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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Tune ID#1701 (Roscommon Reel)

Transcription of first 2 bars of Roscommon Reel about these two bars
These two bars were transcribed by me from how this tune was played – the first time through – on the recording HG (details in the Discography below).
Basic musical information on this tune.
Rhythm ?Bars8-bar phrase structureMode ?
Reel24ABCE Dorian
Titles ? given to this tune in the sources listed below (plus notes of mine about this tune):
Roscommon Reel, The / Ríl Ros Comáin / Master Crowley's #2 / Master Crowley's No. 2 / Crowley's No. 2 / Crowley's #2 / Crowley's Reel / Master Crowleys' / Miss Patterson's Slippers / Ms. Pattersons' Slippers (2nd in set Master Crowley's Reels on HG and IFM; 2nd in set Master Crowley's on FkKelly and JKn 5; 2nd in alternating pair of tunes labeled Miss Patterson's Slippers on JD 4 and labeled Miss Patterson's Slipper on NMCMM and in book NF; 1st in set Touching Cloth on Drv 3; 2nd in set Miss Patterson's Slippers on Beg 1; 3rd in set Cottage in the Grove on CVlly) (also in D, also 1st part doubled, or 2nd part doubled, or all 3 parts doubled, also with 3rd part as 1st part)
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Discography cd

Here are all recordings of this tune considering only the indexed recordings. I have discovered by careful listening that these sources are in fact musically the same tune, regardless of the tune titles they use, key changes, retuning, etc.

Click play below to hear the first 12 seconds.
[Album code] Artist. Title (Link to Album Info page). Performers (instruments).
[HG] Hugh Gillespie. Classic Recordings of Irish Traditional Fiddle Music. Hugh Gillespie (fiddle).
[IFM] Past Masters of Irish Fiddle Music. Hugh Gillespie (fiddle).
[BC 4] Bobby Casey. Maestro. Bobby Casey (fiddle).
[JD 4] John Doherty. Bundle and Go. John Doherty (fiddle).
[JKn 2] James Keane. Roll Away the Reel World. James Keane (accordion).
[BigSq] The Big Squeeze. Masters of the Celtic Accordion. James Keane (accordion).
19869#1 (0:21)
[Ch JG] James Galway and the Chieftains. In Ireland. James Galway (flute, whistle), Paddy Moloney (pipes, whistle), Seán Keane (fiddle), Martin Fay (fiddle, bones), Matt Molloy (flute, whistle), Kevin Conneff (bodhrán), Derek Bell (harp, tiompán, harpsichord).
[NMCMM] The Northern Meeting. Celtic Music in Milwaukee. Maria Terres (fiddle).
[FkKelly] Frank Kelly. Memories of Hughie Gillespie. Frank Kelly (fiddle).
[Drv 3] Dervish. At the End of the Day. Cathy Jordan (vocals, bodhrán, bones), Shane Mc Aleer (fiddle), Liam Kelly (flute, whistle, vocals), Shane Mitchell (accordion), Michael Holmes (bouzouki), Brian McDonagh (mandola, bassola, mandolin, guitar). For this tune: 1st time Shane McAleer (fiddle).
[Sol 1] Solas. Solas. Seamus Egan (flute, whistle, guitar, pipes, bodhrán, vocals), Karan Casey (vocals), John Doyle (guitar, vocals), Winifred Horan (fiddle, vocals), John Williams (accordion, concertina, vocals).
[Beg 1] Beginish. Beginish. Paul McGrattan (flute), Paul O'Shaughnessy (fiddle), Brendan Begley (accordion, vocals), Noel O'Grady (bouzouki).
[JKn 5] James Keane. Sweeter as the Years Roll By. James Keane (accordion).
[DAttic] Damp in the Attic. I Was ...... Flyin It. P.J. King (accordion), Martin Murray (fiddle, viola, mandolin), Cyril O'Donoghue (vocals, bouzouki, guitar).
[WFO 2] Wooden Flute Obsession 2. Brendyn Montgomery (flute).
[Mona] Live at Mona's. Cillian Vallely (pipes), Patrick Ourceau (fiddle), Brian Holleran (flute).
[InTndm] Kevin Burke and Ged Foley. In Tandem. Kevin Burke (fiddle), Ged Foley (guitar, vocals).
[MulcFam2] Mick, Louise & Michelle Mulcahy. Notes from the Heart. Mick Mulcahy (accordion, melodeon), Louise Mulcahy (flute, pipes), Michelle Mulcahy (fiddle, concertina, harp, piano).
[VCbl] Vincent Campbell. The Purple Heather. Vincent Campbell (fiddle).
[FScahl 2] Fergal Scahill. Wayfaring. Fergal Scahill (fiddle, guitar, bodhrán).
[BHghs 3] Brian Hughes. The Beat of the Breath. Brian Hughes (whistle). For this tune: (A whistle).
[CVlly] Cillian Vallely. The Raven's Rock. Cillian Vallely (pipes, whistle). For this tune: (pipes).

Goes Well with . . .

In the above Discography, this tune is:

Played afterOn Albums
Miss Patterson's Slipper
HG, IFM, JD 4, JKn 2, BigSq, NMCMM, FkKelly, Beg 1, JKn 5
Miss Monaghan
BC 4
Cranking Out
Sol 1
Launching the Boat
Aggie Whyte's
Higher That Down!
FScahl 2
Kiss the Maid behind the Barrel
Played beforeOn Albums
Toss the Feathers
Log Cabin
Eddie Duffy's Favourite
Drv 3
Kit O'Connor's
Sweet Flowers of Miltown
McGovern's Favourite
Ah Surely
BHghs 3


Here are all transcriptions of this tune considering only the indexed books, listed in chronological order. I have discovered by careful comparison that these are musical matches to this tune as played on the recordings listed above.

Listing of published transcriptions of this tune.
As tune #202 in [CRE 1] Breandán Breathnach. Ceol Rince na hÉireann 1. [available]
On page 71 of [NF] Allen Feldman. The Northern Fiddler. [available]
As reel #221 in [MM] Martin Mulvihill. First Collection of Traditional Irish Music.
As tune #72 in [Cr] Matt Cranitch. The Irish Fiddle Book. [available]
On page 8 of [M] Phil Rubenzer. Midwestern Irish Session Tunes. 3rd Edition.
As reel #25 in [Ng] Alan Ng. Alan Ng's Transcriptions. [available]
On page 19 of [M2] Phil Rubenzer. Midwestern Irish Session Tunes. Millennium Edition.
As reel #201 in [Cobb] Dan Cobb. Cobb's Music of Ireland. [available]
As tune #41 in [Raff] Lesl Harker. 300 Tunes from Mike Rafferty. [available]

If you are considering using the above transcriptions to help you learn this tune, I invite you to check these practical Tips for Learning Irish Traditional Music. See also: So why do you bother indexing books and abc?

Year of the oldest source for this tune, considering only the recordings and transcriptions listed above (note that I concentrate on sources after 1900): 1937