Kennedy, Paul O'Shaughnessy, Mark Kelly, Ciaran Curran.
Full details A RS Altan. Runaway Sunday. [1997] Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Dermot Byrne, Ciaran Tourish, Ciaran Curran, Mark Kelly, Dáithi Sproule.
Full details AbsIr various. Absolutely Irish. [2007] Mac Benford, Darrah Carr, Liz Carroll, Karan Casey, Brendan Dolan, John Doyle, Seamus Egan, Eileen Ivers, Rhys Jones, Joanie Madden, Billy McComiskey, Susan McKeown, Mick Moloney, Robbie O'Connell, Niall O'Leary, Jerry O'Sullivan, Mike Rafferty, Athena Tergis.
Full details ACB 1 The Abbey Céilí Band. Bruach an tSuláin. [2000] Ger Murphy, Andrew O'Connell, Liam Forde, Micheál Creedon.
Full details ACC Aidan McMahon and Anthony Quigney. A Clare Conscience. [2002] Aidan McMahon, Anthony Quigney.
Full details AClareSn Willy Clancy and various. A Clare Session with Willy Clancy and Friends. [1973] Willy Clancy, presumably with Peadar O'Loughlin, Jimmy Ward, Martin Talty, and others.
Full details ACrby 1 Angelina Carberry. An Traidisiún Beo. [2005]
Full details ACrby 2 Angelina Carberry. Pluckin' Mad. [2014]
Full details AcrPond Across the Pond. Across the Pond. [2002] Kevin Griffin, Roger Burridge, Michael Shorrock, Quentin Cooper.
Full details ACwMoss Alison Perkins and Nicolas Brown. All Covered with Moss. [2016] Alison Perkins, Nicolas Brown.
Full details ADB various. Mighty Session! [1996]
Full details AFL Michael McGoldrick and John McSherry. At First Light. [2002] Michael McGoldrick, John McSherry.
Full details AGrnv 1 Aoife Granville. Sráid Eoin Shuffle. [2006]
Full details AGrnv 2 Aoife Granville. Sáimhín Só. [2014]
Full details AIC1 Paddy Canny, P.J. Hayes, Peadar O'Loughlin, Bridie Lafferty. An Historic Recording of Irish Traditional Music from County Clare and East Galway. [1959] Paddy Canny, P.J. Hayes.
Full details AIC2 Paddy Canny. Meet Paddy Canny. All-Ireland Champion - Violin. [1959]
Full details AJK Alan and John Kelly. Fourmilehouse. [2002] Alan Kelly, John Kelly.
Full details AKG 2 Alan Kelly Gang. The Last Bell. Rathcoole Sessions. [2014] Alan Kelly, Steph Geremia, Alasdair White, Tony Byrne, Manus Lunny.
Full details AL various. World Library of Folk and Primitive Music: Ireland. [1951]
Full details AL2 various. The New Demesne. Field Recordings Made by Alan Lomax in Ireland, 1951. [1951]
Full details Alt 1 The Alt. The Alt. [2014] John Doyle, Nuala Kennedy, Eamon O'Leary.
Full details AM Andy McGann and Paul Brady. It's A Hard Road to Travel. [1977] Andy McGann, Paul Brady.
Full details AMacN 1 Andrew Mac Namara. Dawn. [1999]
Full details AMPR Andy McGann and Paddy Reynolds. Andy McGann and Paddy Reynolds. [1976] Andy McGann, Paddy Reynolds.
Full details ANCPOC Aoife Ní Chaoimh, Paudie O'Connor. Didn't She Dance and Dance. Sliabh Luachra Music on Fiddle and Accordion. [2014]
Full details AOT 3 Any Old Time. Crossing. Traditional Music from Cork and Beyond. [1995] Matt Cranitch, Dave Hennessy, Mick Daly.
Full details ApW Brian Conway and Tony DeMarco. The Apple in Winter. Irish Music in New York. [1981] Brian Conway, Tony DeMarco.
Full details Arc 1 Arcady. After the Ball . . . [1991] Jackie Daly, Frances Black, Patsy Broderick, Johnny McDonagh, Brendan Larrisey, Nicolas Quemenar.
Full details Arc 2 Arcady. Many Happy Returns. [1995] Johnny McDonagh, Nicholas Quemener, Patsy Broderick, Conor Keane, Brendan Larrissey, Niamh Parsons.
Full details Aths 1 Áthas. Áthas. [2007] Heather Lewin-Tiarks, Amy Richter, Jeff Ksiazek.
Full details AtMcGn 1 Antóin MacGabhann. Ar Aon Bhuille. Matching Beats. [1994]
Full details AtMcGn 2 Antóin MacGabhann, with Charlie Lennon. Tunesmith. [2015] Antóin MacGabhann.
Full details AtR 2 At the Racket. Mirth-Making Heroes. [2001] John Carty, Brian McGrath, Seamus O'Donnell, Garry O'Briain, Brid Dooley.
Full details AtR 3 At the Racket. It's Not Racket Science. [2008] John Carty, Séamus O'Donnell, Brian McGrath, Michael McCague.
Full details ATrgs 1 Athena Tergis. A Letter Home. [2007]
Full details AW Paddy Reynolds, Charlie Mulvihill, James Keane, with Felix Dolan. Atlantic Wave. [1997] Paddy Reynolds, Charlie Mulvihill, James Keane.
Full details AWhyte Aggie Whyte. Aggie Whyte. [1979]
Full details Barde 1 Barde. Barde. [1977] Richard Chapman, Toby Cinnsealaé, Pierre Guérin, Cris MacRághallaigh [Chris Crilly], Ed Moore, Elliot Selick.
Full details BB 1 The Bothy Band. 1975. The First Album. [1975] Paddy Keenan, Matt Molloy, Tommy Peoples, Donal Lunny, Tríona Ni Dhomhnaill, Mícheál Ó Domhnaill.
Full details BB 2 The Bothy Band. Old Hag You Have Killed Me. [1976] Paddy Keenan, Matt Molloy, Kevin Burke, Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill, Mícheál Ó Domhnaill, Donal Lunny.
Full details BB 3 The Bothy Band. Out of the Wind into the Sun. [1977] Paddy Keenan, Matt Molloy, Kevin Burke, Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill, Dónal Lunny, Mícheál Ó Domhnaill.
Full details BB 4 The Bothy Band. After Hours. [1978] Kevin Burke, Paddy Keenan, Matt Molloy, Dónal Lunny, Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill, Mícheál Ó Domhnaill.
Full details BB 5 The Bothy Band. The Best of the Bothy Band. [1978]
Full details BB 6 The Bothy Band. Live in Concert. [1978] Kevin Burke, Matt Molloy, Paddy Keenan, Peter Browne, Dónal Lunny, Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill, Mícheál Ó Domhnaill.
Full details BBg 1 Breanndán Ó Beaglaoich. Seana Choirce. [1987]
Full details BBg 2 Brendan Begley. We Won't Go Home 'til Morning. [1997]
Full details BBg 3 Brendan Begley. It Could Be a Good Night Yet! Oíche go Maidean. [2002] Breanndán Ó Beaglaoich/Brendan Begley.
Full details BBow 1 Jackie Daly, Séamus & Manus McGuire. Buttons and Bows. [1984] Jackie Daly, Séamus McGuire, Manus McGuire.
Full details BBow 2 Buttons and Bows. The First Month of Summer. [1987] Séamus McGuire, Manus McGuire, Jackie Daly.
Full details BBow 3 Buttons and Bows. Grace Notes - Nótaí Maise. [1991] Jackie Daly, Séamus McGuire, Manus McGuire, Garry O'Briain.
Full details BBow 4 Buttons and Bows. The Return of Spring. [2015] Jackie Daly, Séamus McGuire, Manus McGuire, Garry O'Briain.
Full details BBWS Chad McAnally and Shawn McBurnie. Blackbird from the Willow Sings. [2011] Chad McAnally, Shawn McBurnie.
Full details BC 2 Bobby Casey. Taking Flight. [1977]
Full details BC 3 Bobby Casey. The Spirit of West Clare. [1971]
Full details BC 4 Bobby Casey. Maestro. [1975]
Full details BCB 2 The Bridge Céilí Band. Sparks on Flags. [1999] Tom Ahearne, Robert Gleeson, Karen Gavigan, Carthage Daly, Catherine McHugh, James Kinsella, Fionnuala Gleeson, Eugene Nolan, Pat O'Meara, Liam McCormack.
Full details BCw 1 Brian Conway. First through the Gate. [2002]
Full details BCw 2 Brian Conway. Consider the Source. [2008]
Full details Beg 1 Beginish. Beginish. [1997] Paul McGrattan, Paul O'Shaughnessy, Brendan Begley, Noel O'Grady.
Full details Beg 2 Beginish. Stormy Weather. [2001] Brendan Begley, Noel O'Grady, Paul McGrattan, Gavin Ralston, Paul O'Shaughnessy.
Full details BF Bards of a Feather. Homeward Way. [1991] Josh Culley, Susanna Perry, Barry Gilmore, David Heiser.
Full details BFair various. Ballinasloe Fair. Early Recordings of Irish Music in America. [1929]
Full details BG 2 Bobby Gardiner. Memories of Clare. [1962]
Full details BG 5 Bobby Gardiner. The Master's Choice. [1993]
Full details BG 6 Bobby Gardiner. The Clare Shout. [1998]
Full details BG 7 Bobby Gardiner. The High Level. [2010]
Full details BgCn Séamus Begley and Stephen Cooney. Meitheal. [1996] Séamus Begley, Stephen Cooney.
Full details BHCMoher Sean Ryan, Kathleen Ryan, Pat Lyons. Back Home to the Cliffs of Mohir [sic]. [1972] Sean Ryan, Pat Lyons, Kathleen Ryan.
Full details BHghs 2 Brian Hughes. Whirlwind. [2006]
Full details BHghs 3 Brian Hughes. The Beat of the Breath. [2013]
Full details BHIW Dolores Keane & John Faulkner. Broken Hearted I'll Wander. [1979] Dolores Keane, John Faulkner.
Full details BIABH 3 various. Bringing It All Back Home. Volume 3. [1991]
Full details BICM various. Best of Irish Ceili Music. Disc 5 of Celtic Souls. Irish Celtic Ballads & Traditional Music. [2000]
Full details BigSq various. The Big Squeeze. Masters of the Celtic Accordion. [1988]
Full details BlaMrl P.J. agus Marcus Hernon. Béal a' Mhurlaigh. [1989] P.J. Hernon, Marcus Hernon.
Full details Blasket various. Beauty an Oileáin. Music and Song of the Blasket Islands. [1989]
Full details BLch 2 Brendan P. Lynch. Irish Traditional Fiddle Music from the Heart of Fingal. [2005]
Full details BMc 1 Billy McComiskey. Makin' the Rounds. Irish Traditional Music. [1981]
Full details BMc 2 Billy McComiskey. Outside the Box. [2008]
Full details BMcGrth Brian McGrath. Pure Banjo. [2008]
Full details BMcNmr 1 Brian McNamara. A Piper's Dream. [2000]
Full details BMu 1 Brendan Mulvihill, accompanied by Mick Moloney. The Flax in Bloom. Traditional Irish Music. [1979] Brendan Mulvihill, Mick Moloney.
Full details BMu 2 Brendan Mulvihill, Donna Long. The Morning Dew. [1992]
Full details BnkShn Paddy O'Brien, Séamus Connolly. The Banks of the Shannon. [1990]
Full details BOCCOD1 Blackie O'Connell and Cyril O'Donoghue. Friars Green. [2014] Blackie O'Connell, Cyril O'Donoghue.
Full details BODFam Bríd O'Donohue and Family. Cliabhán an Dúchais. [2011] Bríd O'Donohue, Seán O'Brien, Eibhlís O'Brien, Deirdre O'Brien, Liam O'Brien, Sinéad O'Brien.
Full details Boh 3 Bohola. Bohola. [2002] Jimmy Keane, Sean Cleland, Pat Broaders.
Full details Boh 4 Bohola. 4. [2004] Jimmy Keane, Sean Cleland, Pat Broaders, Kat Eggleston.
Full details Boh 5 Bohola. Jimmy Keane & Pat Broaders. [2008] Jimmy Keane, Pat Broaders.
Full details BOLCG Bryan O'Leary, Colm Guilfoyle. Where the Bog Is. [2015]
Full details BorTr The Boruma Trio. Gléas. [2014] Andrew MacNamara, Eileen O'Brien, Geraldine Cotter.
Full details Boys 10 Boys of the Lough. Open Road. [1983] Aly Bain, Cathal McConnell, Dave Richardson, Tich Richardson.
Full details Boys 11 Boys of the Lough. To Welcome Paddy Home. [1985] Aly Bain, Cathal McConnell, Dave Richardson, Christy O'Leary, John Coakley.
Full details Boys 12 Boys of the Lough. Far from Home. [1984] Aly Bain, Cathal McConnell, Dave Richardson, Tich Richardson.
Full details Boys 13 Boys of the Lough. Farewell and Remember Me. [1987] Aly Bain, Cathal McConnell, Dave Richardson, Christy O'Leary, John Coakley.
Full details Boys 14 Boys of the Lough. Sweet Rural Shade. [1988] Aly Bain, Cathall McConnell, Dave Richardson, Christy O'Leary, John Coakley.
Full details Boys 15 Boys of the Lough. The Session. [1991] Aly Bain, Cathal McConnell, Dave Richardson, Tich Richardson.
Full details Boys 23 Boys of the Lough. Midwinter Live. [2006] Cathal McConnell, Dave Richardson, Brendan Begley, Malcolm Stitt, Kevin Henderson.
Full details Boys 3 Boys of the Lough. Live at Passim. [1974] Dave Richardson, Aly Bain, Cathal McDonnell [sic for: Cathal McConnell], Robin Morton.
Full details Boys 7 Boys of the Lough. Wish You Were Here. Highlands and Islands Tour. [1978] Dave Richardson, Aly Bain, Cathal McConnell, Robin Morton.
Full details Boys 8 Boys of the Lough. Regrouped. [1980] Aly Bain, Cathal McConnell, Dave Richardson, Tich Richardson.
Full details Boys 9 Boys of the Lough. In the Tradition. [1981] Aly Bain, Cathal McConnell, Dave Richardson, Tich Richardson.
Full details BPower Brendan Power. New Irish Harmonica. [1994]
Full details BrdgGap Kevin Moloney, Sean Moloney. Bridging the Gap. [1996]
Full details BRny 1 Brian Rooney. The Godfather. [1999]
Full details BRny 2 Brian Rooney. Leitrim to London. [2002]
Full details BrtDrkly Nathan Gourley and Laura Feddersen. Brightly or Darkly. [2021] Nathan Gourley, Laura Feddersen.
Full details BrtEarly Paddy O'Brien, Nathan Gourley, and Dáithí Sproule. Bright and Early. "Something to Crow About." [2014] Paddy O'Brien, Nathan Gourley, Dáithí Sproule.
Full details BstnEdge Joe Derrane, Séamus Connolly, John McGann. The Boston Edge. [2004]
Full details BT Baal Tinne. . . . About Time. [1991] Noel Rice, Kevin Rice, Cathleen Rice, Matt Sundstrom, Paul Cienniwa.
Full details BtB Paddy Killoran, James Morrison. From Ballymote to Brooklyn. [1939]
Full details Bua 3 Bua. Down the Green Fields. [2011] Devin Shepherd, Sean Gavin, Brían Ó hAirt, Brian Miller.
Full details Bx Boxty. Boxty. [1989] Christine Dowling, Martin Dowling, Bob Newton.
Full details CA Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh and Frankie Kennedy. Ceol Aduaidh. [1983] Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Frankie Kennedy.
Full details CaBrdg Niall and Cillian Vallely. Callan Bridge. [2002] Niall Vallely, Cillian Vallely.
Full details CAdz 1 Charlene Adzima. The Initiation. [2007]
Full details CarbQ 1 Angelina Carberry and Martin Quinn. Angelina Carberry and Martin Quinn. [2003] Angelina Carberry, Martin Quinn.
Full details CBdts 2 The Céilí Bandits. Hangin' at the Crossroads. [1999] Yvonne Casey, Eoin O'Neill, Quentin Cooper.
Full details CBnds various. The County Bounds. [1998]
Full details CBt various. Celtic Beat. Traditional Music from Ireland. [1997] Neil Martin, Davy Maguire, Brian McAteer, Breandan O'Hare, Jason O'Rourke, John McSherry, Ray Gallen.
Full details CC Bernard O'Sullivan and Tommy McMahon. Clare Concertinas. [1974] Bernard O'Sullivan, Tommy McMahon except where solos noted.
Full details CCssdy Con Cassidy. Traditional Fiddle Music from Donegal. [1986]
Full details CDrny 3 Chris Droney. The Fertile Rock. [1995]
Full details CDrny 4 Chris Droney. Down from Bell Harbour. [2005]
Full details CFF 1 Kevin Burke / Johnny Cunningham / Christian Lemaître. Celtic Fiddle Festival. [1992] Kevin Burke, Johnny Cunningham, Christian Lemaître.
Full details CFF 2 Kevin Burke / Johnny Cunningham / Christian Lemaître / Soïg Siberil. Celtic Fiddle Festival Encore. [1998] Kevin Burke, Johnny Cunningham, Christian Lemaître, Soïg Siberil.
Full details CFF 3 Celtic Fiddle Festival. Kevin Burke, Johnny Cunningham, Christian Lemaître. Rendezvous. [2001] Kevin Burke, Johnny Cunningham, Christian Lemaître.
Full details CFF 4 Celtic Fiddle Festival. Play on. . .. [2004] Kevin Burke, Christian Lemaître, André Brunet, Ged Foley.
Full details CFF 6 The Celtic Fiddle Festival. Live in Brittany. [2013] André Brunet, Kevin Burke, Christian Lemaître, Nicolas Quémener.
Full details CGJS 1 Colm Gannon, Jesse Smith and John Blake. The Ewe with the Crooked Horn. [2010] Colm Gannon, Jesse Smith, John Blake.
Full details Ch 1 The Chieftains. The Chieftains. [1963] Paddy Moloney, Michael Tubridy, Seán Potts, Martin Fay, David Fallon.
Full details Ch 2 The Chieftains. 2. [1969] Michael Tubridy, Seán Potts, Paddy Moloney, Martin Fay, Peadar Mercier, Seán Keane.
Full details Ch 3 The Chieftains. 3. [1973] Michael Tubridy, Seán Potts, Paddy Moloney, Martin Fay, Seán Keane, Peadar Mercier.
Full details Ch 4 The Chieftains. 4. [1973] Michael Tubridy, Seán Potts, Paddy Moloney, Martin Fay, Seán Keane, Peadar Mercier.
Full details Ch 5 The Chieftains. 5. [1975] Paddy Moloney, Seán Potts, Michael Tubridy, Seán Keane, Martin Fay, Derek Bell, Peadar Mercier.
Full details Ch 6 The Chieftains. 6. Bonaparte's Retreat. [1976] Paddy Moloney [misspelled as:] Maloney, Seán Potts, Martin Fay, Michael Tubridy, Derek Bell, Seán Keane.
Full details Ch 7 The Chieftains. 7. [1977] Paddy Moloney, Seán Potts, Seán Keane, Martin Fay, Michael Tubridy, Derek Bell, Kevin Conneff.
Full details Ch 8 The Chieftains. 8. [1978] Paddy Moloney, Seán Potts, Seán Keane, Martin Fay, Michael Tubridy, Derek Bell, Kevin Conneff.
Full details Ch AIE The Chieftains. An Irish Evening. Live at the Grand Opera House, Belfast. [1991] Martin Fay, Seán Keane, Kevin Conneff, Matt Molloy, Paddy Moloney, Derek Bell.
Full details Ch B The Chieftains. 9. Boil the Breakfast Early. [1979] Paddy Moloney, Seán Keane, Martin Fay, Derek Bell, Kevin Conneff, Matt Molloy.
Full details Ch BIH The Chieftains. Music from "Ballad of the Irish Horse." [1985] Derek Bell, Kevin Conneff, Seán Keane, Martin Fay, Matt Molloy, Paddy Moloney.
Full details Ch C The Chieftains. A Chieftains Celebration. [1988] Derek Bell, Seán Keane, Kevin Conneff, Matt Molloy, Paddy Moloney.
Full details Ch CH The Chieftains. The Celtic Harp. A Tribute to Edward Bunting with the Belfast Harp Orchestra. [1992] Martin Fay, Seán Keane, Kevin Conneff, Matt Molloy, Paddy Moloney, Derek Bell.
Full details Ch DOPR The Chieftains. Down the Old Plank Road / The Nashville Sessions. [2002] Paddy Moloney, Seán Keane, Kevin Conneff, Matt Molloy, Derek Bell.
Full details Ch JG James Galway and the Chieftains. In Ireland. [1986] James Galway, Paddy Moloney, Seán Keane, Martin Fay, Matt Molloy, Kevin Conneff, Derek Bell.
Full details Ch W The Chieftains. Water from the Well. [2000] Paddy Moloney, Derek Bell, Seán Keane, Martin Fay, Kevin Conneff, Matt Molloy.
Full details Chi various. Traditional Irish Music in America. Chicago. [1976]
Full details ChiReel Chicago Reel. Chicago Reel. [2011] Gerry Carey, Pauline Conneely, Rose Duffy, Devin Shepherd, Denis O'Sullivan, Jonathan Whitall.
Full details Chlr 1 Chulrua. Barefoot on the Altar. [1998] Paddy O'Brien, Tim Britton, Pat Egan.
Full details Chlr 3 Chulrua. The Singing Kettle. [2007] Paddy O'Brien, Patrick Ourceau, Pat Egan.
Full details CHssn 3 Carl Hession. Ceol Inné Ceol Inniu Old Time New Time. [1995]
Full details CHydn 2 Cathal Hayden. Cathal Hayden. [1999]
Full details Cian Cian. Three Shouts from a Hill. [1998] Brian Duke, Padraig Rynne, Tim Murry, Damien Quinn.
Full details CKeane 1 Conor Keane. Cooley's House. [1993]
Full details CKeane 2 Conor Keane. Oidhreacht. [1997]
Full details CLnn 1 Charlie Lennon. Time for a Tune. [2000]
Full details CLnn 2 Charlie Lennon. Turning the Tune. [2007]
Full details Cltri 3 Ceoltóirí. Women of Ireland. [1998] Karen Ashbrook, Connie McKenna, Sue Richards.
Full details CmA 1 various. The Coleman Archive Vol. 1: The Living Tradition. [1996]
Full details CmA 2 various. The Coleman Archive Vol. 2: The Home Place. [2005]
Full details CmA 3 various. The Open Door. The Coleman Archive Volume 3. [1996]
Full details CMcAn Chad McAnally. Of Bards and Beggars. [2011]
Full details CMcCnl 2 Cathal McConnell. Long Expectant Comes at Last. [2000]
Full details CMcEv 3 Catherine McEvoy. The Home Ruler. Traditional Irish Flute Music. [2007]
Full details CMcN Christy McNamara. The House I Was Reared In. [2007]
Full details CMr 2 Christy Moore. Prosperous. [1972]
Full details Cms 1 Comas. Comas. [2005] Sylvain Barou, Aidan Burke, Philip Masure, Jackie Moran.
Full details CNea 1 Colin Nea. The Pure Box. [1999]
Full details CnORa 1 Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh. Where the One-Eyed Man Is King. [2007]
Full details COC Connie O'Connell. Ceol Cill na Martra (Music from Cill Na Martra). [2000]
Full details CODnl 1 Colm O'Donnell. Farewell to Evening Dances. [1999]
Full details COG 1 Conal O Gráda. The Top of Coom. [1990] Conal Ó Gráda.
Full details COG 2 Conal Ó Gráda. Cnoc Buí. [2008]
Full details COLry Christy O'Leary. The Northern Bridge. [1997]
Full details CplySt Nathan Gourley and Joey Abarta. Copley Street. [2015] Nathan Gourley, Joey Abarta.
Full details CPO Eileen O'Brien and Willie Fogarty. The Compositions of Paddy O'Brien. [1993] Eileen O'Brien, Willie Fogarty.
Full details CPONE Eileen O'Brien. The Compositions of Paddy O'Brien 1922-1991. [2017]
Full details CR 1 Craobh Rua. The More That's Said the Less the Better. [1992] Mark Donnelly, Michael Cassidy, Brian Connolly, Jim Byrne.
Full details Cran 5 Cran. Dally and Stray. [2014] Seán Corcoran, Desi Wilkinson, Ronan Browne.
Full details CrlnAlbs Máire Ní Chathasaigh and Chris Newman. The Carolan Albums. [1994] Máire Ní Chathasaigh, Chris Newman.
Full details CrnrHs 2 Corner House. The Friendly Visit. [2006] Davey Mathias, Andi Hearn.
Full details CronBrk Johnny Cronin and Joe "Banjo" Burke. Cronin and Burke. [1977] Johnny Cronin, Joe "Banjo" Burke.
Full details Crsl Séamus McGuire, Manus McGuire, Dáithí Sproule. Carousel. [1984]
Full details CrssCl Seamus Glackin, Brendan Begley, Michael O'Brien, Mary Corcoran, Mick Gaynor. Crossroads Céilí. [1999]
Full details CSmth Chris Smith with Roger Landes and Randal Bays. Coyotebanjo. [2003] Chris Smith, Roger Landes, Randal Bays.
Full details CtL Peg McGrath, Mary Mulholland, Kathleen Smyth. Cherish the Ladies. Disc 9 of Celtic Souls. Irish Celtic Ballads & Traditional Music. [1981] Peg McGrath, Kathleen Smyth, Mary Mulholland.
Full details CTL 11 Cherish the Ladies. Woman of the House. [2005] Joanie Madden, Mary Coogan, Heidi Talbot, Roisin Dillon, Mirella Murray.
Full details CTL 12 Cherish the Ladies. A Star in the East. [2009] Joanie Madden, Mary Coogan, Mirella Murray, Roisin Dillon, Kathleen Boyle, Michelle Burke.
Full details CTL 3 Cherish the Ladies. The Back Door. [1992] Mary Coogan, Siobhan Egan, Eileen Golden, Winifred Horan, Maureen Doherty Macken [Mary Rafferty], Joanie Madden, Cathie Ryan, Linnane Wick.
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