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Irish Traditional Music Tune Index
Tune ID#103 (Ballintore Fancy)

Transcription of first 2 bars of Ballintore Fancy about these two bars
These two bars were transcribed by me from how this tune was played – the first time through – on the recording LR 2 (details in the Discography below).
Basic musical information on this tune.
Rhythm ?Bars8-bar phrase structureMode ?
Single jig32AABBG Major
Titles ? given to this tune in the sources listed below (plus notes of mine about this tune):
Ballintore Fancy, The / Port Sheáin Pléamonn / John Fleming's Jig / Kiss in the Furze / The Kerry Jig (2nd in set The Ballintore Jig on PK 2; 2nd in set Nightingale on McP BHB) (also reversed parts; also as slow reel; 3rd in set The Ballintore Fancy on BB 2, mislabeled as Farewell to Erin on some reissues)
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