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Tune ID#3269 (Moneymusk)

Transcription of first 2 bars of Moneymusk about these two bars
These two bars were transcribed by me from how this tune was played – the first time through – on the recording PJConlon (details in the Discography below).
Basic musical information on this tune.
Rhythm ?BarsMode ?
Highland16A Mixolydian
Titles ? given to this tune in the sources listed below (plus notes of mine about this tune):
Moneymusk / Money Musk / Monymusk / The Monnymusk / An Monnymusk / Mollymusk / Dúlamán na Binne Búidhe / The Highland (2nd in set Medley of Highland Schottisches on PJConlon; 1st in set Two Donegal Highlands on DOEI; 2nd in set The Low Highland on A BI; 2nd in set Donegal Highlands on PShvln; 2nd in Moneymusk Medley on DOMr) (also in A Major, G Major, or D Major) (compare as reel #1336, compare Fermanagh Highland #2110, and compare slide Katie Scollard's #3107)
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Discography cd

Here are all recordings of this tune considering only the indexed recordings. I have discovered by careful listening that these sources are in fact musically the same tune, regardless of the tune titles they use, key changes, retuning, etc.

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[Album code] Artist. Title (Link to Album Info page). Performers (instruments).
[PJConlon] Peter J. Conlon. The Genius of Peter Conlon. 78 RPM Recordings from 1917-1929. Peter J. Conlon (melodeon).
[HamHam] Hammy Hamilton. The Moneymusk. Hammy Hamilton (flute).
[TDrty] Tom Doherty. Take the Bull by the Horns. Tom Doherty (accordion).
[FMD 1] The Fiddle Music of Donegal. Volume One. Proinnsias Ó Maonaigh (fiddle).
[FMD 1] The Fiddle Music of Donegal. Volume One. Jimmy Campbell (fiddle).
[LaL] Lámh ar Lámh. Many Hands. Hugh Grogan (accordion).
[A BI] Altan. Blue Idol. Not identified in liner notes. [Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh (fiddle, vocals), Ciaran Tourish (fiddle, whistle), Dermot Byrne (accordion), Ciaran Curran (bouzouki), Mark Kelly (guitar), Dáithi Sproule (guitar)].
[PShvln] Peter Shovlin. Beyond the Wee Strand. Peter Shovlin (fiddle).
[OMcD 1] Oisín Mac Diarmada. Ar an bhFidil. Oisín Mac Diarmada (fiddle, whistle).
[NaMny] Na Mooneys. Na Mooneys. Ciarán Ó Maonaigh (fiddle), Anna Ní Mhaonaigh (whistle, vocals), Gearóid Ó Maonaigh (guitar), Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh (fiddle, vocals).
[DOMr] Diarmuid Ó Meachair. Siúl na Slí. Diarmuid Ó Meachair (accordion, melodeon). For this tune: (Eb melodeon).

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In the above Discography, this tune is:

Played afterOn Albums
Gurren's Castle
PJConlon, PShvln
Miss Drummond of Perth
If There Weren't Any Women in the World
Banríon na Bealtaine
Her Golden Hair Hanging Down Her Back
Low Highland
All the Way to Galway
John Mc Kenna's
Played beforeOn Albums
Donegal Lassies
John-Joe Gannon's
OMcD 1
Money Musk


Here are all transcriptions of this tune considering only the indexed books, listed in chronological order. I have discovered by careful comparison that these are musical matches to this tune as played on the recordings listed above.

Listing of published transcriptions of this tune.
As tune #10 in [Sc] Scottish Fiddle Tunes. [available]
As tune #288 in volume 2 of [R] Francis Roche. The Roche Collection of Traditional Irish Music. 3 vols. [available]

If you are considering using the above transcriptions to help you learn this tune, I invite you to check these practical Tips for Learning Irish Traditional Music. See also: So why do you bother indexing books and abc?

Year of the oldest source for this tune, considering only the recordings and transcriptions listed above (note that I concentrate on sources after 1900): 1903