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JigDG Major
1st 2 bars
Kesh Jig, The / Kesh Jig / The Kesh / The Keash Jig / Keash Jig / Keash / The Kincora Jig / The Kincora / The Castle Jig / Little Boy Ted in the Hay / Kerrigan's / The Mountaineer's March (for 3rd figure of The West Kerry Set on JRSLCB 2) (also in C or D) (compare The Mountaineers' March and The Spring Well included here from O'Neill books, compare mainly the 2nd part with the 2nd part of Kesh #7119; compare 1st part with 1st part of Lark on the Strand #1093, with 1st part of Sean Coughlan's Kesh #2554, with 1st part of Terry Lane's #6564, and with 2nd part of #3663)

1 distinct tunes match your search.

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